Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks 2018 Football Schedules are Out

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The wait is over.? It is now time to get mentally prepared for another great season of Clemson Football

Here is the line up for your Tigers

Clemson’s 2018 football Schedule

Clemson Tigers Official Ticket Website

Sept. 1 – Furman
Sept. 8 – at Texas A&M
Sept. 15 – Georgia Southern
Sept. 22 – at Georgia Tech
Sept. 29 – Syracuse
Oct. 6 – at Wake Forest
Oct. 13 – OPEN
Oct. 20 – N.C. State
Oct. 27 – at Florida State
Nov. 3 – Louisville
Nov. 10 – at Boston College
Nov. 17 – Duke
Nov. 24 – South Carolina

2018 South Carolina Gamecocks Schedule

Gamecocks Ticket Office

Saturday September 1 Coastal Carolina Columbia, S.C.
Saturday September 8 Georgia Columbia, S.C.
Saturday September 15 Marshall Columbia, S.C.
Saturday September 22 Vanderbilt Nashville, Tenn.
Saturday September 29 Kentucky Lexington, Ky.
Saturday October 6 Missouri Columbia, S.C.
Saturday October 13 Texas A&M Columbia, S.C.
Saturday October 27 Tennessee Columbia, S.C.
Saturday November 3 Ole Miss Oxford, Miss.
Saturday November 10 Florida Gainesville, Fla.
Saturday November 17 Chattanooga Columbia, S.C.
Saturday November 24 Clemson Clemson, S.C.

Top Ten Misconceptions Folks Have About Charleston, SC

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Around the country and the world, visitors have been flocking to Charleston, SC. by plane, car and boat to witness the spectacular beauty, historic significance, cultural renaissance and true southern hospitality our city has to offer.? With all the media, comes awareness.? Though our name and face are more pronounced than ever before, not everyone truly knows the Charleston and the South we all know.? As a result, some folks may have a few misconceptions about who we are.

We want to shed a little light on the situation and help you all out by knocking down some of those false ideas.

  • We are not in North Carolina.? For some reason, many of you in the North think we are Charlotte.? Even when we correct you, you still think we are in North Carolina.? The country does actually extend further south and we are in the heart of South Carolina.? Proud and true of our South Carolina coastal home.
  • There are a few rumors that we are “slow” or “dumb”.? A few little facts that may change your mind.? The Citadel is the #1 Public School in the South for the 4th straight year.? The College of Charleston MBA program ranks 3rd in the nation for percentage of graduates finding careers within six months of graduation.? Charleston Southern University is ranked #93 in the US News and Worlds Report Best Southern Schools in their 2015 report.
  • Always with a smile
    Always with a smile

    We genuinely like to say hello and smile.? Many of you that have recently visited for the first time may notice us locals making eye contact, smiling and saying hello to you.? It isn’t part of a master marketing plan or a shot at other areas of the country where the cultural norm is to avoid one another.? We really enjoy meeting you all and making your acquaintance.

  • We don’t believe the South won the Civil War.? Yes, the first shots of the Civil War were fired in Charleston.? Yes, the most number of slaves that came into the United States came through the Charleston port.? Yes, there is a rich historic heritage of plantations and slave ownership in this region.? Yet, we are fully aware of history and we embrace all perspectives and views.? Our tour guides, historians and history buffs believe in family, tradition and preservation and that includes not just our region, but the country as a whole.
  • We have a thriving business community.? With the additional of Boeing to compliment PeopleMatter, Benefitfocus, Blue Acorn and the incoming Volvo facility in Berkeley County, Charleston is becoming a thriving business community.? We are no longer built around health care, hospitality and small business.? Look at the many awards we have received in investment funding and development.? Some still think we survive only on hospitality (hotels, restaurants) and the hospital system, but are are so much more than that.
  • The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge / Cooper River Bridge is the longest cable stay bridge in the Western Hemisphere at 2.5 miles in length.? Some of you have heard that and said “this isn’t the longest bridge in the United States let alone the Western Hemisphere.”? You are correct, it is the longest cable stay bridge in the Western Hemisphere only behind Sutong Bridge in Chine.? A cable stay bridge is one that uses cables attached to towers to support a roadway.? In a very specific category, we are the largest.
  • We don’t just eat fried food and grits.? Charleston is a very health conscious city that thrives on its health and wellness businesses and lifestyle.? From Five Loaves to Verde to Gathering Cafe, Charleston offers a thriving list of dining options for the health minded individual.? With a strong community of yoga, bikers, runners and adventure seekers, Charleston is a haven for a lifestyle of health conscious resident.
  • We don’t just listen to country music.? We aren’t Nashville, TN, Austin, TX or New York City, but have a diverse and well rounded music scene.? With venues that include the Charleston Pour House, Music Farm and Charleston Music Hall, Charleston welcomes musical talents from all around the area to express openly their vision through music and lyrical poetry.? In fact, Awendaw, SC hosts a weekly Barn Jam? every Wednesday, 52 weeks a year, showcasing original singer/songwriters in an open outdoor setting.? This venue that includes outdoor live original music, a food truck, bonfires, play area for kids, dancing spot for fans and even a goat is our local scaled down version of Woodstock.? At $5.00 with BYO anything, it is a community party every week.
  • We don’t just own flip flops for foot attire.? Is it true that some people have flip flops in every color of the rainbow? Yes.? Is it true that some have a pair for every month of the year? Yes? Is it true that flip flops define a lifestyle? Yes.? Some would even say “barefoot” defines a lifestyle.? We do get classy and? dressed up on many occasions donning Aldo, pumps, heels and cowboy boots.? You may even witness some gals wearing high heels to church on Sunday.
  • We are not all raging sports fans that drive pick up trucks.? Many of us are and we are pretty darn proud of our teams.? It is true, you do not mess with SEC football in Charleston.? Ever.? We won’t turn on you, throw you in the back of the pick up and dump you in the pond or anything, but….? On game day Saturday, bars have crowds, we put on our jersey’s and start our day early with a couple of beers in the shower, but many of us find other ways of entertainment.? Charleston has a robust festival circuit, shopping and attractions scene to meet all locals and tourist needs.? You won’t find all of us drunk at noon glued to a TV set.

There you go, ten misconceptions about Charleston.? We hope we cleared the air and gave you a better understanding of our quaint little city of Charleston.


Interesting facts about Clemson and Alabama you should know before the big game

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This evening part III of the Clemson Alabama rivalry will be played out.? This is even a game the great Paul “Paul” Bryant may wake up from his eternal rest to watch.? The heralded history of these two program shows this is more than just a game.

Before you order your favorite pint, rest your best on your bar stool, place your bet on the coin toss and order those wings, there are a few interesting facts you should know about both teams.

Here are some great tidbits to impress your friends during the game.

  • The first meeting between Clemson and Alabama took place in 1900 and was won 35-0 by Clemson and coach John Heisman (The same man whom the prestigious award is named after).? In fact, the Tigers would win the first three meetings by a combined 78-0.? Since then, the Tide are 13-1 in the last 110 years with the worst win being 74-7 in 1931.
  • Clemson Football Instagram has 307K followers (clemsonfb); Alabama Football 428K (@alabamafbl).

Clemson Facts:

  • Clemson’s last 2 national championships were 1981 and 2017 when they beat Nebraska 22-15 and and Alabama respectively.? Their 20 conference titles is the most by any current or former ACC school.
  • Clemson had a defensive player taken in the first round of the NFL draft for 3 consecutive years.? Not other school can lay stake to that claim.
  • Clemson’s school record winning streak stands at 17 straight.
  • Clemson University originally was an all-male military school, and was named the Clemson Agricultural College when it opened in July 1893 with 446 students.
  • In 1917, the entire senior class?at Clemson University enlisted in World War I.
  • Clemson and Alabama have played each other 17 times and Clemson has only beaten Alabama once since 1905 and that was last year’s title game.
  • John Heisman (whom the award is named after) coached Clemson from 1900 – 1903 racking up a 19-3-2 record.
  • Clemson has employed five coaches who were Alabama alums and they have accounted for 52% of the teams total wins.

alamAlabama Facts:

  • Alabama’s first football team was created in 1892. Nicknamed the “Thin Red Line,” it later became the “Crimson Tide.”
  • The University of Alabama became a military school in 1860, but abandoned their Military system in 1903.
  • The University of Alabama football team has 16 National Championships, with its first in 1925 and its most recent title won in 2012.
  • Nick Saban is attempting to win his 6th National Championship which would tie him with Paul “Bear” Bryant for all time (4 with Alabama, 1 with LSU).
  • In 1969, the year college football celebrated its 100th year, Coach Bear Bryant picked up his 100th win at Alabama beating Clemson 38-13.? The game ball was presented to Coach Bryant by team captain Danny Ford who would go on to coach Clemson to their 1981 National Championship title.
  • Coach Nick Saban has won 221 games in his college coaching career.

Famous alumni:

Alabama: Mel Allen (Baseball Announcer) – Alabama School of Law; Lee Brice (Country Music star) – Clemson University; Rece Davis (ESPN Announcer) – Alabama University; James Dickey (Author of “Deliverance”) – Clemson University; John Edwards (Politician) – Clemson University before transferring to NC State; Winston Groom (Author of “Forest Gump”) – Alabama University; Harper Lee (Author of “To Kill a Mockingbird) – studied law at University of Alabama by didn’t complete degree; Dolph Lundgren (Actor – Rocky IV) – Clemson University; Bernie Madoff (Ponzie Scheme Fame) – 1 Year at Alabama University; Jim Nabors (Actor – Gomer Pyle) – University of Alabama; Strom Thurmond (Politician) – Clemson University; James Micheal Tyler (Actor – Gunther on Friends) – Clemson University; Jimmy Wales (Co-Founder – Wikapedia) – Master’s Degree from Alabama University; George Wallace (Governor of Alabama) – University of Alabama; Sela Ward (Actress) – Alabama University

Now you can impress all your friends with some great and even obscure facts about Clemson and Alabama.

Good luck to both teams as we expect a great game.



Donnell Boucher, Director of Strength & Conditioning at The Citadel, Shares His Passion with PLAE

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WOODSTOCK, Ga. – Oct. 16, 2017 –?In its latest?Beyond the Chalk?video series, PLAE visits Donnell Boucher, director of strength & conditioning at The Citadel, delivering a compelling look into his motivation, commitment and how he has “poured his heart and soul” into his position.

As part of PLAE Perform, a division of PLAE that highlights science and experience in athletic performance,?Beyond the Chalk? is a monthly installment in which internationally recognized strength & conditioning coach and bestselling author Ron McKeefery (Coach Mac) uncovers inspirational insights from his counterparts worldwide.

At the Citadel, a premier military college in Charleston, South Carolina, Boucher is a 10-year veteran, serving the varsity football and baseball teams among 11 sports in a student body of approximately 2300. As he and Coach Mac tour the 6,000-square-foot varsity weight room, he points out the prominent displays of the institution’s core values of honor, duty and respect on the weight lifting platforms.

“I believe you can always improve,” Boucher said. “No amount of success, no amount of achievement, would ever put me to a place where I felt like ‘that was it.’”

In terms of coaching philosophy, he explained, “Rather than making kids what we want them to be, I try to see what they can become – what it’s going to take to unlock their motivation. How can I get them to want to work hard, but also want to come back for more?”

In the?episode, Boucher also touches on the unique Citadel environment, how his athletes and Citadel colleagues motivate him and the importance of “paying it forward” in the strength & conditioning coaching profession.

On a personal level, Boucher discusses the 2015 house fire in Massachusetts that took the lives of his grandmother and uncle, and the awe-inspiring response he received both from the Citadel and other strength & conditioning coaches around the country.

“We know that our thing is special, but to have that kind of support network and fraternal connection with people will put you beside yourself,” Boucher said. “It makes you realize that this community is strong.”

With a bachelor’s degree in health education from Worcester State (Massachusetts) and a master’s degree in health, exercise?and sport science from The Citadel, Boucher is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified strength and conditioning coach (SCCC) from the CSCCa.

“Donnell is a phenomenal coach and a phenomenal human being, and he exemplifies all that is good in our profession in a big, big way,” said?McKeefery, who is the vice president of performance and education for PLAE.

Find this episode, at The previous eight episodes of Beyond the Chalk, which began in January 2017, are available

About PLAE

PLAE is redefining athletic flooring as a foundational component of every training space, creating active solutions that equip people to achieve their best selves. Pushing boundaries, pursuing innovation and harnessing technology and design are daily passions at PLAE. Boldly committed to raising the bar, PLAE drives powerful performance.

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Tailgating Recipes to help ring in the football season


The buzz is out there Charleston.? The smell of pigskin, house parties, tailgates, BBQ, beer and friends.? It is that time of year for Gamecocks, Tigers and Panthers or any other team that gives you goosebumps every Saturday and Sunday morning.? To help you leap into football season, we have provided three amazing recipes that will make you the life of any tailgate party.

These will surely make you the hit of the parade.? Be careful, they have a bite.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

1 rotisserie chicken, removed from bone and shredded

16 ounces of cream cheese, softened

1 cup of ranch or blue cheese salad dressing

? cup of Frank’s red hot

4 green onions, cut into ? inch slivers

1 cup of shredded Chedder or Colby cheese

Celery and carrot sticks

Sliced Baguette or crackers

Method: Preheat oven to 350. Mix first 5 ingredients and spread into 1 quart baking dish. Sprinkle with shredded cheese. Bake for 25 minutes and serve with veggie sticks and bread.


Jalapeno Corn Poppers

12 large jalapeno peppers

1 package Jiffy cornbread mix

? of an8 ounce can of creamed corn

1 egg beaten

1/3 cup of milk

? cup of Monterey jack cheese

Sour cream and salsa for serving (optional)

Method: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wearing latex or nitrile gloves, halve peppers with a knife and scrape out seeds. Place on a metal cookie sheet. Mix cornbread mix, creamed corn, egg and milk together until pasty and fill each halved pepper with 1 tablespoon of the mix. Sprinkle shreds of cheese on top. Bake for 15 minutes and serve warm with salsa and sour cream.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

1 16 ounce can of diced tomatoes with green chills (Rotel is fine)

1 16 ounce can of white whole kernel corn

1 16 ounce can of black beans

? medium red onion, diced

1 fist sized bunch of cilantro

1 tsp white sugar

Method: Mix all ingredients, add salt to taste and chill in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Serve with tortilla chips or with jalape?o poppers (above)

Get to Know Your Charleston Sports Teams and Show Your Support

Charleston takes a lot of pride in its college and professional sports programs and it is the fan support that keeps them alive and thriving in our community.? Do you know all the available spectator sports in our area where you can let loose and cheer on your local sports programs?? We put together a guide to help build your allegiance and get you out of the house and in those stadium, arena and park seats.

Charleston RiverDogs – Our MiLB NY Yankees affiliate plays right here at Joe Riley Stadium in Charleston, SC.? They are fun, competitive and a big family friendly environment.? Formally the Rainbows, the RiverDogs have become a foundation of sporting fun right off the Brittlebank Park.? Also, where else can you get a sushi dog?

Charleston Battery – Are you a soccer fan?? If you are, you have to make your way to Daniel Island to see our fast action team go up and down the soccer field.? Fans of all ages love to watch our Battery compete in the number one sport in the world.

South Carolina Stingrays – They play hockey, they win championships and they support the community while bringing some good healthy hitting into play.? The Stingrays are fast and provide most of us the only ice we typically get to see.

South Carolina Ravens – Did you know we have a new professional arena football club here in Charleston?? Well we do.? This upcoming season they will send energy your way with passing, running, hitting and excitement in an indoor setting.? Learn more about the newest addition to the Charleston sports scene.

College of Charleston Athletics – The College of Charleston offers 20 men’s and women’s sports club programs for you to engage and be a part of.? From sailing to basketball to tennis, the college has your covered.? Come out and support the students that work so hard for their passions.

The Citadel Bulldogs Athletics – Just down the street from the College of Charleston is The Citadel offering 14 men’s and women’s programs from basketball, to rifling to football.? With a diverse range of programs and skills, there is so much for a fan to choose from.

Charleston Southern Athletics – Just off of Highway 26 in North Charleston is the beautiful Charleston Southern Campus.? Just past the entrance way are students that represent the Buccaneers in 14 collegiate programs.? You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate group of student athletics.? Show your support for them as they represent the Big South Conference.