In the Heart of the Charleston Salsa Community is Yaenette Dixon

By Mark A. Leon / Photo Credit by Joseph Quisol
By Mark A. Leon / Photo Credit by Joseph Quisol

Charleston, SC is known for its hot steamy nights.? During the sweltering heat of the Summer, residents are finding ways to cool off, yet there is a population that is fueled by the passion of the night.? They are drawn to a place where bodies move in symmetry, dance expresses passion and communication is expressed only through body language.? This is the world of Salsa.? One of the Charleston pioneers of this sensual form of dance is Yaenette Dixon.

From beginner to advanced, Yaenette has dedicated herself to educating and entertaining the Charleston community in the world of Salsa.? Combining the art of dance, the sensuality of romance and the choreographed design of unspoken communication, Salsa brings a level of fun heat and spiciness that complements our hot and humid Southern nights.

Raised by a Southern father and South American mother, Yaenette has seen these two worlds up close and personal.? She began engulfing herself in Salsa in 2006 and since then has accomplished the following:

  • Began teaching classes in 2011
  • Trained in the Black Belt Salsa Syllabus developed by Edie “The Salsa Freak”
  • Mentored with Susan Zaglin of Greenville, SC
  • Established Salseros of Charleston Latin Dance in 2013
  • Has taught over 400 students in the Charleston area
  • She has set a path for fourteen (14) apprentices who have sought her tutelage toward pursuing their own ambitions.
  • Today her classes include: On1 LA Style Salsa and On2 Mambo Style Salsa in private, small group, or private group lessons.? Students range from beginner to advanced.
Photo Credit by Mystic Productions
Photo Credit by Mystic Productions

When asked, why salsa?? Yaenette simply replied, “Although it did take time, it kept me sane during the toughest times.? For that, I am grateful and hope to pay it forward by helping others to get a taste of that Salsa Nirvana here on Earth.”

Yaenette offers classes and socials with the goal of creating a pressure free setting to encourage all types to take part in an art form that is healthy, filled with warm blooded passion, and sweating in creativity.

We invite you to meet Yaenette, learn more about the Charleston Salsa community and maybe let your dancing shoes lead you to a new love.

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