What To Do With Your Leftover Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Solar eclipse glasses. We all have them. The big event is over, so what do we do with them now? We came up with a few ideas for you.

What to do with your leftover Solar Eclipse Glasses

  1. Turn them into your new sleep mask.
  2. Keep those eyes super shaded when sunning on the beach or at the pool.
  3. Ensure whomever is “it” is not cheating while counting during hide-n-seek.
  4. Donate them to kids in South America. (Yes, it is a real thing! astronomerswithoutborders.org)
  5. Cut the dark lenses out and wear the cardboard frames as a super cool pair of “shade-free” shades.
  6. Tuck them away until the next solar eclipse. 2024 is not that far away.
  7. Use them to correct that slightly off kilter bar stool.
  8. Add them to your hangover kit for maximum darkness.
  9. Proudly display them in a frame to commemorate the 2017 event.
  10. Turn them into a picture frame by replacing the lenses with your favorite eclipse photos.


Have any more ideas? We would love to hear them!? Please leave a comment below.