Frontier Airlines, One of CHS International Airports Newest Partners has costly baggage fees you should know about

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Frontier Airlines, one of Charleston International Airlines newest partners, offers a cost effective no-frill approach to air travel, but there are some potentially costly additions in their baggage charges you should be aware of before you book your flight.

Know Before You Go

General Checked Bag Information

If you have a bag (or multiple bags) that you don’t need to have close to you during your flight, check it!

Checked bags must be within 62 linear inches (that’s length + width + depth) and no heavier than 50 pounds. Baggage that goes over these limits will be charged $75 for exceeding weight and $75 for exceeding linear inch limits. Bags will NOT be accepted if it is over 100 lbs* and/or over 110 linear inches. EarlyReturns? Award Redemption Tickets have the same baggage allowance.

Passengers who purchased the WORKS? always receive a free checked bag. Checked bag charges vary based on when you purchase and fees are non-refundable.

The WORKS includes one carry-on bag (normally a $30 fee), one checked bag (a $25 charge), choice of any available seat — including exit row and stretch seating —and priority boarding. … And, the airline now offers a carry-on bag guarantee, promising flyers their money back if their bag is gate. The cost of The Works is about 60 percent less than the cost to purchase each element individually and ranges from $49 to $69 each way for direct flights, and $57 to $83 each way for connecting flights.

For domestic flights you must be checked in with your baggage no later than 45 minutes before departure and 60 minutes before departure for international flights!

Complete Baggage Claim and Check-In Pricing for Frontier Airlines