Fall Fashion in Charleston

By Rose Leadem
By Rose Leadem

Don’t let the sunny skies fool you. As much as we don’t want to hear it, before too long a hard rain is going to fall here in Charleston, and you’re going to want to be ready. If we choose to believe the folks at the National Weather Service, we could be in for some cool weather as we move closer into winter. On the streets of downtown Charleston, we have already begun to see some boots, sweaters and coats… A preview of what’s to come. Now that we have been reunited with the sun for a few weeks, take advantage of the outdoors, but also take this time to start planning out your cold weather must-haves.

This year, the runways were packed with exciting new styles that will appeal to anyone’s taste. From bright blues to soft pastels, the season has a variety of colors in store for everyone. For those who are daring, warm colors of orange and red, as well as metallics, will be dominating colors for winter 2014. For the rest of us who tend to stray away from anything too bright, every shade of blue will be popular this season, as well as an array of pastels like pale pink and light greys. Downtown Charleston’s House of Sage stylist and retailer, Molly Stichter, provides insight as to what she foreshadows trending in Charleston over the next few months: “Although it seems like the holidays are a ways away retail-wise, we always have to be looking ahead. I’m predicting a lot darker hues and metallics on trend with pops of bright colors to keep the transitional period from fall to winter fun and lively.”

With regards to keeping warm for the upcoming cold front, bomber jackets, oversized coats, ponchos and anything shearling will be the new “go-to,” no matter where you live. Per usual, winter seasons are full of sweaters. But this season holds a strange twist: sweater sets. Feeling daring? Try out a matching pair of knit pants with a coordinating sweater. Although this winter gear may sound excessive for cold weather months in Charleston, trust me, you will be happy with your investments once the thermometer begins to drop.

While it is still nice out, take a stroll down King Street and observe the new window displays of Charleston’s varying fashion boutiques. Notice something? That’s right girls, leopard print is finally back on the market. This season’s collections are a serious “blast from the past” as many designers have created mod pieces with inspiration from the 1960s. Animal prints, plaids, men-inspired oxfords, waist-high belts, and a-line dresses are among some of this season’s exciting must-have styles.

Whether you are in Charleston, New York or Milan, other emerging trends to take note of this season are: the “tough girl chic” look, below-the-knee dresses, statement bags, and my personal favorite, ankle boots. So forget about buying those new pair of shorts or those summer sandals, and begin to stock up on these trendy pieces in preparation for the chilly upcoming winter.