2018 South Carolina Hurricane Guide – Official Download Available

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The S.C. Emergency Management Division releases the official 2018 South Carolina Hurricane Guide this weekend as part of this year’s S.C. Hurricane Preparedness Week. SCEMD and partner agencies have updated the Guide for the 2018 hurricane season. It details useful information on what residents should do before, during and after the landfall of a major hurricane.

Updated sections of the Guide include new evacuation zones (Dorchester County), tips on preparing for an evacuation, ways to stay connected during an emergency and steps to keep in mind when returning home after a major storm. The Guide also features imagery and artwork from last year’s Hurricane Irma.

Beginning June 1, the Hurricane Guide will be available at all South Carolina Welcome Centers, at any Walgreens store statewide and at SCDMV offices in Bamberg, Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Conway, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Kingstree, Ladson, Lake City, Little River, Mullins, Moncks Corner, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Saint George and Varnville. The Guide will be available for download at scemd.org, SCEMD’s website.

Governor Henry McMaster has proclaimed May 27 through June 2 to be South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week. SCEMD, county emergency managers and the National Weather Service urge citizens to take time now to prepare for major emergency like hurricanes by reviewing their family emergency plans, developing a disaster supplies kit and talking with family members about what could happen during a crisis.

2018 South Carolina Hurricane Guide Official Download

Family Emergency Kit

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies

South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) releases free app to help citizens during natural disasters

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The South Carolina Emergency Management Division released a free mobile app earlier this month to help citizens stay safe during natural disasters including hurricanes and tornadoes.

The app features the latest information on S.C. state office closings and delays, helps users find their evacuation zone, includes information on planning for and recovering from emergencies, allows users to send their location to emergency contacts and includes an SOS flashlight. Users can also set up their own emergency plan including a pet checklist, meeting places and emergency contact numbers.
The app is free to download in the iTunes app store or Google Play.

If you have any questions about the app contact Derrec Becker, SCEMD chief of public information & external affairs via email, his cell at (803) 737-8500 or office at (803) 530-2193.

Important Lowcountry Hurricane Information Phone Numbers and Media Sites

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Information Lines – Hurricane / Disaster Related Information

Berkeley County: 843-719-4800

Charleston County: for English, 843-746-3900; for Spanish, 843-746-3909; TTY, 843-746-3911

Dorchester County: Summerville area, 843-832-0393; St. George area, 843-563-0393

Each county also puts information on its emergency management department website. For Charleston County information, for Berkeley County, and for Dorchester County.

For information about American Red Cross relief efforts, including emergency shelters, contact 843-746-2323

Law enforcement, EMS, Fire

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Charleston Police Department (Twitter and Facebook)

North Charleston Police Department (Twitter and Facebook)

Mount Pleasant Police Department (Twitter and Facebook)

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office (Twitter and Facebook)

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office (Twitter and Facebook)

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office (Twitter and Facebook)

Summerville Police Department (Twitter and Facebook)

S.C. Highway Patrol (Twitter and Facebook)


Charleston Water System, 843-727-6800

Summerville Commissioners of Public Works, 843-871-0810

Berkeley County Water and Sanitation, 843-572-4400

South Carolina Electric and Gas, call 1-888-333-4465 to report downed or sparking lines and 1-800-815-0083 to report a gas leak. For general information, call 1-800-251-7234, visit their website

For information about road conditions and evacuation routes, contact the S.C. Department of Transportation at 855-467-2368

For general information about hurricane and other disaster preparedness, contact the S.C. Emergency Management Division at 803-737-8500, visit their website

Important Charleston, South Carolina Hurricane Evacuation Information

2017 South Carolina Hurricane Guide – Download Information

Evacuation Map

SCDOT Evacuation Routes for the State

Evacuation route maps and updates can be found by visiting:

From SC DNR:

Who Should Evacuate?

People living in low lying areas of South Carolina’s coastal counties, as well as anyone living in a mobile home in any of the coastal counties, are required to evacuate for all hurricanes, regardless of the category. Other areas will be required to evacuate when category 4 or 5 storms threaten their areas. The Governor’s Office will make the decision on which areas should evacuate when a hurricane threatens the coast. To help you make your hurricane plan, please refer to the hurricane evacuation zone maps found in the 2017 South Carolina Hurricane Guide.

Before You Evacuate:

  • Make a family communication plan using the instructions found at Ready.gov.
  • Make sure there is gas in the car so that you can be ready to evacuate immediately.
  • Make sure your automobile’s emergency kit is fully stocked and ready.
  • Tune in the radio or television for weather updates and evacuation updates.
  • Take action when you think severe weather may be moving into your area, even if no official warning is given.
  • Determine your evacuation destination and write out route.
  • Store home and lawn care chemicals above areas that could be flooded.
  • Shut off the water to the house.
  • Let people know when you are leaving and where you are going. If possible, leave contact information.
  • Lock the windows and doors.
  • Close blinds and drapes.
  • Put plastic bags over TVs, stereos, lamps, computers, etc.
  • Fill the sinks and bathtubs with water to use for bathing, washing clothes, flushing, when you return.
  • Pack some clothes in plastic bags and store on high shelves
  • Adjust the refrigerator and freezer to the coolest possible setting.
  • Follow the instructions provided by local utility companies or emergency preparedness officials regarding the turning off of electric and gas utilities.
  • Find a secure place for boats or second cars. Place under cover if possible.
  • Trim trees and shrubs of weak limbs.
  • Cover windows and doors with shutters or plywood if possible. If that is not possible, place large strips of masking tape across the windows to reduce the possibility of flying glass.
  • Bring inside or otherwise secure items outdoors such as lawn furniture, bird feeders, bicycles, grills, propane tanks and planters.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly to make sure they do not need assistance in evacuating.
  • Put your survival supplies in the car. If officials order an evacuation, leave as soon as possible, preferably during daylight.

2017 South Carolina Official Hurricane Guide is Now Available

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The official 2017 S.C. Hurricane Guide will be released via newspaper subscription and rack sales Thursday, May 25, in the Georgetown County Chronicle and the South Strand News; Friday, May 26, in the Georgetown Times; Sunday, May 28, in The Beaufort Gazette, the Charleston Post and Courier, the Hilton Head Island Packet, The State, the Sumter Item, the Florence Morning News, the Orangeburg Times and Democrat, the Myrtle Beach Sun News; and Wednesday, May 31, in Beaufort Today, Bluffton Today and the Jasper County Sun Times.

Beginning June 1, the Hurricane Guide will be available at all South Carolina Welcome Centers, at any Walgreen’s store statewide and at SCDMV offices in Bamberg, Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Conway, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Kingstree, Ladson, Lake City, Little River, Mullins, Moncks Corner, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Saint George and Varnville.

Images of the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew – Charleston, SC

As I walked around late afternoon yesterday, all I could think was how fortunate so many of us were.? There were no reported deaths in South Carolina as a result of Hurricane Matthew, the flooding was destructive, but manageable, and the multitude of fallen trees had caused many inconveniences, but none life threatening.? It was a sad site to see as trees, limbs and debris scattered all around, but I knew this was temporary and soon the true Southern beauty that draws so many would return.

Today, the sun is shining and we begin to return to a life of comfort.

Let us now take a few moments to breath in some images from the aftermath.
















Now let us be thanks for our answer prayers and smile to the start of a new day and a gorgeous Southern sun rise.



Charleston is closed: A City is Ready to Brace for Matthew

Preparation has been set in motion.? Businesses and homes are securing their domain.? Shelters are being prepared for the homeless.? Buses, cars and trucks are leaving in droves.? This is a monumental event and one that has not threatened these parts since 1999.? As a community braces for the awesome power of Mother Nature, we put our thoughts and prayers to everyone and their families.

For those that remain, Charleston is witnessing a rare event, a virtual ghost town where we put aside the aesthetic beauty of this historic area and put safety first.

We wanted to share some images that we will rarely see:? a city closed for business.

Images of the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Ghost Town: Original Poem Inspired by Hurricane Matthew
























Keep South Carolina and everyone potentially affected in your thoughts in the next few days.