The Charleston East Side Has a New Kid on the Block: Eastside Bagel and they pack a killer breakfast/lunch punch

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The Charleston East Side Community has a new player in the breakfast and lunch game and they have a delicious message.? Jesse Warnock and Eric Mills opened Eastside Bagel with one simple mission, great, fun breakfast and lunch with a little flare.? This harmonious little shop located at 8-D Line Street has a little front yard with a few chairs, tables on the sidewalk, a free library by the front steps and enough inside space for about six people.? Yet, what you walk out with is much more important.

Donned with old school stickers all over the counter and walls, Simpsons framed art, Babe Ruth on the wall and a Deion Sanders Yankees card by the sugar packets, this eclectic eatery brings a twist to the Charleston scene, steamed bagels and a whole lot of smiles.

From the French Toast Bagel to the Eddie Vedger to the Caprese in the U.S.A., Eric and Jesse have created an environment and culture of neighborhood fun, great food and an inviting urban appeal.

Their Story

Long time Pals, Eric Mills and Jesse Warnock have always abided by the bagel.? Yes, they have eaten their fair share of bagel sandwiches.? But then, in 2018, they decided to obey the calling of the bagel by creating a bagel sandwich shop with the most delicious of bagels where everyone is welcome.

Eastside Bagel is a creative & casual eatery, serving funky steamed bagel sandwiches made from scratch.? And it is a treat.

About Eastside Bagel

Charleston’s Original, one-of-a-kind, steamed?bagel sandwich

Welcome to Eastside Bagel, home of Charleston’s original steamed bagel sandwich.? It should be noted that this is NOT just another bagel sandwich.? ?With menu selections inspired from childhood through more recent experiences?basking in the culinary greatness that is Charleston, SC, we have created sandwiches that we love to eat and, hopefully, you will too.?Originated in NYC, made famous at?Oxford, Ohio’s Bagel & Deli, the magic of the steamed bagel knows very few boundaries.? We’ve never tasted a more lighthearted slice of turkey or a meltier piece of cheese.? And the bagel.? Ah…the bagel.? Soft on the inside with just the perfect texture on the outside.? What we’re trying to say is that this stuff is good.? And you should try it.? Have a nice day.

Come out an experience Eastside Bagel, we know you will be back for more.

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