Columbia, SC The Moon Moths Brings Its Explosive 11 Piece Band to Charleston with an Expressive Message of Love and Youth

By Mark A. Leon / Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths
By Mark A. Leon / Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths

Sometimes the band defines the sound and other times the sound defines the band.? On a rare occasion the tapestry of talent, sound and creativity create a force that inspires fans and ignites a release.

This nine-member Columbia, SC based ensemble include Prince Rupert and Sixx on vocals, Fresh Heaven on vocals and lead guitar, Poof the Blue Bat dancing and vocals, Moon Child on rhythm guitar, King Goof strumming the bass, The Seduction on keys and tambourine, Mister B with the drums, The Visible Choir Boy lending his talent to trumpet, Daddy Ice on ukulele and mellophone and finally Love Potion Number 9 on violin.

If you think their stage names have character, wait until you have an opportunity to hear them perform.

The Moon Moths, bring a sound to its fans that is creating a little buzz here in the Southeast.? We had a few minutes to work through a Q&A with lead vocalist Prince Rupert before the band kick off a mini tour including:

Questions & Answer Pow Wow –

CD:? When did the concept of developing the band begin and what was the process for identifying all the members of the band?

PR:? I was playing under the name Prince Rupert for about a year, along with some other bands, and had always dreamt about having a large band to back up the new music I had been writing. In the past 6 months, I started meeting and getting close to a number of extremely talented people who I started to collaborate with. Honestly, it was a beautifully natural progression to forming the band, but the spark was a show that was booked at the Palmetto Brewing Company back in May 2016, which was the biggest show I had ever played

Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths
Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths

so I thought that I should get a band together. Since then, more members have been added, and we have found a comfortable place where we are. Currently, we have 11 members, and it is more magical than I ever could have expected.

CD:? Who are your most dominant musical influences?

PR:? Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, and Arcade Fire. All three are extremely theatrical and lyrically brilliant. Our band is a combination of the three, taking the big-band feel of Arcade Fire, the pop melodies of Chance The Rapper, and the ferocity of Kanye West.

CD:? What do you want your fans to take away from your live performance?

PR:? We want our fans to be smiling and to have learned something about themselves. Our lyrics are focused on self-improvement, love, and the restless youth, and our expression on stage is a push to show the world that dreams can be achieved with work and patience. We want to show that everyone, regardless of their role on the stage, is a highly complex individual who adds their own unique spin on life and music that can be showcased in the performance.

CD:? What song or songs are you most proud of?

PR:? Childhood – Our newest song which speaks of memories of the past and how one cannot let them haunt their present selves. A lot has changed in our lives in the past year and it is an anthem to celebrate that.
Walls – A massive, loud tune that has a number of twists and turns throughout, but unifies it all under one theme, which is breaking down the walls that separate individuals, both physical and metaphorical.
Pink Moon – This one is just extremely fun to play and brings everyone together in terms of music and vocals. The lyrics are playful and tell a colorful story of hope and dreams.

CD:? Ideally, where do you see the band in 5 years and what goals do you want to achieve?

Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths
Photo Courtesy of The Moon Moths

PR:? I love this. First goal is to record an album. We have all these songs that we can play live but it’s getting to be the time where we translate them into an album with a concept and visual accompaniment. Then, I hope to go on a tour, and play in cities all around the U.S. Further expansion goes from there, until we get to a point where we can play in cities around the world and spread our message throughout. We will continue to grow as a band and work on writing more songs as a full band, and creating orchestral hip-hop songs that help bring life into those who hear it. I am excited to see what is happening in 5 years.

CD:? What people in your life have had the most impact supporting your sound?

PR:? Well, as a band, we are extremely supportive to each other and help each other grow and sound better. Also, we are part of an art collective here in Columbia, SC called Scenario Collective who have been a huge support since we have played many Scenario shows and learned from the talented artists around us. Furthermore, I worked up in New York with a band called Young & Sick for about a year and they were a huge influence and continue to be a fan of the work that I am doing.

Upcoming Concert Dates:

The Moon Moths –

Moon Moths bring their sound of love, collaborative community and big band sound to Charleston on August 18 and 24.? Take some time to be a part of this musical experience.