Television Rewind: Bill Murray Appears on Very First Airing of Late Night with David Letterman (February 1, 1982)

By Mark A. Leon

Most big fans know, but many do not, when David Letterman aired his first episode of the Late Show, he had a guest that is quite familiar to all of us:? Bill Murray.? We wanted to share this important television moment and have found an archive of the entire 43 minute episode (minus commercials).

Place careful attention to the 9:50 mark of the episode when David introduces his first ever guest, Bill Murray and ushers in a new era of Late Night that has changed the landscape forever.? It is fitting that a pioneer such as Bill Murray would have the honor of sharing the stage with David Letterman during this premiere event on February 1, 1982.

Enjoy this step back in time, 37 years ago, when the comedy forces of Bill and David came together.