Charleston Cars & Coffee (Every Saturday, 8 AM) – Mount Pleasant Towne Center (In Front of Atlanta Bread)

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A bunch of car and motorcycle enthusiasts that meet up every Saturday around 8AM at the Mount Pleasant Towne Centre in front of Atlanta Bread Company.


Establishing a weekly meeting place for car enthusiasts in the Charleston, SC area.

Currently meeting every Saturday at 0800 at the Mount Pleasant Towne Centre (in front of Atlanta Bread Company).


A place for car enthusiasts of any marque to share information and plan events in the Charleston, SC area.

Want the Best Burger in the Lowcountry? – You need to go to Hollywood, SC to the Fillin’ Station Diner

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On March 20, 2013 at the wish of his wife, the owner of the Fillin’ Station Diner opened this ode to the automotive industry and kick back to traditional diners in the small town of Hollywood, South Carolina.? We mean small.? In fact, if you blink and miss the one traffic light, you are out of the town limits.? For many, Hollywood is the town you pass through from Charleston to Edisto Beach.? Even its famed antique warehouse has shut down, but five years later, the Fillin’ Station Diner is thriving as well as the recipient of two Best Burger Awards in the Lowcountry.

  • The Challenger – 2016 1st Place & Peoples Choice? Bands, Burgers & Brews
    – Angus beef burger served over crispy onion straws, pepper jack cheese and bbq sauce.? Topped with smoked tomoto pimento cheese, bacon and green onion mayo
  • The Stingray 2015 1st Place Bands Burgers & Brews
    – Angus beef burger served with red onion, bacon jam, pimento cheese, pickled fried green tomato and mayo

The model is simple, husband and team do the grilling and the wife makes some of the best homemade cakes and pies this side of the Mississippi.? No disrespect to the good folks in Key West, but the Key lime pie here opened up taste buds and tickled them like no other dessert has in a long time.? This is a true family built restaurant.

This diner, filled with old automotive decor, a bathroom sink designed like an tool box, murals all around the building, old signs and license plates, kid meals served in car plates and burgers and fries and pie to die for, is a worth the 30 minute drive outside of Charleston.

Here are a few reasons why you need to dine here:

  • Homemade pies, cakes and brownies made from scratch daily and only 3.75 for a slice of pie. (You may need to come often as the selections change daily)
  • Burgers that are exceptional and award winning
  • Prices are memorably low (6.95 for a Rachel / 7.95 for a Reuban / 9.95 – 11.95 for a Burger)
  • Lots of photo opportunities
  • Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie, Hummingbird Cake (All Homemade)
  • Side dishes made with traditional Southern love
  • Service with a BIG smile
  • Sweet tea made the true Southern way
  • A true family feel
  • Every visit, you are almost assured a great car show outside
  • Great stop before or after Edisto Beach
  • Just off of Savannah Highway (2 miles)

During our first visit, a group of missionaries down from Massachusetts stopped their bus for a bite to eat and we observed some unique behavior.? They looked like a group of 5 year old children on a playground the way they took pictures of everything from the outside to the inside.? It was a precious moment.

Fillin’ Station Diner has earned the respect of the Lowcountry with their exceptional comfort food, true family environment and classic feel.? If you have not made the journey, pack up the family and experience the Fillin’ Station Diner.

P.S. – They are closed Sunday and Monday and opened 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Tuesday – Saturday)

Photo Credit:? Fillin’ Station Diner and Charleston Daily


Dear Charleston Area Drivers: A Few Lessons in Courtesy and Safety

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By Mark A. Leon

Driving and traffic have become a hot bed of water cooler conversation in the last several years in the Charleston area due to the unorthodox population growth we have been experiencing.? Depending on whom you ask, we are going between 40 and 100 new residents a day into Charleston County and beyond.? Needless to say, with any growth, there are “growing pains” and one of them is increased traffic and a challenging infrastructure that needs to find solutions to our our road layout and the increasing number of vehicles.

There are ways, as drivers we can help provide a safer, environmentally sound and more courteous experience on the roadways.

We would like to provide a few reminders of some of the proper and improper behaviors.

Charleston area driver lessons and recommendations:

  • Don’t throw cigarette butts out your window – Please do not discard your cigarette butts out of your window.? This is our home.? You may think one or two or three a day does not make a difference, especially when they are tossed from different parts of town or on the highways, but let us put that in perspective for a moment.? What if 10,000 people threw out two a day.? That is 20,000 cigarettes littering our roads, sideways, marshland, rivers and the list goes on.? Even one is bad for the environment.


  • Stop signs are not optional – Often times, we see stop signs that seem inappropriate or there is rarely a need to stop because there isn’t traffic coming from the other direction or often at all.? That does not give a driver the option to roll through.? You may miss a pedestrian or unexpected vehicle and cause more harm than good.? Please respect the law of the stop sign and come to a complete stop.


  • Blinkers helps other drivers understand your actions on the roadway – Unfortunately, our population does not use blinkers often enough.? On the Crosstown or the Cooper River Bridge, where cars are moving quickly from lane to lane as the road curves, there are many hazards that can potentially be avoided if blinkers are used.? Blinkers provide drivers behind you an expectation of your next move and allow them to plan ahead to avoid any likely accidents.


  • Yield to pedestrians signs are law, not optional – If you are in a high pedestrian area and you see a yield to pedestrian sign, it is required law that you stop as a driver.? Most wait to see if a pedestrian makes a first move, then they slow down.? They should not have to take the risk and hope you stop.? If you see a pedestrian crossing sign and people at the corner, slow down and let them know you will stop for them so they are comfortable to cross the road.


  • The speed limit is in fact a limit – Often times I will find myself on the James Island Connector or the Cooper River Bridge being doing 5 miles an hour over the speed limit on cruise control and having every single car pass me with some exceeding the speed limit by 15 – 20 miles an hour.? Unfortunately, we do not have the law enforcement capacity to stop everyone that puts other drivers in harms way with their excessive speeding and drivers know that.? Use a little common road courtesy and not drive others off the road.


  • Texting at stop lights is bad – We all know it is against the law to text and drive.? We are reminded constantly on the radio and billboards.? For some, their lives are so important they have to text at every stop sign.? Here is the issue.? With increased traffic, every second counts at a stop light or turn signal light.? When you are at the head of the line and the light turns green to turn and you are finishing a text, 4 – 5 seconds go by before you react and that causes two cars to miss the turn and cause a further back up.? Wait until you reach your destination please.


There you have it.? Six little reminders to promote a safe, courteous and environmentally sound driving experience here in the Charleston area.