Come for Weezer, Stay for Panic! At The Disco

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By, Minta Pavliscsak

The sleepy little town of Daniel Island, South Carolina was rocked to life Sunday evening when the sounds of Panic! At The Disco and Weezer came streaming from the rows of hanging speakers at the Volvo Car Stadium.

In unison, the crowd jumped to their feet with excitement as “Miserlou,” more notably known as the theme song from Pulp Fiction, suddenly started pumping through the speakers as the outline of a red car appeared, racing across the stage screen. Next entered 29 year old, Vegas grown Brendon Urie, and so it began.

I remember Panic! At The Disco when they first emerged onto the music scene. They showed promise, but then they seemed to fade only to return with what I though was a more mainstream sound, so honestly I lost interest. I am here to 20160619_203226-01 (2)tell you, Mr. Urie proved me completely wrong in every sense of the word this past Sunday night!

Between the bold sounds of the band, Brendon’s unbelievable vocal range -the kind of range that could only come from a deal with the Devil himself- and the energy coming from both the stage and the crowd, feeding off of one another, you had what made for a perfect opening set. I have never seen SO much pure, raw energy on stage, and Brendon even did a couple of -rather impressive- backflips!

The highlights of their set were definitely when Brendon took to his drum set, side of drummer Dan Pawlovich, for a dual drum solo/dueling drums/kick-ass this-is-what-we-do moment, and equally as kick-ass, their tribute to Queen with a crowd pleasing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Among the playlist was “Death of A Bachelor,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Hallelujah,” “Girls/Girls/Boys,” “Miss Jackson,” “Crazy = Genius” and “Nine In The Afternoon.”

Thank you Panic! At The Disco for a fantastic performance!

The set change was a bit on the long side. However, it was well worth the wait, and sitting under an almost full moon on the eve of the first day of summer with a cool breeze, enjoying a tasty beverage, how could one complain?! Finally it happened –what we had all came there for– the lights went out and that was our cue to once again jump to our feet, scream as loudly as we could, and welcome to the stage the one, and only Weezer.

I feel that it is important to mention?20160619_222505here that Weezer is what we would refer to as an “old school”
band. That’s not a bad thing by any means! In a lot of ways, it is has its advantages, bonuses even. Their debut album, The Blue Album was released in May of 1994. I was in 5th grade at the time, and have been a fan ever since. {Thank you to my awesomely cool parents who never attempted to censor my musical choices!} I have been to many concerts of artists who fall under this same category – The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Green Day, just to name a few. When going to these shows, you are excited for whatever they give you, but you always hope to hear your favorite classics, the ones that made you fall in love with the band in the first pla20160619_213749ce. Weezer did not disappoint! They got straight to the point, opening with “Hash Pipe” then tossing out giant beach balls to the crowd with “My Name Is Jonas.”

It only got better from there!

Of course they played some of their new stuff which, holding true to Weezer form, was awesome, but it was peppered with their classics as well. A few we were graced with were “Beverly Hills,” “Pork and Beans,” “Everybody Get Dangerous,” “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “Buddy Holly,” and “Undone – The Sweater Song.” Weezer wasted no time with a bunch of talking, only doing what they do best, rocking out.

As they said goodnight and walked off stage, the entire stadium chanted their name “WEEZER, WEEZER, WEEZER,” begging for their return. Showing sincere appreciation for their fans, they complied and returned for a couple more jams. My longtime dream had come true. Truly a magical night of musical greatness.

Weezer, you rock.


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Charleston Nightlife Story: Being the Only Male at a Bachelorette Party – Lessons Learned

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

One of the top trending items on Twitter at this moment is #thingsthatdontmakesense, and in many circles of social party arrangements, this one does not either. I was the solo male at a downtown Saturday night bachelorette party of thirteen. Did the intent of my night start out that way? Absolutely not. I lived downtown and the organizer who resided in North Charleston has no idea about the ins and outs of downtown Charleston.? I stepped in to get things off the ground and then graciously bow out.

My few minutes early in the evening to ensure they all arrived in one piece turned into an all-night affair.

First, I can handle a joke and believe in the authenticity of the event so I wore the penis name tag and pink hair thingy for a while. I would tell you what specifically it was, but “I just don’t know”. This comment may come out a few more times before this story ends. The server was not particularly amazing on this evening, but on a Saturday night with thirteen people and some arriving late, I think he did rather well. Yet in the eyes of thirteen very anxious women on the verge of a drunken night of mayhem, he was the worst server ever to step foot on this earth.

After a mediocre meal, a few complaints to management and shots for the ladies, we moved on. The next bar was on my way home so, why not. So was the third. After that, trouble began to brew. The groups began to form unions and separation would ensue. In any major city, different people with have their own favorite places so naturally, that was a challenge. Without a limo, wandering feet will cause some potential issues. Thirteen people and four different venues later smart phones became everyone’s friend.

Now I had an obligation to stay. I was sober, I lived downtown and I may be one of the only chances to get everyone home safe. Between shots and texts, the next few hours were very convoluted. One girl got left behind alone. Another had items stolen from her wallet by another girl. Of course there were a few confessions and a few sick victims from the night.

During the course of those eight hours, I observed some very eye-opening events/behaviors:

  1. If you ever have doubts about getting married, bachelorette parties could very well convince you against going through with that life time commitment. Three of four women at the table had some seriously negative things to say about their significant other and one even pondered an affair that night. In the street, I saw five bachelorettes all dressed up and not one smile among them. There could be other factors for those frowns, but I wasn’t ready to get in their path and ask.
  2. Even in a group of girls, they still go to the restroom in pairs or groups. Whether they were talking about others in their party or just needed the company, I will never know. Yes, I did ask and no they wouldn’t tell me.
  3. Women in groups do not like competition. If there are more attractive girls in the group, they will do everything they can to minimize their visibility.
  4. Bachelorette parties mean “tramp it out”. Wear your most obnoxious high heels, find that evening dress or short skirt you haven’t worn in years and shout “This is my night”. It turns out the party is not just for the bride-to-be, but for all the girls single or married. For the married ones, it is an excuse to go out and find your sense of value and attractiveness again from strange men and for the single girls, the belief that “now it is my turn to score a man”. For even a few in the group, it is a chance at a one-night stand. Even girls want a little meaningless intimacy from a hot stranger.
  5. A strip club is not always a requirement, but sex toys and props are. That is an official rule. There must be many and very over the top. I cannot be certain, but the penis straw is quite a popular one.
  6. I cannot say this for certain but in the male code of “what happens here, stays here” doesn’t seem the case with woman. I got the feeling that night and even a few days later that stories were shared and shared often.
  7. Screaming is an absolute requirement. It must be done every time a person passes, at every bar entrance, when any shot is done, when someone falls, pukes, hiccups or in a nutshell…All Night Long.
  8. Group safety is not a big concern by the end of the night. Though we started with a large group, only a few remained intact and the feeling from those remaining was “oh well”. There was a general feeling that since they went their own way, they can find their own way home. Not what I would have expected.

By the end of the evening, I felt that I played a critical role in ensuring the safety of the core group, including the bride-to-be. One of the surprising elements was that I did not become a punching bag or pun of jokes during the night. I was a welcome addition. There were a few thoughts that I may have been gay because I was there, but I feel that if a guy wants to jump in and help celebrate the release of another single girl, most girls would be open to that.

This was an experience I was for the most part glad to be a part of. If asked whether I would participate again, my answer would be simple…No.

There are some very distinct reasons why men and women are different and when those differences grow in numbers, it is best to distance yourself from the opposite gender.

To the Bride-to-be, Cheers and good luck. To the bachelorette’s personal assistant, thank you for the invite into my own Cosmo article.