Charleston Charity Spotlight: Fields to Families Harvested and Donated over 80K Pounds of Fresh Produce in 2017

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Founded in 2006, Fields to Families believes everyone deserves access to fresh produce! We bridge the gap between farmers and a community in need by collecting, harvesting, growing and distributing fruits and vegetables to our partner agencies, free of charge.

Who do we serve: Currently we have 28 agencies that we partner along side throughout the Tri-County.?Food banks, shelters, churches, after school programs, soup kitchens, foster homes, senior communities and low income housing units can have the produce?that we collect.

Who helps us: We are a local non profit organization, we are volunteer based. Our board is consisted of all volunteers. Folks working the farmers markets, harvesting in the fields, growing in the garden are volunteers.?
Why do we do it: We believe everyone, no?matter their life situation, deserves access to fresh, healthy produce.?According to the USDA, 27 percent of our national food supply is thrown away every year because of cosmetic damages, mislabeling, weight errors and overproduction. Twenty-six million tons of food is wasted each year in the United States.
Where does your money go: When you donate to Fields to Families, you are adding to the bigger picture to better our community:
  • Our volunteers?helped distribute 80,100 pounds?valued at?$164,205 worth of local produce put back into the community. Your support has helped provide 64,000 nutritious and healthy meals this year!
  • Supporting our program provides a chance for our community to serve. This year we have had nearly 400 volunteers give 1,169 hours of their time to help us. Volunteers have traveled 9,892 miles to farms, gardens and markets to support our mission.

Thank you for considering Fields to Families when you are making your year end donations.? Your support will help continue to make an impact in the community.

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