Charleston Loses One of the Kindest Human Beings and the Family Needs Your Help

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Mike Miller, a gentle father and husband, caring friend, avid Yelper, lover of life, dancer and storyteller.? A true ambassador to the goodness of life.

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The Story

My name is Kayce James. I have known Jackie and Mike Miller since about 2008 when I worked at the Barrier Island Environmental Education Center. Jackie took me under her wing and was like a mother to me while I worked there. I got to know Mike through Jackie, who would invite me to go to swing dance lessons with them (despite my two left feet). I have since moved from the Charleston area to Alaska, but every time I came back to visit, Jackie and Mike have been more than welcoming. They often referred to me jokingly as “their Alaskan daughter.” I feel like although I only got to see the two of them every couple of years, everytime I came back to visit, we could pick back up where we left off.

As many of you already know, Mike had a massive stroke last Friday. Things seemed hopeful for a few days, but Jackie has sent me a message saying that he will be taken off life support within the next day. I know she is devastated, as anyone would be in this situation. If you know Jackie, she is not the kind of woman who would ask for help, but the fact is that there will be many expenses that she needs to cover during these hard times. On top of everything, Jackie had two surgeries a month or two ago (on her right wrist and left hand) and the medical bills were already starting to roll in before Mike had his stroke. I am hoping that the funds raised through this site will help relieve some of the stress associated with this sad turn of events. It will also allow her to take some time for grieving before returning to work. Any donation is welcome. I know Jackie and Mike are loved by so many people.

If you have any stories on how Jackie and Mike have graced your life, please share those as well. I know my experiences with the two of them are just the tip of the iceberg.

Also know that you don’t have to go through this website to donate funds. If you see Jackie and can make a donation directly, I am sure she would be grateful. I will keep everyone as updated as I possibly can if there are any other fundraisers going on for her.

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