FREE activities in Charleston, South Carolina? Here are 9 to fuel your mind and body (Plus some bonuses)

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By Mark A. Leon

We are back with ten (10) more amazing and fun filled activities in Charleston, SC that are completely free.? Some do require some effort on your part, but we promise they will fulfill your sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder.? Come with us and explore more Free Charleston.

Free Activities and Attractions in Charleston, SC

  • Live outdoor music daily at the Charleston Pour House – Almost every day of the week at 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM, the Charleston Pour House offers free music on the back deck.? If you get there early enough, you can enjoy the great happy hour deals.? This is a dog friendly area.? Bring the puppy and your dancing shoes.
  • The Restoration Hotel Art and History Gallery – Relive the aura and chic history of our great country through the open gallery at The Restoration Hotel on Wentworth Street and then head in to the elevator and enjoy a cocktail or snack at The Watch (gorgeous rooftop bar).
  • Movies on the beach – All spring and summer long, enjoy great movies with a backdrop of the ocean right on Folly Beach.? Bring food, drink, blanket and spend a night under the stars.? Look out for the special in March or April 2018.
  • Farmer’s Markets – If there is something the Charleston area does well is support our local farmers, vendors and food trucks with our farmer’s markets.? Throughout Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, you can find one every day of the week.? Click the link for your complete guide.? Many offer free live music to enjoy as well.
  • Avondale Outdoor Art Gallery – We love the outdoors and we love art.? Avondale found a way to bring it all together.? Located behind some of the Avondale communities favorite restaurants and stores is a display of some of the best street art in the area.
  • Unitarian Church / Cemetery – In a quieter part of historic Charleston is the Old City Jail and Unitarian Church.? If the doors are open come right in.? The staff will be eagerly waiting to tell you the whole history.? When you walk through the hallowed cemetery, you may even be walking on the final resting place of Edgar Allen Poe’s love Annabel Lee.
  • Gateway Walk – Perhaps one of the most hidden secrets in Charleston is right before your very eyes.? The Gateway Walk is a carefully marked trail that will take you through some of the most historic churches and streets of our fair city.? Enjoy the architecture, gates, grounds and take it all in.
  • Bridge Walk / Run – Though we have one of the largest 10K in the country with the Cooper River Bridge Run, the other 364 days are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.? This 5 mile round trip span is not only healthy and a great workout with its steep incline, but if provides one of the most beautiful views overlooking the Charleston Harbor.
  • MUSC Urban Farm Lunch and Learn Sessions – MUSC has a community garden on Bee Street that is filled with sunflowers, rosemary, lemon trees, orange trees and more.? They offer free gardening lessons and tips to the community at no charge.? Click the link for a schedule of events.


  • All city parks in Charleston, SC offer free wifi (Before you drain all your data next time you are sitting in Marion Square or Hampton Park, just connect)
  • Pitt Street Bridge – Want to go for a picnic, go fishing, ride a bike or a golf cart overlooking the harbor?? Look no further
  • Charleston Tea Plantation – Yes, just outside of Charleston is the only active tea plantation in the United States of America.? You can watch the history, view the process and walk the grounds at no cost.
  • Morning beach walks never gets old and Mother Nature never charges.

We hope you continue to enjoy the wonderful free offerings Charleston has.? Take advantage of all that is around you.

11 Free Activities in Charleston – Part I