Beyond the Caffeine: Metto Coffee & Tea Brings It Home with a Smile

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By Mark A. Leon

In the heart of the constant flow of traffic moving swiftly down Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, lies a corner coffee house on the intersection of Coleman and Broadway Street, Metto Coffee & Tea.? Today’s single origin java offering includes a bold citrus cocoa blend and on tap for the specialty lovers is a cherry hazelnut latte.? After you are settled by the fragrant aroma of warm and tingling coffee, the welcoming culture will sweep you away.

Metto, doesn’t just look for a barista with the skill of creating the perfect latte or espresso.? They seek out artists who embody warmth and genuine passion for the creative canvas of the mug.? Rarely will you order a foamed drink without a leaf, smile or other artistic signature brimming over the top.? Before your wallet has exited your pocket, you are greeted with a hello and a smile from the entire staff.? This is not masked hospitality, but a genuine connection to the customer and that is why the loyalty factor is so high.

There is a warmth the goes on inside the walls of this intimate coffee shop which offers only six tables and two lounge chairs on the inside and five tables and a bench on the outside.? Ordained on the walls are flyers for events from yoga to ballet, music to art.? The local decor is highlighted with featured artist paintings or photography.? An inviting penetration of the local arts scene throughout.

We don’t want to downplay the food.? With an outstanding assortment of sandwiches, wraps, quiche, fruit and salads, Metto is a hot spot for locals, bikers and bridge runners.? Exceptional credit to the soft and abundantly flavorful muffins and the Prosciutto and Brie Panini.? There is an extraordinary blast of flavor and fresh ingredients which are a permanent fixture at Metto in all its freshly prepared daily food offerings.

With an eclectic customer base, on any given day you may find patrons from age five to eighty-five.? This is a testimony to the welcoming open arms culture created here.

Often, we plan an early morning five mile walk to each end of the Cooper River Bridge and that walk does not begin without a cup of Metto resting comfortably in our hands.

As a writing, I surround myself by elements of inspiration, where I can feel comfortable, be around creative and passionate people and feed off of the ambiance.? Metto is one of those rare places.? I won’t lie, sometimes you can be distracted when the staff screams in excitement or breaks into a little dance or song from the audio above.

Metto is located at 354 West Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC.