Mount Pleasant Based Doc Crombie’s Bootleg BBQ Sauce Continues a Proud Tradition

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

“After losing a barbecue contest, spiteful legislator Jasper Snopes rammed through a 1931 law banning the winning recipe of beloved country doctor Ira P. Crombie. For decades, stills above Vigo Springs produced a steady flow of the forbidden sauce. Today, justice is served with repeal of the dastardly ban. Doc Crombie’s is legal wherever dedicated BBQers stand sentry. Fire up the grill–and ‘doctor’ your ribs! the legend continues….. “ – Legend of Doc Crombie

The first time I met Pat Hogan sitting at a booth in Earth Fare with a brown bag of sauces and a smile, I was a little surprised.? I pictured the developer of savory and sweet BBQ, steak and hot sauces to be a healthy full bodied chef with some facial hair and a white jacket.?? It turns out that is his brother, Sauce Master Kevin Hogan.? Over 40 batch tests later, current regional sales distribution including Southern Season, Carolina Cider Company, Whole Foods, The Coastal Cupboard, Caviar and Bananas and Gourmet @Home, press from the Post and Courier, Moultrie News, Farm to Fork, and a legendary story, Doc Crombie’s Bootleg Sauces is giving Charleston, SC and the country a reason to celebrate the culinary delicacy of BBQ.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the diverse product offerings Doc Crombie’s has developed to whet the palates and bring a strong tour de force of sauces to market.? All products are natural and gluten free.

  • Original Prescription BBQ Sauce
  • Double Hot BBQ Sauce
  • Zesty Mustard Zip
  • Habanero Havoc Hot Sauce
  • Hoosegaw Jalapeno Hot Sauce
  • Big House Yellow Hot Sauce
  • Practically Legal Steak Sauce

“Who is the target customer base?” became a focus of some of our candid discussion.? “Anyone that has a love for BBQ, pork, steak or more”? This collection was manifested with the idea that smoked meat becomes great BBQ with the right compliment of sauce.? In a region where BBQ reigns supreme, that is a massive task to undertake.? With a level of passion and love that we yearn for in our culinary creations, Kevin created a combination of sauces that coat the meat with tender loving care and race down your throat with power and fervor.

Being respectful of the range of customer tastes, Kevin worked on a line of products with both savory, sweet and spicy undertones.? From the Double Hot to the Zesty Mustard based, there are products for all members of the family.

Doc Crombie’s is revved up to take on the nation and become a premier spokesperson on behalf of the love of BBQ.

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After an informative evening of discussion with Pat about future business plans, regional and national expansion, product extension and the mission of Doc Crombie’s, I took away from Pat, that the company is about bringing a great product to the people.? The legendary story and memorable label add some flair to the marketing, but the product is what will truly define the lasting memories.? As an avid fan of pulled pork smoked slowly in the early morning hours and then resting my plate on a brisk autumn afternoon, Doc Crombie’s sauces bring the royal treatment.? They are an exquisite collection of condiments that are notch above the rest.

The Legend of a Sauce Bootlegger