Charleston Photographer Spotlight: The Mystery of Kevin Holliday Photography

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“My goal has always been to CREATE rather than CAPTURE. I have always aimed to make a world that simply does not necessarily exist the way we see it when we walk outside.” –

Kevin Holliday Bio:

Kevin Holliday is an internationally recognized, awarded fine art black and white photographer. His focus is primarily on architecture (both buildings and bridges) as well as long-exposure minimalism. Kevin’s photography is noted for its attention to simple small elements, leading lines and negative space, which he attributes to his early roots as a graphic designer. His work features a strong vision within primary imagery and is often best represented within a series rather than the single image. Kevin is also known locally for mentoring up-and-coming photographers where he helps to develop the technical aspects of proper exposure, breaking the typical rules of composition and lighting with a precision versus perfection mentality.

For Kevin, it’s not just the capture of the image that matters; he has always focused on making the final “perfect print” the absolute goal and is hands-on in all regards to this effort… from capture to the final framed image ready to be hung, he has been the only artisan involved. With the “perfect print” philosophy in mind, you can rest assured if you have a limited edition print by Kevin Holliday, it has been handled by only himself from the capture to your possession.


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