We may be connected, but are we touching others…

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By Mark A. Leon

I had an opportunity to watch a remarkable show several years ago on Fox, Touch featuring Kiefer Sutherland. Aside from an astonishing concept that has global appeal and an emotional message of connection, this show hit the heart of some of my deepest thoughts.

As an addictive, 24 fan, my expectations were high for Kiefer Sutherland and I was not let down. Driven by the concept that we send millions of texts, connect through email, social networks and mobile tracking, the show derives that though millions of interactions occur around the world each and every day, how often to truly touch one another. Think very hard about that statement and see if you can comfortably address that question?

Through human interaction, decisions are made and actions are taken that have a true domino effect. Though in hindsight, one action may influence another event, but it truly can effect hundreds of other simultaneous or future events. We are all unconditionally connected to each and every thing. Is it coincidence, fate or another power that controls our actions?

The depth of life is a wondrous miracle. Human, animals, plants, chemicals, vitamins, all cohesively living in co-habitation on this planet with the goals of sharing resources to continue the gift of life.

Do we see this? For many, life is a bubble. It is a comfortable place of our core surroundings where we understand the actions, the behaviors and the people and places that collectively create our own personal utopia. This is our circle of life. For some it is a single town, a cave, a state, a country, a family or complete isolation. The truth is, the connection of life is endless. We can never truly isolate our being. No matter what choices we make, there are consequences on others. We are all responsibility for something much greater than ourselves.

There are moments in my life that I see things in a much greater light, but not often enough. It is almost a shame that a show needs to remind me, but then again, I saw the show because another connection reminded me.

How often do we hear people talk about “paying it forward” or “karma will come back to bite you in the ass”. In theory, every calculated and un-calculated event that is possible will happen at some time. When you allow yourself to be free of expectations and see each day of your life as something wonderful, almost magical, you will start to see things differently than you ever have before.

Lay in a dark room or a dark field and listen. Listen very closely. You will hear sounds that have previously been blocked from your sub-conscious. You will hear insects, birds and even wind but if you listen very very closely, you will hear the air and the sounds of darkness. There is so much more we chose not to see and hear. Imagine you could hear and see everything that is right before your eyes.

It would be a life experience full of the greatest wonder you could ever imagine.

We are all connected to hundreds, upon thousands through that little device that has become our life line, yet so few of us see a world of wonder right before our eyes.? Never question the heart, question the mechanism of translating the heart to the action.

What is your journey? – A Testimony to Life

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“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.”
-James Allen

We all have a journey.

Some have a bucket list, some a mission and others are just content being ignorant assholes that are so narrow-minded by prejudice and stereotype that they contribute to the hatred in our society.

Throughout this journey of life, we will all get lost. Each day is a path of twists and turns, corners of darkness and visions of light. If a day did not go by where we thought for a brief moment, an end would simply and shorten the madness we love and hate so much we would not be human. In the end, the journey is about something. It is a quest for moral right and a rendezvous with destiny.

It all works out though.

Some have a short journey while others are long and full of evolutionary change.

Life is never about you!

We all find what we are looking for and in the end, it is never about us. Think about it. Is it about your daughter who looks at you each morning with her baby blue eyes and smiles at the sight of your morning glow? Is it your partner for life who you sacrificed your soul to spend every breathing day of your life with? Is in your mother and father who led by example and shaped you into the person you are? Is it the refugee camp that is suffering from death and disease that you have dedicated yourself to saving? Is it your true love who soul was brought to you in an act of fate? Is it the music and lyrics that touch millions of lives and turn a lost soul away from the bridge to live one more day?

We are here with purpose.
We are given the gift of breath.

What fascinates my mental being is how some of us choose to get lost in the sea of uncertainty. All too often we guess and second guess our own purpose in life without accepting that we are fulfilling it through our passions, our actions, our unselfish hand and ultimately the lives we help bring meaning to.

We are all granted the ability to be angels on earth with a chance to hold out our hand and offer shelter to those in need.

I love that we all have gifts and talents. Some is through song, some strength, some compassion but at the end of the day, the gifts we use are not for us, not for self-fulfillment or any personal pleasure. They are for the stranger in the street, the homeless child, the girl with the broken heart, the sick friend.

Find your purpose and share it.

It’s all about love

How amazing is a life where we have this much power to help others. No matter what our talent, no matter what we say or do it is all guided by one common force that brings us all together; love.

Love is and will always be the answer to life’s unanswered questions. No matter which direction we go, love is all around us.

How can you not wake up each morning and smile with that thought dancing in your head.

I know I can’t.


In Honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week: In the Eyes of a Child…The World is Perfect

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By Mark A. Leon

To all the educators, parents, friends, mentors and visionaries that teach us each and every day, we honor you.? Without your insightful view of the world, the innocence of youth will never see the full potential of their greatness.

Ode to the Teachers:

Time changes all of us. We are and will always be a product of our surroundings. The lessons taught by our parents, our religion, friends, home town, region, news, teachers and even the imaginary friends we create. As a sponge, we soak in all things, good and bad and through the eyes of innocence, we often as children are unable to filter the information.

What ultimately gives the child a fighting chance to become the adult of virtue?

The beauty of a child is simplicity and wholesomeness. The daughter of a close friend of mine still tells her mother I am the “bestest and she should marry me” Who could argue that logic and this coming from an adorable young girl that made me a Rutgers fan made out of paper and a Popsicle stick. As adults, we look at the whole situation, the challenges, the consequences and the responsibilities. She sees it as a nightly sleep over, movies and popcorn and outings to the zoo. That sounds like the perfect relationship to me.

Because I see the world as a daily challenge, am I to say this idea of marriage because they want their mother to be happy and she knows a fun, caring guy is wrong? I don’t think so. I think she is right but as much as women and men at metaphysically different, so are children and adults.

It’s a shame. How often to we wish to do it all again. For some the pursuit of eternal youth is a deeply rooted fear of death but the thought of a life of simplicity and innocence forever is utopia.

I want to play on the swings and look up at the clouds
I want to play hide and seek all around the neighborhood
I want to play baseball until it is so dark we can’t even see the ball
I want to imagine being in space and touching all the stars
I want to hug a complete stranger just because they look sad
I want cuddle with all my friends in the middle of the day
I want to sing songs while skipping down the road
I want to make believe I am someone different
I want to be your friend because you are silly
I want to kiss you and then giggle about it
I want to slide down the mountain in the snow and scream just because
I want to build a tree house and make it my mansion where I will live forever
I want own the beach and become the King and make it free for everyone
I want a puppy that will be my best friend
I want to wear 500 silly bands and cover my hand with the rainbow
I want to touch a rainbow

Who is to say we cannot return to innocence. We are adults. We are well educated individuals that has experienced all of life’s offerings and can now see the difference between right and wrong. Morals have been fortified and a foundation is set. If we embrace the memories of childhood, know good and bad, why then is there still prejudice, hate, greed, gluttony and all the other morally corrupt feelings and behaviors around us?

In the eyes of a child, “I don’t know”

I know I am wishing for something that is unattainable and no single person can define a movement that will set the bricks for this new world but so many have tried

John Lennon with his words
Martin Luther King Jr. with his vision
Gandhi with his presence
Jim Henson with his Muppets
Abraham Lincoln with his fortitude for equality
Steve Jobs with his brilliance
Bill Gates with his generosity
Mother Theresa with her heart
Princess Diana with her beauty and warmth

All shared a vision of a better world and took the next step to allow their hearts to guide their path.

We all have the capability to be the children we once knew. We all have the strength to make this world a better place. I am not looking to change everyone, but asking you to look inside yourself, find that inner child that never left and start seeing the world the way it was meant to be.


Love is the most powerful weapon of change

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By Mark A. Leon

To quote the Richard Curtis film, “Love Actually“, ‘If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around’.? No finer words spoken to open a film.

What if it were that simple?

  • What if you could change the world with one simple act of kindness? One gesture, one moment of selfless giving
  • What if you could change a life by just doing what no one else is willing to do?
  • What if we could rid the world of greed and selfishness by each taking one small step toward goodness
  • What drives us to walk away from a homeless man on the street without so much as giving a few dollars?
  • What stops us from leaving a larger than acceptable tip to help a struggling server?
  • What stops us from volunteering to help those less fortunate instead of binging through a Netflix show?
  • Why has social media forged us away from feeling empathy?
  • Why are new friendships forced?
  • What can’t we be honest with one another?

So many whys and so little action.

It makes you start to evaluate your own life and those around you.

Is this the type of person you want your children to become?

Love is the most impactful emotion

It is often said, the most powerful emotion in human existence is love, yet it is so often under-utilized unless there is a monumental act of pain or wrongdoing that rallies us around.

We have the most powerful weapon of change right in front of us at no cost, but we keep it benched.

I have a background in marketing, yet it bothers me to know we market the idea of genuine and selfless love.? It is like a modern tragedy.? How often have you lost a loved one and just wished you had just more time with them?? Maybe the real question is, how much time did you waste not being with them?

Each day, I respond to every email and call and try to tell at least one person a day what they mean to me.? That brings fulfillment to my life and ensures that should something happen, I left in a good place.? I feel I am making a positive difference at work, in life, through my words and actions. That is a commitment I make to myself.? I don’t promote it, flaunt it or even share it with. It is a personal act between myself and those I share it with.? That is true love.

Don’t fear Love or Kindness

I don’t fear love, but embrace it. How many are afraid to say, “I love you” feeling it may be misinterpreted? We all have. At some point or another, we all have. Let go of that fear and embrace its power. You must trust me on this and take a leap of faith.

Love is a guided principle profoundly written about in the Bible, film, novels, poetry, song and action.

From the sign in the sky to the words bestowed on one knee every girl wants to hear.? It is the volunteering at a senior center and giving a lonely elderly person a sense of worth or paying the last 5 dollars for someone’s groceries because they are short this week.?? It is a ride offered to your neighbor when his car breaks down or offering to workout with someone who has lost their way in their goal of wellness.

Kindness is all around us.? Often it has a hidden agenda like a tax write off or marketing plug, but when you experience one of those quiet unheralded moments, there is a feeling that overwhelms your heart that can’t be explained in words.

We have heard the phrase, “power in numbers”.? This principle holds true with love.? One act of love may turn a head.? Two will get you thinking.? Three will generate dialogue, but many will start a chain reaction and cannot be stopped.

Express your love today and every day.



Choose Life: The Implications of Suicide

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There is no reason to go on with life.

We transition from innocence in youth to a world overrun by fear and tragedy.
We embrace the media’s attempt to exploit misery and death to numb the pain we feel for our own lives.

Throughout life, we are tossed cliche after cliche dictating how “life is hard”, “it helps us grow stronger”, “we have to suffer to find greater success” but why do we have to suffer to find happiness? After all, we have but one life and a short time period to live it. Even during that duration, we all run the risk of disease, disability, and with only a brief moment in time, the risk of instantaneous death. That is too much for any intelligent person to bear. We are cursed and blessed all at the moment of creation. We are born into the most intelligent species with intellect and emotion rolled into our developing brain.

Is this a curse because as we learn and grow, we question life, death, religion and faith in a higher power? Mortality is a wonderful and mysterious idea. It blesses us with the gift of life showering us with beauty, love, tranquility and peace but also gives the power to destroy and corrupts us with temptation, greed, gluttony and other sinful acts of emotional and physical aggression.

We find ourselves back at the center of a neutral debate.

Often when put on the brink of determining life or death, it is an action that prompts this internal debate. It can be losing a loved one, experiencing a catastrophic event, learning of an illness, or finding yourself at a low point in your life. It is then that simplicity rears its head and provides an easy way out. Whether there is an afterlife or not, it is the easy solution. For me…only.

The curse of intellect is that all of us bear the pain of the death of others while the soul less body lay at peace while we all morn. That doesn’t seem fair, so in a way, suicide is a very selfish solution.

That certainly adds another factor to this decision. Do I understand the reprecussions this will have on others who are a part of my life, or do I just not care given that I will be void of life and all the emotional pain attached to it.

In fairness to myself and others, have I looked at all the other possibilities?

Of course not, since life is an unpredictable act of chance. We are given certain pawns (money, social status, jobs, friends, family) that helps shape our decisions, but clearly an impossibility to deny the possibility of life improving as we move toward the future.

There we go, over-thinking a life altering decision. Just as I consciously talked about the human mind, I am verbally questioning the entire thought of suicide. In a jury, a decision must be unanimous, why shouldn’t be use that calculated logic toward a decision like this? That is an excellent thought, but the difference between a jury and a suicide is that I determine my future and the action I will take to achieve that end. Maybe I need to talk this through to people I trust so that all options are weighed. Clearly, anyone that cares about me will say “don’t kill yourself”. Hopefully, all will. That certainly cannot help but it does open the door of debate.

I have no intention of committing suicide, nor has the thought even breached my mind, but I like millions throughout the world suffer from depression, loneliness, sorrow, poverty, illness and feelings of isolation. The truth is, we need that in our lives. The complexity of the human mind is developed by the range of emotions that create a melting pot. It is this melting pot that creates the unconscious feelings we address every day. Whether it is our dreams, love at first site, deep sorrow for a loss, exhilaration from winning a race, the joy of seeing a loved one who was gone for a long time, or the peace you find in a sunset over the ocean blue, we need all of the collective energy of our thoughts to give us the pure euphoria that is life.

This letter is not reaching out to just those that have thought about the easy way out, but to those that may think about it in the future. In a way, this is not an attempt to talk you out of it, but to bring awareness to the completeness of such a decision. When you think about the gift of life, create a mental bag and put everything in it that is truly important to you. Include the good and bad because without bad, you wouldn’t know good. You will be surprised how heavy that bag is.

When you think there is such a burden on you that you cannot move forward, understand that the burden is everything that encompasses your life, darkness, light, loneliness, together, sadness and happiness.

Think twice….Choose Life

Desirable Places in Charleston, SC to Escape Life

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By Minta Pavliscsak

Ever have one of “those” days? Sure you have; we all have. The type of day where you just want to be alone and escape life for a bit. Between work, school, family, friends, and the constant connection with technology, places where you can just be alone are difficult to come by.

However, as long as you do not check in on Facebook or Yelp when you get there, you can seclude yourself and escape life if you wish to do so. Turn off your phone, bring a book, magazine, your puppy, a notebook, or simply your own thoughts, take a few deep breaths and enjoy your solitude.

Here are a few of the best hidden places in Charleston to escape life, if only for a few minutes.

Folly Beach: You have a few options here. The best places to go to be alone with your thoughts are as far east as you can go on the island, and as far west as you can go. On the east end you will enjoy a scenic view of Morris Island Lighthouse. The far west end is a bit further of a walk, but totally worth it. The walk there is part of the destination itself.

Charleston Waterfront Park swings at night: There’s not a sound much more soothing than the sound of water, and when accompanied by the feeling of gently swinging back and forth under the moonlight, worries seem to melt away. Bring a comfy sweatshirt, even in summertime as it tends to get a little chilly.

Melton Peter Demetre Park (formally Sunrise Park): If you want a unique view of Charleston and the surrounding areas, here is your spot. Nestled deep within James Island, this is the perfect place to start your day or spend the afternoon in peacefulness.? In the distance you can view the Cooper River Bridge or the church steeples of the peninsula.

Allan Park

Fishing and Crabbing Dock at James Island County Park: Even if there is someone fishing, they usually just nod to say hi and focus on catching a big one. The dock is large enough for you to have your own spot to yourself. Bring your fishing pole, crab net, or just sit and enjoy the view.

Allan Park: Located just off of Ashley Avenue near Hampton Park, Allan Park is a splendid half acre of tranquility. There is a large fountain in the center and plenty of grass for picnics. There are also benches around the fountain if a blanket is not your thing.

Caw Caw Interpretive Center: Located about sixteen miles from downtown Charleston, Caw Caw Interpretive Center has remained virtually untouched over the years. Once several rice plantations, it is now home to a multitude of wildlife which you can enjoy along over six miles of trails winding throughout swamplands, cypress trees and boardwalks.

Magnolia Cemetery: Not many people think “relaxing” when it comes to cemeteries, but trust us on this one. Magnolia Cemetery is located on the banks of the Cooper River and in our opinion has to be one of the most beautiful places one could spend their resting days. Taking a stroll through this 92 acre stretch of land can give a whole new meaning to “escaping life”.

MUSC Urban Farm:? Right in the heart of the medical district off of Bee Street between Ashley and Courtenay is a safe haven.? In the heart of this square escape is an educational community garden where you will find everything from lemons, to rosemary to sunflowers with free gardening and nature lessons weekly.? Just outside the garden are open grassy areas and benches to relax, have a meal or just daydream.? Also, enclosed in this area are stretching equipment to keep your body physically fit.? This is a true mental and physical realm of health and solitude in the heart of the Charleston peninsula.


Magnolia Cemetery

We know there are more, but we do not want to give away all of the secrets! If you have a favorite spot that you like to go to escape life and would like to share, please comment below.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Little Things in Charleston

By Mark A. Leon

With the onslaught of constant construction that will take us into 2020 and beyond, highway infrastructure changes, a new skyline landscape and extreme competition with increased tourism, it is easy to lose sight of the little things that has made Charleston the charm of the South for generations.? In the last few weeks, I have been reminded of the elegance of simplicity in a town that values, its people, historic, culture and most of all community.

It has been a magical few weeks and with the experiences I have been a part of, I have also began to question if we are losing site of the individual moments that last here in Charleston.? I fear we are losing the connection to the Lowcountry that has warmed our hearts for so long.

I would like to share some of my recent Charleston stories to demonstrate just how powerful the simplicity of the Holy City can be:

  • On the eve of Valentine’s Day, at East Bay Meeting House, I attended the weekly Monday Open Mic night, During the two-hour performance, I witnessed a confident 19-year-old College of Charleston freshman with nothing more than her guitar and voice perform an original song that sent goosebumps throughout the intimate crowd.? As she sang, I was fixated to the face of a girl that has a gift that so few a blessed with.? Like an early Jewel, the passion in her voice rivaled some of the great young musical artists.? As host Jim Lundy would say, after recalling over a decade ago when a young Elise Testone performed for the first time, this girl has a future and we will be looking back someday and remember she performed here first.
  • While sipping a Cuban themed cocktail in Hutson Alley this past Thursday, outside of Victor Social Club, we were serenaded by a jazz duo performing soothing versions of 80’s and 90’s classics from Prince to 4 Non-Blondes.? As the music and cocktail complimented this warm February night, the staff brought out champagne and an elegant torte to help celebrate my slightly belated birthday.? It was a Charleston night, without flash or glory, but filled with lasting memories.
  • Several mornings a week, I share the Folly Beach coastline with sunrise catchers, surfers and wayward souls looking for meaning.? It is a cathartic experience to feel the wind brush your face, sand caressing your toes and watching the sun welcome the first moments a new day.? The ability to bring your mind to complete peace, even for one moment a day, truly helps bring balance and happiness.
  • We love our dogs in Charleston.? That is certainly something we are very proud of.? As I watched early morning jogs and walks with our four legged friends, I wished a friendly good morning and a smile to each passing stranger donned out in sweats or yoga pants and was reminded of the sense of community and love that lives on so proudly.
  • I drove by Colonial Lake a few days ago with the top down and Kenny Chesney on the radio and witnessed a line of yoga pant legs reached high to the sky.? Laying out under the shelter of the sun, this group combined the elements of nature, exercise and therapy to lose themselves from the everyday hustle of life.
  • Last evening, I sat in a Cabaret style theatre with checker pattered tabletops, wine and one of the best feel good musicals of the season.? Midtown Productions brought to life the compositions of Fats Waller with “Ain’t Misbehavin”.? Bringing the music of a generation that celebrated life and heritage, this celebration of the heyday of Harlem’s music and dance scene was pure magic that had the audience tapping their feet along with the performers.

Charleston is filled with little charming moments.? Ones that leave a lasting impression.? They aren’t moments that drain your wallet, force you to be something you are not or draw a crowd.? These are personal moments filled with the power of love and connection.

Sometimes you have to step away from the festivals, concerts, fancy restaurants and see something bigger than yourself to find that true Charleston happiness.

These are the things we need to remind ourselves to embrace and not lose sight of.



A Folly Starfish Christmas Story


By Minta Pavliscsak

It was Christmas Eve in our little slice of Folly Under the Sea. This year things around me seemed more calm than usual. Everyfish seemed to be ahead of the typical hustle and bustle of the season. That is, every fish except for me. I like to live in the here and now, which means I am really good when it comes to what others view as procrastinating. I like to think of it more as I work well under pressure. That aside, I was bobbing from store to store as quickly as I could but a starfish can only go as fast as the current takes him and today the current was in no rush.

Somehow I managed to squeak in grocery shopping, picking up my famous last minute –but always perfect– gifts, visiting a few friends, and even getting a relaxing arm massage at Sacred Arm Massage & Healing Arts. Floating home, I looked around at all the happy fish. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was glistening brightly through the waves. There were even surfboards overhead, and not a shark sighting all day. The small fish were playing with each other and singing carols in anticipation of what tonight would bring. The bigger fish were holding hands and sneaking kisses, just as giddy as the little ones.


Finally making it home, I put on my favorite Michael Bubble Christmas album and started wrapping presents. Later that evening, I enjoyed the sunset in my back sand where I could see the human’s Folly Christmas tree off in the distance. Those humans are so creative! Who would think to put a Christmas tree on the beach anyway? ?After Christmas Eve dinner and appeasing carol singers who literally would not leave until I gave them figgy pudding –good thing I picked up dates at the store– I finally settled in to rest until Christmas day.

However, it was a restless sleep, and when I did drift off I had crazy dreams. One was of a psychedelic octopus. He just kind of joyfully floated in one spot, smiling and waving almost glowing in the surf. And then I woke up. Then there was the dream of a sandcastle Santa Claus. Had I seen the humans building one on the beach? Had Santa visited me and I sleepily caught him? Was Santa Claus really made out of sand? The psychedelic octopus seemed to make more sense than that! Maybe I was just as excited as every fish else that I had seen the day before. After all, Christmas is my most favorite of all the holidays. And even after all these years, I have never stopped believing. I gave into my excitement and floated out of bed, cranked up the Bubble, and got ready for the day.


As I put on my funny Santa attire, the smile that would remain ever present for the day crept across my face. How silly of me to think there would be sleep on the eve of today of all days! The doorbell rang. My friends and family had arrived. It was the beginning of another perfect Christmas Under the Folly Sea.

From our family to yours,
Happy Christmas, Merry Everything!

Never Stop Believing

I Hope You Dance: Advice on Life You Should Never Forget

“The greatest risk in life is taking the chance on life.”

“Let us praise famous men and our fathers that begat us. All these men were honoured in their generations and were a glory in their days. We are here today to give thanks for the life of Harold Abrahams. To honour the legend. Now there are just two of us – young Aubrey Montague and myself – who can close our eyes and remember those few young men with hope in our hearts and wings on our heels.” – Lord Andrew Lindsay – Chariots of Fire

On one sunny afternoon in the Bronx, Derek Jeter, right off the disabled list, danced his way into the history books acting out a script that could have been written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by James Cameron. It was a poetic journey as the Captain of the New York Yankees became the first player in pinstripes to strike 3000 hits in his career as he launched a home run decisively into the outfield bleachers. As 54,000 fans and millions of viewers stood to honor the man and the achievement for over five minutes, it was clear that this was not an isolated moment in sports history. This was a moment, drafted in the stars and played out as fairy dust fell from the heavens. Derek would go five for five including the game winning hit on this day, but as he hugged each one of his teammates and remembered those that were not there with him, he embraced a moment that will forever be in his and our hearts.

Derek danced.

Life is dictated by responsibility. Responsibility for the financial well-being of ourselves and our families. Responsibility for defining the morals that we bestow. Responsibility leading a life that our parents had set for us. Out of respect and admiration for our upbringing, many feel the need to “pay back” our parents with a life of moral solitude.

Yet, are we risk adverse because of the fear of harm or the perception that if we step into the unknown we become vulnerable and thus open the door for predators to take advantage of our weakness.

The human mind is a challenging foe whose very existence is our greatest challenge. It numbs the senses and imparts the lessons of routine, comfort, stability and patience.

If you collect all of these thoughts, they are nothing more than barriers to the Dance.

We are a civilization that for millions of years has thrived on innovation. The ability to create what does not exist has set the standards for everything from fire to space travel.

The most memorable successes occur when our backs are against the wall, the resources are limited and your only support is the will to know you can accomplish anything.

You are the will, compassion, fortitude, and strength to release the greatness within you. We are raised to dream; to reach for the stars and accomplish anything. Life shouldn’t interfere with the innocent notions you had as a child. If anything, life should strengthen the desire to want to meet and exceed those goals. All of us, whether wealthy or poor, receive an invitation to the dance. Some go, some don’t, some stand in the corner while the very few who know that it is an honor to stand alone on the center of that dance floor and shine will become greater than even their own imagination could visualize.

To be free to spin, jump and twirl and see things in this world that only you can see; what a thought. It is that perception that will carry over into the next generation and history will remember you, the shy boy or girl that dared to step on that shiny floor and let your soul be naked for all to see.

It is time to dance.

Reach into the pockets of that dress or suit and find that list you created that has you reaching into the unknown and let it out. Don’t give up, don’t let go…Just make the unthinkable happen and enjoy the ride.

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be” – George Sheehan


What the Charleston Lady Was Doing While Her Other Half Watched the Epic Finale of the 2016 World Series

By, Minta Pavliscsak
  • Enjoying the crisp fall evening on the patio while sipping a glass of wine and sneaking a few pieces of the kid’s Halloween candy.
  • Hanging out with her man because she is after all a true Southern Bell, and supporting his interests is just part of what we do. {…even if there may be texts exchanged with the bestie about how cute that one player’s butt looks in his uniform.}
  • Sleeping – hopefully not interrupting any important plays with the occasional, adorable snore.
  • Finally catching up on her DVR shows on the smaller T.V.
  • Using her man’s credit card to buy those shoes she has been eyeing for quite some time now. -How that matching belt made its way into the shopping bag is a mystery to her!-
  • Constantly refilling the chip bowl and mixed nuts while making countless pigs in blankets, all while keeping the coffee table her honey and his friends are huddled around clear of empty beer cans and bottle caps.
  • Taking advantage of an empty house to sit around in her favorite baggy, ripped sweats and bleached stained hoodie for once…crazy hair and all.
  • Getting hit on at Mac’s Place -unbeknownst to her significant other- by some guy rooting for the opposing team, despite the fact that her and her man have been sharing a plate of nachos since the second inning and he keeps drinking her beer because he refuses to take his eyes off of the screen.
  • Pretending to show interest in the game but instead, plotting her moment when she gets to use the line that starts with, “Honey remember that time when I sat up with you after midnight watching the World Series?”
  • Cheering right along by her love’s side because she has always been a Cubs fan.


World Series 2016 Video