Charleston Girl Perfume – The Fragrance of Elegance

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By, Minta Pavliscsak

I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know Kelly Gaskins, creator and owner of Charleston Girl Perfume. She has got to be one of the most driven young ladies that I have ever met. Since launching her brand in 2012, Kelly went from 300 bottles that she filled, packaged, marked and sold by herself, to having a multiple product line that can be found in 70 stores, along with her online store. And she’s not stopping there! She is continuously coming up with ideas to grow the brand, and will be attending the largest retail trade show in America in just a few days.

How does one go from having such a small product size to having body lotion, shower cream, a rollerball, and of course the original eau de parfum? Kelly built her business slowly, smartly, and with a lot of passion. She believes in her product and believes that her customers deserve nothing but the best. Her products are paraben-free, without any harsh chemicals, and she wouldn’t dream of animal testing! They are also all made right here in the USA. She even gives each bottle a touch of love with her signature red bow that is handmade right here in Charleston, SC.

What makes Charleston Girl stand out against other perfumes? ?Aside from it’s enchanting scent, cg2Charleston Girl products are easy on the skin. As a redhead who is sensitive to products with a lot of smelly stuff in them, I was excited to try Charleston Girl. As someone who also has eczema, I can personally attest to the sensitiveness of these products. I can’t use a lot of fragrancy lotions and such, but I had no problem with Charleston Girl products!

The perfume will become one of your favorite fragrances without overpowering you or those around you. The shower cream will leave you feeling extra refreshed, and the body lotion leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

When Kelly found herself unhappy with her situation as a journalist in Tennessee, she did some soul searching to figure out where her true calling was. She found it back here in Charleston, right where she started. She won’t hesitate to admit that it hasn’t been without obstacles, but nothing that a strong Charleston lady like Kelly couldn’t overcome. ?She also gives back to the community through her business. Just this past December, Charleston Girl Perfume donated 5% of all online sales to Keeper of the Wild, a local non-profit who cares for injured, sick, orphaned or displaced wildlife with the intention of returning them to their homes in the wild.

Charleston Girl is more than just a perfume. It is a symbol of what Charleston is. Whether you have lived in Charleston all your life, or have visited for the weekend, Charleston is a place that never leaves your heart. Charleston Girl is a reminder of those fond moments you have while you are here. Even if you have never visited Charleston, you can feel the sophistication, elegance, and sexiness when you wear Charleston Girl products. It is a fragrance that goes with every season, and every occasion.


For more information on Keeper of the Wild, and their upcoming oyster roast, check out their Facebook page.