GALLERY: Discover Rockville, South Carolina

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By Mark A. Leon

How often have you taken Maybank Highway to the Charleston Tea Plantation or Deep Water Winery and stopped?? Is that all Wadmalaw has to offer?? We know the big three (Angel Oak, Charleston Tea Plantation and Deep Water) are the major attractions, but what if you continued driving until the road ends?? If you do, you will find the quaint little town of Rockville, South Carolina established in 1784.

Just a few miles outside of Charleston, Rockville offers you a look at the way life used to be.? It is the beauty, decor and natural scenery of simple Southern living.

Come with us to Rockville, South Carolina where the air is fresh, faith is strong and peaceful ambiance is a way of life.

A vision of Southern living


A place where white picket fences are the norm.


Faith is strong and proud




Admire the old Coca-Cola sign on the Old General Store



That is a strong windmill



Welcome to Fellowship Hall


Would ya like to have a seat for a while?


Get some shade from the sun.


Make sure you stroll down the long and winding roads.


Peak in on some cute houses



There is lots of history here.


Even a place where the bees can cross


Welcome to Grace Chapel





One of the many homes of the Pink Panther


Rest at the old Convenience Store

We sure hope you enjoyed your little visit to Rockville, South Carolina.? Come again soon.