Charleston Ranks #5 for Instagram Photos Per Population Resident in Latest Study

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We conducted an analysis of 29 United States cities known for business, tourism, population and education.? All falling under mid and large sized categories based on U.S. Census data.

We examined the hashtags of each city and how many Instagram photos are tagged to each city.? Then we looked at the July 1, 2017 latest census population data to determine how many pictures are taken per resident of each city.

Based on review of the 29 cities, Charleston ranked as the 5th highest ratio with 23.16 Instagram photos per resident.? We also looked at Charleston County as a whole, combining #Charleston, #NorthCharleston, #MountPleasant, #IsleofPalms, #SullivansIsland and #FollyBeach, and the ranking dropped to #15 with 9.45 Instagram photos per resident.

Here are the full rankings

  1. #Orlando – 45.64 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  2. #LasVegas – 42.91 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  3. #Boston – 23.94 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  4. #SanFrancisco – 23.66 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  5. #Charleston – 23.16 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  6. #Seattle – 21.70 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  7. #NewOrleans – 18.33 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  8. #Miami – 18.14 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  9. #Pittsburgh – 16.01 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  10. #SanDiego – 13.60 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  11. #Portland – 13.19 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  12. #Denver – 12.66 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  13. #Cleveland – 12.29 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  14. #LosAngeles – 10.65 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  15. Charleston County / Lowcounty – 9.45 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  16. #Austin – 9.07 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  17. #Dallas – 8.76 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  18. #WashingtonDC – 8.70 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  19. #StLouis – 8.17 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  20. #SaltLakeCity – 7.29 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  21. #Minneapolis – 6.96 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  22. #Houston – 6.40 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  23. #Charlotte – 5.97 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  24. #Memphis – 5.22 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  25. #KansasCity – 4.79 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  26. #Philadelphia – 4.36 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  27. #Phoenix – 3.40 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  28. #Jacksonville – 2.38 Instagram Photos Per Resident
  29. #NewYorkCity – 2.25 Instagram Photos Per Resident


Some of the most searched #Charleston hashtags on Instagram

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Instagram has become a foundation for how we live our lives.? It assists us in search, research and ultimately affects the decisions we make.? It is a tool that is evolving, encompassing elements of pop culture, dining, entertainment, photography, travel, family, lifestyle and so much more.

With Charleston being named one of the most Instgrammable cities in the United States, it is quickly becoming an extension of ourselves.? Whether you are in college, new to town, visiting or a lifetime resident, Instagram is an important part of how we view Charleston and the Lowcountry.

We want to do our part to assist by providing a list of some of the most searched hashtags relevant to the Lowcountry.

Charleston and Lowcountry Area Instagram Hashtags

  • #charleston
  • #charlestonsc
  • #charlestonstyle
  • #charlestonhappyhour
  • #charlestonlife
  • #chsforlife
  • #lowcountry
  • #lowcountryliving
  • #southernliving
  • #folly
  • #follybeach
  • #charlestonphotographer
  • #chseats
  • #chswx
  • #charlestonbride
  • #charletonweddings
  • #charlestondaily
  • #charlestonliving
  • #charlestonblogger
  • #cofc
  • #chsevents
  • #lowcountrylife
  • #lowcountrywedding
  • #charlestonharbor
  • #charlestonstylist
  • #charlestonpictures
  • #charlestonevents
  • #charlestonfoodie
  • #iop
  • #sullivansisland
  • #historiccharleston

Happy Instagram searching




Smile, You Are on Instagram: Great Charleston Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Are you taken away every day by the incredible beauty and artistic canvas of Charleston, South Carolina.? From the sunsets to the architectural decor, this is a city with a foundation that would make any artist blush.? Some amazing photographers and observers have been helping to document this for all the world to see.

We would like to invite you to follow some of the finest Charleston based Instagram accounts and become part of Charleston.? Come with me as we Feel Charleston together.

You may already follow some of these visual historians.? If not, show you love and support and add them to your daily slideshow.

Explore Charleston – explorecharleston

Charleston Lowcountry – charleston_lowcountry

Charleston Daily – charleston_daily

Around Charleston – AroundCharleston

Charleston Baker Gal – charlestonbakergal

Historic Charleston Foundation – historiccharlestonfoundation

Official Account Charleston SC – charlestonsc

Charleston Pictures – charlestonpictures

Mark Swick – mnswick

Daily Charleston – dailycharleston

Charleston Magazine – charlestonmag

Charleston SC Tour – charlestonsctour

College of Charleston – collegeofcharleston

Sailing Charleston – sailingcharleston1

Ellis Creek Photograpy – Ellis_Creek_Photography

Walt Baker Photography – WaltBakerPhotography

Margaret J – mfoard01

Em Thompson Photography – emthomp_photography

Justin Falk – justinfalkphotography

Taylor Franta Photography – TaylorFrantaPhoto

Wendy Mogul Photography – wendymogulphotography

Nicholas Skylar – nicholas_skylar

Kevin Holliday Photo – KevinHollidayPhoto

Billy Ellison – billy_ellison

Featured Photos from @ellis_creek_photography (Edisto Island) and @g_heaton (Pineapple Fountain Sunrise)

GALLERY: Charleston Snowpocolypse 2018: It Sure is pretty and so much fun

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Thank you to all the wonderful folks that tagged and shared their pictures with us on Instagram and all over the social stratosphere. It has been fun living out this Winter Wonderland in our little coastal beach playground.? To say we embraced the snow is an understatement and it looks like the whole country noticed.

Enjoy it while it lasts and keep sharing the love.

Charleston Snowpocolypse 2018

Provided by: Instagram – beobst


Provided by the Andrew Pinckney Inn


Provided by Andrew Pinckney Inn


Provided by: Instagram – themikeledford


Provided by the Andrew Pinckney Inn



Provided by: Instagram –


Provided by: Instagram – rrd_usa


Provided by: Instagram – vickthis


Provided by: Instagram – absdefghijulie


Provided by: Instagram – billyclabby


Provided by: Instagram – livehighvibe


Provided by: Instagram – shiralnewman


Provided by: Instagram – parkelly6



GALLERY: Charleston Pride Highlights

Yesterday, the city of Charleston stood in unity and celebrated acceptance with the Annual Charleston Pride parade and celebration.? It was a day of colors, smiles, hugs and kisses.? A day that we celebrated openness and acceptance.? The sun was shining and everyone that came out had an amazing time.

We captured some of the best Instagram highlights from yesterday’s celebration of Charleston Pride.

Instagram: jjmharper


Instagram: taylor.lee.123


Instagram: scrambless


Instagram: somer_time


Instagram: cameraworkscafe


Instagram: salty.sanguine


Instagram: walk_talk_ewok


Instagram: roylodexofhate


Instagram: caseyvoder


Instagram: boudi.licious


Instagram: meganfitzbrosch


Instagram: geekmom86


Instagram: alexisworshamm


Instagram: caseface324


Instagram: lauren_e_walker


Instagram: waxminster


Instagram: matthew_b_ritter89



GALLERY: Life at the Charleston Area Beaches

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By Mark A. Leon

It is summer time in Charleston. ?A time for dancing, playing, drinking, laughing, eating or just plain laying out. ?One of our favorite summer activities is spending time at the beach. ?With a flurry of beach options, we have our many choices and favorites. ?We took some time to find some fun pictures shared on Instagram of people sharing their amazing beach experiences.

Enjoy these photographic stories about Life at the Beach in Charleston.

Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Binko101


Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Misstarabelle


Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Sylviedoodlebug


Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Ambermatlack


Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Sylviaoakes


Sullivan’s Island – Instagram: Kelseyvancamp


Isle of Palms – Instagram: Susiebarrettart


Isle of Palms – Instagram: Nicoletmerrell


Isle of Palms – Instagram: Bowchickaspicegirlwow


Folly Beach – Instagram: Follybeachislandyoga


Folly Beach – Instagram: Allieb212


Folly Beach – Instagram: Tonytrossimba


The Washout – Instagram: Cali_dahlia


Folly Beach – Instagram: Jennjusticeosteen


Isle of Palms – Instagram: Love_bgraham

Make sure you follow some of these great Instagram accounts.

Have a great summer and don’t forget to wear sunblock.




Charleston Named One of The Most Instagrammable U.S. Cities to Visit This Summer by Redbook

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With massive parks, outdoor piazzas, rooftop bars overlooking the sun-soaked downtown, and beaches, lakes and ponds outfitted with wildlife, you don’t have to leave the U.S. this summer to get a Discover-page-worthy ‘gram. From Boston’s new Greenway Park to Miami’s sparkling coastline to Seattle’s bustling Pike Place Market, there are a million and one reasons to stay stateside and explore the outdoor havens that make these cities so darn picturesque. Whether you’re coming from near or far, these are America’s most Instagrammable destinations. (After one peek, you’ll easily see why).

Charleston, South Carolina


Quintessential Southern charm, candy-painted historic mansions, horse-drawn carriages, and streets flanked with centuries-old, moss-laden oaks—it’s no wonder Charleston, South Carolina has long been fabled as one of the South’s most beautiful cities. Although the town is often flooded with visitors, there are plenty of beautiful shots to be captured in and around the old city market, down the cobblestoned streets of downtown (like Church Street and Chambers), along the Battery, or near the Waterfront Park’s iconic pineapple fountain. Beyond downtown, the neighboring areas of James Island (home to the famed Angle Oak), Isle of Palms (with its miles of beaches), and West Ashley’s famous plantations (think Middleton Plantation and Magnolia) make for scenic shots—especially during sunset.

Boston, Massachusetts

From the inspiring and captivating sunsets hailing over Fenway Park to the sprawling Greenway Park (and its whimsical carousel) to Beach Hill’s famed Acorn Street’s townhouse-lined cobblestoned streets, the city of Boston is an Instagrammer’s dream come summertime. Of course, there’s far more than just these big sights that’ll make your followers swoon. For fewer crowds but just as pretty a pic, head to Charlestown’s abandoned train car, the Mary Baker Eddy Library (where you can wander through a giant painted globe), or the secret garden that currently occupies the top of a parking garage in Cambridge.

Chicago, Illinois

Known the world over for its iconic architecture that’s a mix of both modern and historic, Chicago’s skyline is one of the most recognized in the world. Aside from the famous Cloud Gate (AKA the Bean), Millennium Park, and the towering John Hancock building, the city is actually home to a million other landmarks, sights, and quirky neighborhoods that beckon a VSCO filter. For quirky street art and a collection of the city’s most eccentric locals, visit Wicker Park’s “hipster highway” (AKA Milwaukee Ave.) and stop into the Handlebar restaurant or the Wormhole coffee shop, which is home to an actual replica DeLorean. Not as crowded as Millennium, but just as picturesque is Lincoln Park, which spans 1,208 acres and overlooks Lake Michigan. Skip the fabled golden hour and hit the lakefront at sunrise to get a stunning view of the downtown skyline—without having to fight for a spot.

La Jolla, California

If you’re looking for premium #content, head over to La Jolla, the hilly seaside town that sits on the border of San Diego. No matter where you wander, you’re going to find something worthy of your feed, whether it’s the famous “what’s your favorite color” mural that sits on Eads Ave., the bold and bright flower fields of Carlsbad Ranch, or the coastal views found at the Sunset Cliffs, which is best visited—you guessed it—at sunset. A town boasting more street art than many others in California, you’d be remiss not to spend time soaking up the many examples that make up the Murals of La Jolla project.

Miami Beach, Florida

There are few places that are as iconic on social media than Miami, with its famed art deco buildings looming on Ocean Drive in South Beach, the bikini-packed beaches lining the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, Little Havana’s domino players and mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches, and the vibrantly painted buildings of Wynwood. For photos that won’t need a filter, head to the last location and spend an hour or so snapping your way through the trendy neighborhood’s painted alleyways. For one of the best views of the city, skip South Beach in favor of East Miami’s rooftops, which offer stunning views of the ocean, the downtown skyline, Virginia Key, and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. For a more unexpected shot (and to test your phone’s new slow shutter app), head to the Best Buy garage on fifth and Alton for some prime time-lapse photo opps.

Seattle, Washington

If you spend any amount of time scrolling through Instagram’s most popular posts, you’re going to find at least two, maybe three, images showcasing some part of Seattle’s iconic geography. Although many flock to the Space Needle for sweeping views of the city or into the bustling Pike’s Place Market, there’s actually an astounding array of places a little more off the beaten path that are just as likely to boost your followers. A snap of Paramount Theatre pairs well with the Gingham filter, for example. And for a view of the city made famous by 10 Things I Hate About You, go to Kerry Park at dusk to see the Space Needle and surrounding buildings sparkling at night. The EMP’s strangely curved metal exterior (that glows in the sunlight) makes for an epic addition to your Insta Stories. However, if you’re feeling a little basic, grab a frap and take a #foodintheair shot in front of the original Starbucks on 1st and Pike.

Kennebunkport, Maine

When people think of swoon-worthy Maine towns, Kennebunkport is almost always top of list. For one, this coastal seaside escape boasts presidential pedigree, being the home of the Bush family. Although it doesn’t often the quirk of neighboring Portland, it does offer ample beauty perfect for sharing. The shops, like Farm + Table, boast artisanal crafts wrapped in beautiful packages and nautical-inspired pillows, blankets, and the like, while the restaurants offer enough bright red lobsters and mayo-laden lobster rolls for creating the ultimate #foodporn shot. You’d be remiss not to at least visit Gooch’s beach (home to Bennet’s famous sandwich shop) or have your best friend snap a lifestyle shot of you paddle-boarding into the sunset in front of Cape Porpoise Lighthouse.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Founded in the 1700s, Alexandria is easily one of Washington D.C.’s most famous suburbs. Touting cobblestone streets, a beautifully restored dock nestled on the Potomac, and pastel row homes on Queen and Prince Streets, nearly every block brings a shot you just have to capture. (Hurry and you could catch the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees that are in full bloom around Waterfront Park.) If you’re a foodie, head to King Street on Saturday to capture the area’s fresh produce. Beyond the main streets of King, Queen, and Prince, the iconic trolley makes for great Instagram fodder (especially during the evening). For engagement shoots or lifestyle shots, you can’t beat the brick Court House, which sits right on King Street, or the whimsical Old Town Riverboat.

From: Marie Claire
Original Article from Redbook

How To Succeed on Instagram Without Even Trying – Business

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

The magical phenomenon of Instagram has taken the world by storm.? Are we truly surprised at its overnight success?? As humans, our response to visual stimuli is much higher than audio, verbal or context.? It is under the umbrella of one of the largest digital firms in the world.? It lets us become magicians without needing the expertise of Photoshop.

I think we have explained that spike in popularity.

But what makes one Instagram grow faster than another?

What makes one have a higher engagement level?

Disclaimer:? Now, before I go on, let’s throw out the established brands, the celebrities, athletes and “what do we call reality stars these days”?? This is normal folks that live normal lives every day.

Next, let’s eliminate those that “buy” followers.? How can you tell someone that “buys” followers?? Very simple.? If they go from 150 to 1500 in a matter of two minutes, purchased!!!? If they show that instant growth, but total engagement does not increase at the same rate, purchased!!!!

Engagement Definition

For those that do not understand engagement, let us explain.? Engagement is when you take the total number of engagements (likes and comments) and divided by the total number of followers.

Example: You have 1000 followers.? You post a picture that gets 100 likes and 10 comments.? Your total engagement is 110/1000 or 11%.? So 11% of your followers are interested in your post.? In social, we often mistake raw numbers for success.? Engagement is the critical element you want to pay attention to.

If I have 50,000 followers and 500 likes, that is only 1% engagement.? If I have 5000 followers and 500 likes, that is 10%.? I’ll take the second option anytime.? That just means higher conversion to whatever message, idea, product or service I am selling.

insta1Now the reason you are all here:? How do I maximize my engagement and continue strong organic growth?

  • Quality.? Whether it is 1900 AD or 3000 AD, quality will always be critical to success.? I don’t care if you are sharing a picture of the cutest dog in the world.? If it is blurry, you won’t get the interest.
  • Respect your community.? Community is everything.? Every follower is choosing you because you have something they can relate too and thus want to be part of your “community”.? Don’t post and ignore.? Respond to comments, engage with your followers.? Show them it is a two-way street.
  • Variety and diversification.? If you are selling tires that is great.? If you put a picture of a tire up every day for 100 days, you will lose more than you will gain.? People want variety.? They want change.? Put the tire in a hat.? Dress one up as Santa.? Get creative.
  • Don’t post more than twice a day.? Over-saturation of anything is bad.? Think about those spam emails.? I think you understand.
  • Timing.? If nothing else, pay very close attention to this bullet point.? Timing is so important in your strategy for success.? So when is the best time to post?? Glad you asked.
    • Weekend and mid-day week day are bad.? If you are in a holiday or vacation spot, even worse for weekends.? People are out on weekends and working during the week days.? Yes, they have their smartphones that never leave their side, understood.? Honestly, with staff meetings, desk audits and Pokemon searches, it is hard to keep up with Instagram during those times.
    • Mornings and evenings between 8 PM and 11 PM are big success times.? When we wake up, Instagram.? When we are home eating or watching commercials, we Instagram.? Between innings of the game, we Instagram.? Having that special alone time on the toilet, Instagram.
    • Bonus:? If you post between 9:30 PM and 11:00 PM, you have the carry over effect.? That means you will get a push in the evening and then a follow up in the morning for those that missed it due to the late posting time.
    • One thing to keep in mind is that most brands are regional (local).? If you are focused on an international audience, these rules do not apply due to time zone differences.
  • Keep it clean – We clean our rooms, our kitchen, bathroom, cubicle, office and car.? Why not keep your digital environment clean?? Hmmm, valid thought.? Every now and again, go through your posts and delete those that have lost relevance and treat your account as a re-birth every few weeks or months.

There we have it, your simple tips to a successful Instagram account.? Be creative, diversify, respect your community and most of all, have fun.

Charleston Daily Instagram