Ranker.com’s List of the Most Beautiful Cities in the United States Named: Charleston #8

By Mark A. Leon

Ranker.com uses the feedback of the reader to rate everything from celebrities to dancers, skyscrapers to Bed and Breakfasts.? They rely on the expertise or opinion of you, the reader to judge various topics and places.? Based on the voting of the travelers that participated in this year’s survey, Charleston, SC was named the 8th Most Beautiful City in the United States.

What makes this study so informative is that it breaks it down further by specific demographics of gender, age and location.? Here is a full breakdown of how Charleston fared.

Overall: Charleston #8

Women:? Charleston #20
Men:? Charleston #20
Under Age 30:? Charleston #43
Age 31-39:? Charleston #33
50 and Over:? Charleston #36
American Travelers:? Charleston #14
International Travelers:? Charleston #12
Southern Travelers:? Charleston #8
Northeast Travelers:? Charleston #4
West Coast Travelers:? Charleston #26
Midwest Travelers:? Charleston #38
Central: Charleston #32

Full Report Results – Ranker.com – Most Beautiful Cities in the US 2017