GALLERY: Keeping Folly Beach Weird

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Folly Beach is recognized for its sense of community, neighborhood partnerships, festivals, endless sandy beaches, picturesque sunrises and sunsets and of course, its silliness.? So many visitors drive down Center Street, park their cars and haul their beach chairs and coolers for a day of sun, sport and water.? Afterward, they indulge at Surf Bar, The Drop In, Rita’s or Taco Boy.? What is so often missed are the uniquely peculiar landmarks all around this beach community.

Take a walk with us and enjoy some of the Folly Beach hidden and somewhat bizarre landmarks.? Some will amaze, some will make you smile and some may even have you questioning the basic laws of physics.? Trust us, pictures do not lie.

Keeping Folly Beach Weird

Say hello to Daryl the Dolphin, who is just hanging around with the fish waiting for you to hashtag him.? Yes, under his name, he has an official hashtag:? #DaryltheDolphin

On the side of Planet Follywood, the stars of yesteryear are forever there to greet us with a howdy cowboy or a Rat Pack song

Clint Eastwood and John Wayne
Clint Eastwood and John Wayne


Elvis Presley "The King"
Elvis Presley “The King”


Marilyn, Dean, Sammy and James
Mailyn, Dean, Sammy and James



Perhaps a little beach art to bring out our creative prowess.

Anchor - Beach Art
Anchor – Beach Art


Peace to All - Beach Art
Peace to All – Beach Art


Is this the Best Tree on Folly Beach?? We don’t know, but the sign seems to think so.

Is there a place to park your horse.? We found one.

Where can I go if I want a book and can’t make it to the library?? How about a free pop up library.? Take a book, leave a book.? How communal.

Little Free Library
Little Free Library

Do you know about Pirate Cove Playground?? Let us tell you a little bit more.? Right under the Folly Beach water tower lies a skate park, basketball court, tennis court, play lighthouse, tug boat, wall art, a climb rope and swings.? It is a pirates haven.? They toss in a little educational history of pirates in the area.? Oh my, what a treasure.






How about a front-less car?? Yes a car with only a hatch back but not front.

A chair elevated from a tree.? Talk about king of horticulture.

Finally, the Totem Pole House of Folly Beach at 506 East Ashley.? A landmark since 1925.? We just recently learned that this home is for sale.? Any takers?




Have you seen the Wicked Witch of the West House right on the beach?


Watch out for crabs!!!!!



Crab Crossing


Enter at your own risk, the Cauldron of Taco Boy and experience mouth watering Mexican cuisine.



An Irish Crab at the St. James.? Who would have thought.



Now that is a competition



A feel of Bourbon Street


Mermaid Clubhouse


Mermaid Clubhouse


Next time you are on Folly Beach, make your way off of your traditional path and explore the side streets.? You may find your own unique landmarks to treasure for your own.