5 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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By Mark A. Leon

Small business owners take on many hats when they conceptualize, design, finance, launch and manage their small business.? Whether it is a brick and mortar space, mobile business or online, marketing and branding is a critical part of a business growth and success.? Often, small business owners are not versed in marketing side of the business.? They know their product/ service and their customers, but the connecting the dots on how to reach and engage them is a challenge.

We have developed five key tips to help small business owners maneuver through the challenges of developing and maintaining a strong marketing presence.

  1. Don’t get on social media if you do not have a plan – We have all heard it said, you must be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest if you want to be successful. Before you jump on the bandwagon, remember these few points:
    1. Simplify – Select one or two platforms to focus your content
    2. Have 2 – 4 weeks of prepared content before you launch (Images, testimonials, blog posts, product images)
    3. Learn how to build your audience (Tagging, Content Development, Imagery, Partnership)
    4. Diversity your content (Video, Imagery, Stories)
    5. Ensure your communication strategy is intelligent, visually stimulating, engaging and relevant to your target customer base.
    6. Learn how to measure results of your communication campaigns – Many social platforms have built in analytics and they are very user friendly. Also, ensure you have Google Analytics built into your company website.
    7. Don’t get caught up in the numbers game. The number of followers is not as critical as the engagement level (% of your followers that react to your content).? Never lose sight of that.
  1. Everyone is a potential customer, but don’t structure your marketing that way – A common mistake in small business marketing is the “throw it and see what sticks approach”. If there is a holiday, we must do a holiday post; if there is a major festival, we must piggyback on that; if there is a major weather event, we need to link that to our business.? Stay focused on the content that is important to the customers that are loyal to your business and those that will embrace your products and services.
  1. Over Marketing Will Kill You – Respect your audience. Too much content can kill your brand.? Try to put out one or two pieces of content daily.? There are always exceptions.? If you are running a special or have an event, keeping your audience aware is critical to its success and justifies an exception to the rule.
  1. Quality over Quantity – Your target audience would rather see a great post with relevant and engaging content once every two days than five irrelevant posts in one day. Quality and relevancy will always be valued.
    1. EX: GOOD:? For all first-time customers, use the code FIRSTSALE for 25% off vs. BAD:? It is a hot one today, so come to our store and see what we have in stock.
  1. Customer Service and Engagement is Key – Don’t ever make your marketing plan a one-sided affair. Your customers and audience have a voice.? Listen, respond, and engage.? An online presence must be a partnership between business and customer.? The customer is your number reason you open your doors (physically or metaphorically) every day.? Don’t be afraid to solicit their feedback.

BONUS:? Share your success stories.? Every business has great stories of customer loyalty, great product experience, relationships, community partnership and more.? Share your stories.? Whether that is a short video, blog or a testimonial, stories paint a visual of your business and bring awareness to others previously unaware.

Good Luck and please share your brand in the comments section

Recommended Marketing Slogans for the New Charleston, SC

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Now that Charleston, South Carolina is transforming to a new look and feel, we thought it would be nice to provide some marketing recommendations to help assist our tourism board.

We have compiled some taglines that we feel provide a realistic look at the new Charleston.? We hope you can relate and maybe even put a few of them close to your heart.

Charleston, South Carolina Marketing Slogan Recommendations

  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Home of Geriatrics and Drunks
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? The Crane Capital of the United States
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where $600 can pay the rent for a month for a homeless family, but we would rather spend it on one night at a downtown boutique hotel
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? If the flooding doesn’t destroy your car, the potholes will
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where Prime Real Estate is anything not near a construction site
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where diversity is choosing between French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where cholesterol and smoking are part of the our diet
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where Rush Hour means stopping at a bar for a beer because you ain’t moving
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where being green means separating your craft beer cans from domestic beer cans
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where you can find a brewery or lawyer on any street corner
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Where there is a festival for everything and we mean everything
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? Move here quickly before we sink into the harbor
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? The Neverland of the South – Where you never have to grow up
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? The city formally owned by Charleston
  • Welcome to Charleston, SC:? The cosmopolitan capital of South Carolina