Things to consider if you are thinking about moving to Charleston, South Carolina

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One of the most challenging decisions an individual, couple or family can make is the decision to move.? It takes a tremendous amount of research to determine the feasibility of happiness and success in a new geographic region.? We want to do our part to help by providing a simple checklist of things to think about as you make this big life changing decision.

Will we move to Charleston, South Carolina Checklist

  • Are you comfortable with a consistent stream of construction (Commercial, residential and highway)? – Since 2012, cranes have been a part of the Charleston skyline and will continue for a number of years to come.? The traditional Holy City skyline has been replaced with the new look and feel of modern Charleston.? With Charleston being part of the Southern migration, this has resulted in new housing and expansion west with additional bridges, highway repair, new hotels and housing development as a new way of life.
  • Can you deal with average commuter traffic in excessive of 30 minutes or more for under 10 mile commutes?? Charleston does not have the volume numbers of drivers as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston or Chicago, but it is a coastal community.? Therefore, waterways are a part of the structure of the Lowcountry and it has made for some unique, narrow and singular roadways.? Structurally, this region is not designed well for this level of growth, so expect delays.
  • Is your vehicle water tolerant?? I am sure you have heard the stories of flooding in Charleston.? These are not exaggerations, but a very big reality.? Pockets of flooding can be found in various places of the area due to rain or high tide.? Ensure your car is made for high flood areas.
  • Do you value change in seasons?? Charleston is not a four season area.? There has been two snowfalls in 8 years and only one significant snowfall in over a decade.? If you love the changing leaves of New England, you will have to head west toward the mountains to find that type of foliage.? Expect Summer (Long), a brief cold period of Winter and a short Spring in the Lowcountry.
  • Do you love professional sports and attending games/matches?? Perhaps in a few years that may change, but Charleston does not have a major sports team in football, baseball, hockey or basketball (Before folks jump in and say we have the RiverDogs, Battery and the Stingrays), I am referring to NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.? If you want to watch those leagues live, you will need to travel to Atlanta (5.5 Hours) or Charlotte (3.5 Hours).
  • Do you thrive in a diverse community?? Charleston is not an ethnically balanced region.? White and black residents make up the mass majority accounting for over 95% of the total population.? (Census Analysis)
  • Can you afford to live here? For a family of 2 adults and 2 children, a recent study revealed you need to make $60,067 annually (Study Results)
  • How Liberal do you want your community?? Many consider the Lowcountry a liberal area, but you must keep this in perspective.? Compared to the rest of South Carolina, which is very conservative, yes, this area is liberal, but if your barometer of liberal is San Francisco, New York, Austin or Chicago, then this area is not of the same political and cultural thinking as you are accustomed to.

We hope these insights help as you begin to make some decisions about considering this area your new home.

Charleston, South Carolina Will Break Your Heart

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By Mark A. Leon

Last weekend, a friend, referencing to the social scene of Charleston, made a rather poignant remark, “there are no festivals in Charleston, just drinking events disguised as festivals.”? That comment spoke volumes as I more deeply examined the culture of the Lowcountry.? Several months ago, I wrote a piece referring that Charleston lacks soul and backbone.? The underlying theme of the piece is our indifference or lack of passion around social, economic and life issues.

We flock to the bottle and the gridiron.? Life, for many is surrounded by food, beer, wine, alcohol and football.? It is a lifestyle for many, but one that can suck you in and leave scars.

More importantly, there are selected moral flaws embedded into the lifestyle of the Lowcountry.? Some uncover them early, while others need to truly spend time to be awaked.

Here are some conversation worthy observations that outline why Charleston will ultimately break your heart

  • The Lowcountry is very opportunistic. Don’t get me wrong, competition and business savviness is a good thing.? Ask Gordon Gekko.? With the Lowcounty saturated with small business owners, the need to shake your hand if you shake mine attitude has dampened the mindset of selfless generosity.? It is difficult to partner without the need to provide something in exchange.
  • Entitlement – One should never feel entitled to anything.? It creates greed, apathy and a lack of compassion.? Charleston’s bragging over the annual or semi-annual accolade of one singular publication has created this ugly face of bragging about how great this city is.? That look is not attractive on anyone.? Especially in a city with issues around education reform, economic development, infrastructure, flooding and cost of living hitting critical mass.
  • Charleston is bad for singles. Spend time in a bar, Meetup Group or a book club and discuss the challenges of single life in Charleston.? It is an eye-opening topic.
  • We are a tourism first destination and locals are no longer the priority of our elected officials. The amount of hotel development, increased push on the cruise traffic, skyrocketing cost of living, tax increases and natural land being destroyed for urban expansion has been in our faces for over half a decade and that is showing no signs of slowing down.? Since 2015, The Dewberry, The Spectator, Grand Bohemian, Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn Express are among the structures that are becoming the new Charleston.? The corner of King Street and Calhoun, is now a major brand eye sore with Walgreens, Chipotle, Starbucks, Panera Bread, 5 Guys Burgers, Moe’s Mexican and Carolina Ale House.? The authentic natural historic small down appear of Charleston is a thing of the past now.
  • Morning rush hour, evening rush hour, festival traffic, weekend traffic, downtown traffic, Summerville traffic, 526, 26, 61, 17: ?It is an endless game of stop and go.? With an infrastructure of islands and peninsulas not built to handle the capacity of growth the only solution is increased mass transit or a Light Rail solution.
  • Locals don’t want to co-exist with transplants. Talk to a transplant and ask them how many Charleston born friends they have.? I will bet a silver dollar, you can count them on one hand.? There is a reason for that.

Charleston is a special place.? It has been the backdrop of great cinema, a well sought after wedding destination, one of the most beautiful spots on the East Coast for sunrises and sunsets, incredible, yet uniform, dining options and it is outwardly cordial and friendly.? It also has an underbelly that can suck you in and spit you out.

Knowledge is power and having the right conversations will keep you educated to ensure you have selected the life you want and the place.

South Carolina 7th Worst State for Millennials

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Money Rates has ranked the best and worst states for millenials in their new 2017 study.? Based on the following eight factors: job market for young adults, young adult proportion of population, college tuition affordability, residential rental availability, residential rental affordability, access to high-speed internet, concentration of bars relative to the young adult population and concentration of fitness facilities to the young adult population.

Based on the current results, South Carolina is the 7th worst state for millennials to live in the United States.

Worst States for Millennials 2017

While just about every state has both strengths and weaknesses, the following states seemed to have the most negatives as places for young adults to live:

1. Arizona

?Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 1. Arizona

This state is known more as a retirement destination than as a hot spot for young people, and a look at where Arizona ranked in some categories of interest to millennials helps explain why. Arizona was among the 10 worst states for access to high-speed broadband and for the concentration of fitness facilities relative to the young adult population. In fact, Arizona ranked below-median in seven of the eight categories used in this study.

2. New Hampshire (tie)

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 2. New Hampshire

This is an especially bad choice if you are looking to attend college and money is an issue: at $15,650, the annual cost of in-state tuition at a four-year public school is the highest in the nation, more than 60 percent higher than in the typical state. New Hampshire is also not a great place to go for night life, with the second-lowest concentration of bars relative to the size of its young adult population. New Hampshire also ranked in the bottom 10 for both access to high-speed broadband and rental availability.

However, New Hampshire does have one very important redeeming feature for young adults looking for work: The unemployment rate for people aged 20 to 24 is just 4.2 percent, the lowest in the nation.

2. Virginia (tie)

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 3. Virginia

Surprisingly, given its proximity to Washington D.C., Virginia is not a great place for night life, with the nation’s lowest concentration of bars relative to its number of young people. To put this in perspective, according to Census figures, Virginia has fewer bars than tiny Rhode Island, despite having about eight times as many young adults. Another key drawback for people just starting out is that it is a fairly expensive place to live. Both tuition and rents are among the 10 most expensive in the nation.

4. Washington

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 4. Washington

Since young people tend to rent rather than own their homes, a crucial knock on Washington is that it can be a tough place to find a place to rent. The rental vacancy rate is the third-lowest in the nation. Besides that, Washington ranked better than average in only one category, which was the concentration of fitness facilities relative to the size of the young adult population.

5. Tennessee

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 5. Tennessee

Whether you fall on the party-animal or the health-nut end of the personal life style spectrum, Tennessee is not a particularly welcoming state. Relative to the size of its young adult population, Tennessee ranked 44th for concentration of bars, and 41st for concentration of fitness facilities. It is a relatively easy place for renters to find a place to live, as it ranked better than average for both availability and affordability of rental properties.

6. Oregon

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 6. Oregon

Like neighboring Washington, Oregon suffers from a relative scarcity of rental properties, ranking 45th in that category. It was generally ranked below average across the board, except that it does cater to young people with relatively high concentrations of bars and fitness facilities.

7. South Carolina

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 7. South Carolina

Clearly, young people are not especially attracted to this state because its percentage of 20- to-24-year-olds ranks in the bottom five nationally. One turn-off may be the expense of college in South Carolina, with an average in-state tuition cost for a four-year public school that is among the 10 most expensive in the country.

8. New Jersey

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 8. New Jersey

Expense is a big drawback to New Jersey for young adults on a tight budget. Tuition and rental costs are both among the five most expensive in the U.S. Those high costs are even tougher to afford in a weak job market, and New Jersey suffers from one of the 10 highest rates of young adult unemployment.

9. Kentucky

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 9. Kentucky

This state ranked below average on five of eight criteria, with the most prominent example being a bottom-five ranking for concentration of fitness facilities. On the plus side, rents are fourth cheapest of all the states.

10. California

Worst States for Millennials 2017 - 10. California

Of course, California attracts a lot of young people, but this study is a reminder that you should kick the tires before you choose a place to live. Specifically, make sure you can line up a place to live before you commit because California has the lowest availability of rental property, and the third highest rental costs.

Of course, not all millennials think and act the same way. The above descriptions of strengths of weaknesses of different states offer some suggestions for what young people might want to look at when choosing where to move, but each person will prioritize and judge those factors differently.



To get a handle on some of the factors that may be driving decisions about where millennials choose to live, looked at the following eight factors:

  • Job market for young adults (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Young adult proportion of population (U.S. Census Bureau data)
  • College tuition affordability (Four-year in-state cost data from the College Board)
  • Residential rental availability (U.S. Census Bureau data)
  • Residential rental affordability (U.S. Census Bureau data)
  • Access to high-speed broadband?internet (Federal government’s National Broadband Map)
  • Concentration of bars relative to the young adult population (U.S. Census Bureau data)
  • Concentration of fitness facilities relative to the young adult population (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association)

All 50 states plus the District of Columbia were ranked on each of the above criteria, and then average rankings across all eight categories were calculated.

Based on the results, the following are the 10 Best and Worst States for Millennials in 2017:

Full Ranking of Best States for Millennials 2017

Didn’t see your home state in the best or worst lists? Look below for the full ranking of all 50 states and Washington D.C. and see where you stand:

Overall Rank State
1 North Dakota
2 South Dakota
3 Nebraska
4 Louisiana
5 Wyoming
6 Iowa
7 Kansas
7 Wisconsin
9 Montana
10 Indiana
11 Idaho
12 Florida
13 Nevada
14 Mississippi
15 Texas
16 District of Columbia
17 Arkansas
17 Minnesota
19 Delaware
19 Utah
21 Missouri
22 Michigan
23 Alabama
23 Maryland
25 Oklahoma
26 Ohio
26 Pennsylvania
28 Massachusetts
29 Alaska
30 Connecticut
31 New Mexico
31 New York
31 Rhode Island
34 Illinois
35 Colorado
36 West Virginia
37 Hawaii
38 Georgia
39 North Carolina
40 Vermont
41 Maine
42 California
43 Kentucky
44 New Jersey
45 South Carolina
46 Oregon
47 Tennessee
48 Washington
49 New Hampshire
49 Virginia
51 Arizona

South Carolina Ranked as 5th Best State for Retired Military to Live

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