Interesting Facts about the Cooper River Bridge Run

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This Saturday, April 6, Charleston will open its doors to the Cooper River Bridge Run for the 43th year.  This event, which is heralded as one of our most prestigious events in the area, is saturated with history and traditional.  An event where fitness, Southern hospitality, family, silliness, music and spectacular achievement come together for one memorable weekend.

As you prepare for this weekend, we want to share stories of hope, inspiration, accomplishment and just unique little facts about this most rewarding event.

Facts, Achievements, Accomplishments and Milestones

  • The first Cooper River Run occurred on April 2, 1978
  • In 2011, Cedric Jaggers published  Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run: A Complete History in Words and Photos
  • 766 Runners finished the first race in 1978
  • The first entry fee was $3.00 and that included a tee-shirt designed by the race director
  • In the first seven years, the winners of the men’s and women’s division were all Americans
  • The last American to win was Laura LaMena in 1995 on the women’s side and Jeff Cannada in 1991 on the men’s side
  • Race records:  James Kimutai Kosgei (Kenya) – 27.40 (2000) / Elana Meyer (South Africa) – 31.19 (1997)
  • A Cooper River Bridge Run app was launched in 2016
  • Hanahan’s Leroy Miller did the Cooper River Bridge event in 2015 at the age of 93
  • Adam Gorlitsky will become the first paralyzed man to walk the Cooper River Bridge event ever in 2016 – Follow his I Got Legs Story
  • The Cooper River Bridge is the 3rd Largest 10K in the United States
  • The first person to break the 30 minute barrier occurred in 1983
  • Average starting temperature of the race is 58.6 Degrees
  • 1986 was the first year over 1000 women registered and completed the race
  • First year where prize money was awarded was 1984.  That year, $800 was awarded to top male and top female.  In 2016, the winners will receive $10,000.
  • Oprah Winfrey ran the race in 1994 and finished with a time of 55.48
  • First year of using computer timing chips was 1997 and Bill Murray served as starter that year firing the cannon at the start of the race
  • The first year of the wheelchair races was 2012.  The winner broke 29 minutes
  • The first race related death occurred in 2004
  • The first time it rained during the race was 2005 and 6183 registered runners did not participate
  • The first year that more women registered than men was 2006
  • Zettie Little, the Ridiculously Photogenic Male got national attention after 2012 run
  • The first year a cap on registrants was placed was 2013
  • Four runner (4) has broken the 28 minute barrier
  • 36,755 runners registered in 2012 – Largest single year registration for this event
  • 1980 was the only year there was a tie for the win.  Florida Teammates Kim Burke and Steve Littleton finished at 31.26.
  • Benji Durden who won the first race in 1978 with a time of 30.22 was on the 1980 US Olympic Team for the marathon but did not participate because President Carter boycotted the Olympics that year held in Moscow, USSR.

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Cover Photo Credit:  Eas Coast Aeriel

Where's the finish
Where’s the finish
Look from up above
Look from up above
Zettie Little
Zettie Little

9 Facts You Should Know About the Total Solar Eclipse Coming to Charleston, SC

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By Mark A. Leon

If you haven’t heard, you should lift the rock you are living under, because August 21st will be a once in a century event culminating with a completion point of Charleston, SC.? Clearly, the area is buzzing.? Here are a few facts and information points you should know for this big event coming to Charleston.

Facts and Information about the Total Solar Eclipse in Charleston

  • Many Lowcountry area libraries are offering viewing glasses free of charge.? The Charleston Visitors Bureau are proving hotels with viewing glasses to present to all incoming visitors staying at area hotels.? Remember to wear your protective lenses.? We cannot emphasis that enough.
  • Charleston, South Carolina is expecting an estimated 1.2 million visitors for this event.
  • The event will last 2 Minutes and 40 Seconds and will end in Charleston at 2:48 PM EST.
  • The next total solar eclipse visible from the continental U.S. will be on April 8, 2024
  • The path of the totality will pass through 5 state capitals:? Salem, OR.; Lincoln, NE.; Jefferson City, MO.; Nashville, TN and Columbia, SC
  • Totality:? Day will turn to night only in what’s called “the path of totality.” That path will be approximately 70 miles wide and stretch from Oregon to South Carolina.
  • This is the first time since 1979 that a total eclipse has crossed the United States and the first time since 1918 that one will travel from coast to coast.
  • List of the best cities to see the totality of the eclipse – Source ABC News
  • The longest total solar eclipse on record lasted for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Note:? You can look at the sun during the eclipse, but ONLY when the moon has fully blocked its light, according to NASA. More from NASA: “When the bright photosphere of the sun is completely covered, only the faint light from the corona is visible, and this radiation is too weak to have any harmful effects on the human retina.”



Fun July 4th Facts

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Today is American Independence Day: ?The day, the United States became a free and sovereign nation. ?It is a day of BBQ, beach, beer and celebration of patriotism. ?There are also some very interesting, and not quite holiday related tidbits of information we wanted to share about this most festive of days.

July 4th Fun Facts

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne – Author of ‘The Scarlet Letter’ was born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4, 1804
  • President Calvin Coolidge – Our 30th US President was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont on July 4, 1872
  • American Soldier and Grandson of President Ulysses S. Grant, Ulysses S. Grant III is born July 4, 1881
  • World War II propagandist Tokyo Rose was born July 4, 1916
  • Playwright Neil Simon is celebrating his 90th birthday today – Born in the Bronx, NY on July 4, 1927
  • Iconic sports franchise owners Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) and George Steinbrenner (NY Yankees) both born on July 4
  • Also born on July 4th: ?Musician Bill Withers (1938), Basketball start Hal Lanier (1942), Ron Kovic, theme of ‘Born on the 4th of July (1946), tennis star Pam Shriver (1962) and columnist Ann Landers (1918)
  • On July 4th, 1826, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died
  • Only July 4th, 1831, President James Monroe (5th US President), just 5 years after Adams and Jefferson, died
  • On July 4th, 1934, Marie Curie, Nobel Prize winning Physicist/Chemist died of radiation poisoning
  • Barry White left us on July 4, 2003
  • The first edition of Walt Whitman ‘Leaves of Grass’ is published
  • On July 4, 1976, The Clash played their first live gig
  • Edward Rutledge was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence at aged 26 and Benjamin Franklin was the oldest at 70
  • In 1938, the Fourth of July was declared a paid US holiday
  • On July 4, 1862, Lewis Carroll told Alice Liddell a story that would grow into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • George Everest, whom the worlds highest mountain is named was born on July 4, 1790
  • On July 4, 1983, NY Yankees pitcher Dave Righetti threw a no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees won 4-0
  • Only two men, John Hancock and Charles Thompson actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776
  • July 4, 1986 – The Second Farm Aid is held in Manor, Texas
  • July 4, 1999 – Victoria Adams and David Beckham wed
  • Born on July 4, 1952, John Waite known for his #1 hit ‘Missing You’

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Charleston, South Carolina

Horse Racing in Charleston

We live in a world of information overload, where content is being shared faster than we can absorb it.? Throw in the accolades Charleston is receiving and all the buzz is on this humble little city.? We are seeing a lot of recurring themes and information.? We thought we would find a few interesting tid bits of information, both historic and current about Charleston, SC that you may not already know.

Here we go.? Get ready to be Oh, Ah and Hmmmmed..

Some Things You Didn’t Know About Charleston, South Carolina

  • Adult film star and currently ranked #1 model on Ally Tate calls Charleston home.
  • Horse Racing in Charleston:? There were at least 10 race tracks in the tri-county area including the York course (1735) in North Charleston and New Market (1754), between King and Meeting near present-day Columbus Street. But the most prominent course was the Washington Race Course which is now the mile-long Mary Murray Drive in Hampton Park.? According to the South Carolina Gazette, the first race took place almost 300 years ago on February 1, 1734 here in Charleston near the vicinity of John and Meeting Streets.
  • Edgar Allen Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie between 1827 – 1828.
  • There is a Butterfly Garden in Park Circle (North Charleston).? It is pretty cool
  • The first game of golf played in the United States took place in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Founded in 1773, The Charleston Museum is considered the country’s oldest municipal museum.
  • The College of Charleston, the first municipal college in America, and the oldest publicly supported college in the U.S., opened its doors in 1770. The college boasts three signers of the U.S. Constitution and two signers of the Declaration of Independence among its founding fathers.
  • There is a famous “round house” on Sullivan’s Island that a son designed for his parents to be hurricane proof, but if you look at it, you swear it is straight out of Star Wars:? A New Hope.
Round House on Sullivan’s Island
  • Egg Fertilization – Ernest Just was born in Charleston, SC, in 1883. He was a biologist, academic, and science writer. His most noted research was in the fundamental role of the cell surface in developing organisms such as egg fertilization.
  • Imitation Mineral Water – In 1810, Simons and Rundell of Charleston, SC, received patent to mass manufacture imitation mineral water that was used in soda fountains!
  • Invention of Iced Tea – There is a receipt from 1890 that proves that Summerville, SC, is the birthplace and, therefore, the inventor of iced tea.
  • The first symphony orchestra in America was sponsored by the Saint Cecilia Society of Charleston.? The Saint Cecilia Society was formed in 1766.
Survivor Finalist Chelsea Meissner
Survivor Finalist Chelsea Meissner
  • Lionel The Hedgehog with over 120K followers on Instagram is from Charleston, SC living with her mom Anna.
  • Charleston has a dental museum.? The Macaulay Museum of Dental History is a small, well-curated collection of vintage dental equipment and teeth-based treasures, like an instrument made by Paul Revere himself. You can even see a recreation of an early 1900s dental office, which won’t make you feel so bad about visiting the modern kind.

Now you have some fun facts for the light bar banter during halftime or at the next game night.

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe