One Man, One Voice – Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

In the name of love, he had a dream
A man, a voice, a patron to the movement of equality

The courage to sacrifice
His blood poured on a fateful day in April in the South to empower a revolution
The wanderers, became the leaders and soon one voice, became many

With his heart, Dr. King felt the power of a future erased of hatred
With a nation crippled, he brought a million to its feet
Silenced by a history of division, he screamed from the towers
Cut by knives of racial intolerance, he helped heal the wounds
Burdened by books of ignorance, he began to educate

United as one; a celebration of virtue
A message of love

It is often said, no one man can move a mountain, but inspiration can build cathedrals

One day
With the faith of the bible
A man
A simple man, said “no more”

No more hate
No more violence
No more judging righteousness
No more blood

One day, a man had a dream to see his children live in a unified nation, a world of acceptance, guided by the principles of love

Touched by the tenderness of the Lord and the voice of a thousand horses, words came to life
Inspired and profound
Deep and enriching
Harmonious to the angels above

His presence lives on, but his fight remains