MagnifyMoney’s Top 35 Cities in the US for Influx of people, work opportunities and business growth is out – #4 Charleston, S.C.

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The 35 cities in the US with the biggest influx of people, the most work opportunities, and the hottest business growth has been announced.? MagnifyMoney looked at the 100 largest US metros to determine the “biggest boomtowns” in America.

Our hometown of Charleston, South Carolina has come in within the Top 5 at #4.

Here is how the results were compiled:

  • People and housing: How many people are flocking to the area and is the metro keeping up, considering total population and housing units.
  • Workforce and employment opportunities: Unemployment rates, civilian labor force, and median earnings.
  • Growing industry: Rate of business and industry growth, including number of establishments and paid employees per paid period.

Top 15 Results

  • #15 – Des Moines, Iowa
  • #14 – Orlando, Florida
  • #13 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • #12 – Ogden, Utah
  • #11 – Houston, Texas
  • #10 – McAllen, Texas
  • #9 – San Antonio, Texas
  • #8 – Boise, Idaho
  • #7 – Dallas, Texas
  • #6 – Denver, Colorado
  • #5 – Nashville, Tennessee (Population and housing score – 54.5 / Workforce and earning score – 54.6 / Business growth score – 72.9)
  • #4 – Charleston, South Carolina (Population and housing score – 66.9 / Workforce and earning score – 60.6 / Business growth score – 71.7)
  • #3 – Raleigh, North Carolina (Population and housing score – 84.1 / Workforce and earning score – 48.3 / Business growth score – 70,8)
  • #2 – Provo, Utah (Population and housing score – 79.9 / Workforce and earning score – 52.2 / Business growth score – 95.1)
  • #1 – Austin, Texas (Population and housing score – 100 / Workforce and earning score – 70.3 / Business growth score – 93)

Complete study results



Here is the Top 10


3 ways recruiters and organizations are missing out in the recruitment game

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By Mikkie Stump, Digital Recruitment Specialist/Manager and Mark A. Leon, Sourcing Executive, IBM

The talk of the town in Talent Acquisition is technology, AI, innovation, chat bots and any way to create a marketable edge in the war on talent.?While companies are sucking budgetary funds into all these new systems and technology, they seem to have forgotten the fundamental principal of talent acquisition and that is the relationship piece.

In recent years, we have witnessed corruption in politics, global trade wars, fake news, spammers and social media content overload??One common thread:?Lack of trust.?That lack of trust is creating a new level of complexity in the ability to engage talent.

  • We try calling, they don’t recognize our number and ignore
  • We try high volume email campaigns, but our content is coming across as spam-themed and generic
  • We stalk them online and perhaps scare them away

What happens once we connect??We jump right into the fire with the “Let me help you, help me” pitch.?There isn’t even a grace period to set the seeds of a relationship.

Has human capital become the new assembly line of the talent industrial revolution?

Now for the focus of the article.?There are 3 critical and cost effective avenues, that are falling by the waste side, yet have so much potential to enhance your ability to hire the best talent available in the marketplace.

All three follow a set of core principles, we will call the 3 “R’s”:?Respect, relevancy and relationship

  • Press Releases:?How many out there have used Newswire or PRweb to send a press release celebrating the openings you have in a specific location or facility??Not many I presume.?For under $400, you can publish a press release that can be picked up by over 4500 media outlets including an option customize the media outlets by region, specific publication or industry.?On top of that, they offer state of the art analytics to assist in drawing ROI conclusions.?Let us theorize that 5% of the media outlets pick up on your press release of 200 job openings in your new manufacturing facility in Durham, North Carolina (Fictional example).?That means your press release will appear on 225 digital or print publications and all for $400.?Let’s get bold and say 10%.?That gives you 450 media outlets cheering on your big news.

Picture that headline: “Company A to grow 200 jobs in Region B in 2018” You can’t buy better press – Pun intended.

  • Building an organic network on LinkedIn and cherishing the relationship – I know what you are saying to yourself, “self, I already do that”, but you don’t.?At least you don’t do it well.?I recently sent out an email to approximately 200 people (those in the industry know that mass email campaigns have an average open rate of 15% – 25% with 34% and above considered industry strong).?This email was opened by 87% of the audience I reached out to.?How did I do that?

As a recruiter, you have a responsibility for job promotion and social employment brand awareness.?That bridges a connection between yourself and the roles/company you support.?That isn’t a hidden fact.?As a result, people reach out and try to network with you.?Sometimes you offer a few minutes on the phone or urge them to apply or even ask for their resume, but that approach isn’t consistent and will not build a long term affective network.

This is my approach:?Every time a potential lead reaches out to me because of a connection, I urge them to apply if they feel they are a strong potential fit.?Simultaneously, I ask for their resume and offer to put in a good word (No one ever says no to offering their resume to get further exposure).?I then put in a positive word and add them to my personal networking folder.?Each week, I send a personal thank you for the connection.?No forced action.?Nothing needed in return.?Nothing more than a genuine reminder of the importance of networking.?That simple act of kindness will build something much stronger than any forced referral or blind outreach.

  • Advertising on targeted successful blogs – Advertising is everywhere (newspapers, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, magazines, newspapers, television, radio).?The pitfall so many of us run into is feeling we need to advertise with the media outlets with the highest traffic ranking.?Wrong!!!

Example:?Major media newspaper (San Francisco Gate, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune).?They put out 60 – 100 articles a day, along with commentary, editorials, sports stats and more.?They also have hundreds of advertisers. ?Even if they put out a tweet or Facebook post every hour, the exposure you get is so limited, the value added is almost pointless in many cases.?With that high volume of content, the traffic ranking is naturally high.

Take a targeted blog that has a strong established audience, reaches the right population and has more limited content.?That will be less expensive, hit the right audience and have a higher potential ROI to convert potential talent.

There we are, three often overlooked means of identifying, reaching and engaging your passive candidate pool that is cost effective and has a high potential ROI.?Happy Hunting.

Princeton Mortgage Launches National Call Center in Charleston, SC

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CHARLESTON, S.C., July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —?35-year-old New Jersey based residential mortgage banker, Princeton Mortgage, has launched a national call center in Charleston, SC.

This latest development comes only months after Princeton Mortgage launched their wholesale division in Pittsburgh, PA in October 2017. With the wholesale division already ahead of projected volume, cornering the consumer direct market was the next logical step.

CEO, Rich Weidel, appointed Mark Gordon to lead the new consumer direct division, in addition to retail sales, as Director of Sales. Gordon has been in the mortgage industry since 2005 and has built several call centers in the consumer direct space. His passion for the job comes from his desire to hire the absolute best people and coach them to their full potential. He believes that hiring exceptional people, fostering an environment where people can thrive, and investing in employee growth results in each client receiving the best possible customer experience.

Princeton Mortgage’s Consumer Direct Division was licensed in June 2018 and has already begun originating loans in a handful of states. Additionally, the company has immediate and aggressive growth plans to obtain national licensing over the next few years.

With cutting-edge technology and a progressive approach to office culture, Princeton’s recruiting team has already hit the ground running. Princeton Mortgage has a training class of Mortgage Loan Originators starting July 9th, 2018 with plans to employ more than 100 people within the next 36 months. Princeton Mortgage hopes to positively contribute to the growing Charleston economy.

Charleston is known for its coastline of marsh and barrier islands, incredible culinary perfection, electrifying social atmosphere, and the charming, historic downtown. South Carolina, overall, is gaining residents quicker than most states. According to the census estimates, the influx peaked in 2014-2015, when the state gained nearly 68,000 people.

“As a destination city with an educated workforce and affordable housing.? Charleston represented a unique opportunity for us,” says Gordon of the division’s new location. “There is a workforce and talent pool here that allows companies to succeed. The population has increased year over year for the past 10 years. More than 34 people per day are still moving into the Charleston area,” says Gordon.

“Our recent strategic partnerships with a leading consumer facing technology platform and a proprietary CRM and marketing platform, are an important step in the technology growth we need to be a big player in the consumer direct space. I’m thrilled to help launch this Consumer Direct Division and I’m so fortunate to work with a motivated and thriving team!” says Sales Enablement Manager, Nicole Gordon, of the recent Charleston, SC office.

Princeton Mortgage was founded in 1983 as a licensed mortgage banker and is backed by a 100+ year old multi-faceted real estate brokerage, investment, and insurance company. They are positioned as a well-capitalized banker that is debt free and is creating dynamic new opportunities within our industry. They are stewards of a legacy that took over 100 years to build and they are excited to expand into the Charleston, SC market.


Nicole M Gordon

Sales Enablement Manager

1240 Winnowing Way, Suite 100

Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

M- 973-975-2182

SOURCE Princeton Mortgage

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The Trident Workforce Development Board Announces Launch of Additional Career Readiness Assessment

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (JULY 2, 2018) — The Trident Workforce Development Board of SC Works Trident launches an additional career readiness assessment offered through SC Works and its affiliate partner agencies.

The Trident workforce development area will offer WIN Learning’s Ready to Work Assessments as the new, state-sponsored career readiness assessment. The Ready to Work assessment is a workforce education and development tool, comprised of three proctored assessments: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information.

These assessments, which offer a work-ready credential, are available at no-cost to job seekers. For more information on WIN’s Learning Assessments, please call 1-888-717-9461.

The Trident Workforce Development Board and its affiliate partner agencies offer a menu of career readiness assessments within the SC Works Centers to provide our job seeker and employer customers with assessment options aligning with their individual employment needs.

WorkKeys Assessments will continue to be offered at all three SC Works Centers within the region, for a fee. Please contact the phone numbers below for fee information.

The Trident Workforce Development Board values and supports employer partners who use WorkKeys assessments as a screening tool. Employers are encouraged to contact ACT at 1-800-967-5539 for questions on ACT Profiles and WorkKeys Assessments.

To schedule your WIN or WorkKeys Career Readiness Assessment please call:

  • Charleston Adult Education: (843) 574-1882

  • Dorchester Adult Education: (843) 873-7372

  • Berkeley County Adult Education: (843) 899-8690

Test takers should confirm with the employer or training provider on the required assessment.

SC Works helps individuals find their dream career at any age and any stage of their lives, and is comprised of one-stop centers in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. SC Works Trident offers a variety of services to help employers and job seekers meet their workforce development needs.? For the latest on SC Works, visit and like us on Facebook.


Daniel Brock / Michael Stettner

Rawle Murdy /

(919) 820-2612 / (214) 718-8027

Charleston, SC Ranks #4 for Best Mid-Sized Cities for Jobs Growth in 2018 According to New Study

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New Geography ranks Charleston, South Carolina #4 among mid-sized cities for Best Cities for Jobs Growth in 2018 moving up 3 ranking points from last years study


The methodology for our 2017 ranking,?which seeks to measure the robustness of metro areas’ growth both recently and over time, largely corresponds to that used in previous years. The ranking is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “state and area” unadjusted employment data reported from November 2005 to January 2017.

The data reflect the North American Industry Classification System categories, including total non-farm employment, manufacturing, financial services, business and professional services, educational and health services, information, retail and wholesale trade, transportation and utilities, leisure and hospitality, and government.

We used five measures of growth to rank MSAs over the past 10 years. “Large” areas include those with a current non-farm employment base of at least 450,000 jobs. “Midsize” areas range from 150,000 to 450,000 jobs. “Small” areas have as many as 150,000 jobs. The total number of MSAs included in this year’s rankings is 421.

The index is calculated from a normalized, weighted summary of: 1) recent growth trend: the current and prior year’s employment growth rates, with the current year emphasized (two points); 2) mid-term growth: the average annual 2011-2016 growth rate (two points); 3) long-term momentum: the sum of the 2011-2016 and 2005-2010 employment growth rates multiplied by the ratio of the 2005-2010 growth rate over the 2011-2016 growth rate (one point); 4) current year growth (one point); and 5) the average of each year’s growth rate, normalized annually, for the last 10 years (two points).? The goal of our methodology is to capture a snapshot of the present and prospective employment outlook in each MSA, and these revisions allow the reader to have a better sense of the employment climate in each.

Complete list of Top 98 cities

The Marcus Effect: Finding Satisfaction and Value in any Job

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By Mark A. Leon

How does one find value in their job? That is a question that has been studied, analyzed and reported on for hundreds of years. As the scope and look of jobs change, the variables of work change, but the one common denominator will always be the same: You/Employee/Associate/Team Member!

Is value measured by ROI? Is it measured by your salary? Perhaps by the performance results in your assessment? For some it is a commission check while others find value in their benefits and/or vacation time. Some feel the number of hours worked in a week will translate to value while job security is critical to others. We can continue listing personal value choices until we run out of data storage space for this piece but value can be simplified to several key elements.

  • Value and personal work satisfaction does not translate directly to the level of seniority or responsibility in the organization
  • Personal satisfaction is as important if not more important than performance assessments, wage, and rewards/recognition
  • The level of commitment one puts into their role has positive correlation to job satisfaction levels
  • If an employee is happy with what they are doing, he/she will give more effort and feel more dedicated to the job and the company
  • “Giving 100%” is not a cliché but a way of life

At this moment, many of you are wondering why I have titled this installment, The Marcus Effect?
Marcus is a hospitality maintenance technician whom I met in Myrtle Beach and now resides in the Charlotte area. Marcus is a very talented and versatile professional with exceptional knowledge of home repair, plumbing, cleaning and general maintenance. That alone should provide him job security and value with the hotel and its guests but Marcus goes beyond the traditional elements of a job description and takes a personal interest in his guests. To Marcus, the hotel guests are an extension of his family. Does he invite them home for Thanksgiving if they are alone and away from family? No but he would.

What differentiates Marcus from the rest of his staff is the incidentals he performs beyond the scope of his role.

1.) If a co-worker had an emergency he would work a double to cover or even an overnight shift
2.) If a guest needed a ride to a restaurant or the airport, he would take them
3.) If a guest appeared sad in the lobby, he would tell a joke or provide comfort and company
4.) If a cup of coffee was near empty, he would offer to refill it. Of course coffee is free in the lobby.
5.) He always puts guests needs ahead of his own. If he is on a break and an emergency arises, he will suspend his own free time.
6.) He shows genuine interest in his co-worker’s families and their well-being

What would spur on this type of extraordinary behavior from a maintenance technician.

Does he believe in the mission of the company?
Does he believe in the value he provides to the customers/guests?
Does he believe his behavior will lead to a promotion?
Does he believe in karma and is hoping all this will lead to better things for him and his family?
Is he just happy?
Does he love the pay and benefits?
Is he the type that is good-natured?
Does he want to be challenged and diversified in his work activities?

All of the above, but so much more.

I heard a comment once “There are no bad jobs, just bad workers”

If you owned your own company would you want one administrative assistant that worked 150% of the time and loved his/her job as that attitude extended to customers, colleagues and suppliers or ten CEO’s that worked at 50% capacity and had a negative persona extending out to its customers and shareholders? That is a very interesting question. Rather unrealistic but it poses room for thought.

What has made my friendship with Marcus flourish is that I was around for the birth of his daughter, I have been invited to stay with his family when I have been in town and I have even stored my car there while on business travel. Couple that will a joke when I need one and a level of dedication that you traditionally do not see in most friendships or business relationships and you have a gift. He possesses warmth that has no separation between work, family and life. He is who he is: A truly dedicated human being who believes in the good of others and the desire to help others.

In the workforce, there have been studies on what motivates employees. Is it money, benefits, value added, level of responsibility or opportunity for career growth. All elements play into one’s decision to join a firm and to stay. What drives Marcus is the knowledge each day he is positively affecting the lives of others. What he loves a great deal is that each day, he meets new people from various places bringing with them cultural elements and lifestyle differences. No matter what they social status or way of life, he adapts and greets with a smile.

To me, Marcus encompasses all the soft elements of what I look for in an employee. If I could hire ten of him or even just one, it would make my company a better place to work.

When you look at your own job, regardless of how others view it, if you are satisfied and adding value, you can’t ask for more than that.

To Marcus and the Marcus Effect. I hope we all feel it now or someday.

Who is Hiring in Charleston, South Carolina – Career Pages

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Here is a one stop shop to all the major companies hiring in the Lowcountry

Top Employers in Charleston, SC

Charleston based E. Boineau & Company names College of Charleston Graduate Nancy Lucas Digital Media Manager

E. Boineau & Company names Nancy Lucas digital media manager

Media Release:? CHARLESTON, S.C. – E. Boineau & Company, a public relations, strategic marketing and crisis communications firm, based in Charleston, S.C., has promoted Nancy Lucas to digital media manager. Nancy joined the firm in early 2016 as webmaster.

Lucas has been developing and managing websites since 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the College of Charleston (1991) and a Web Design Diploma (2007) from the Art Institute. She manages a variety of websites in WordPress and Joomla content management system formats, and works in Adobe PhotoShop, Dreamweaver (responsive and mobile design) and InDesign; social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+); in addition to handling Email newsletter design and setup.

Lucas has served as the monthly cartoonist for the Charleston Mercury since 2006, and as an author-illustrator for her self-published book series, The Springer Spaniel Mysteries, illustrated chapter books for ages eight and up. She received recognition in 2014 for the stories: The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards’ Red Ribbon, and indieBrag’s Medallion Honoree, as well as other readers’ five-star reviews.

E. Boineau & Company offers strategic marketing communications and public relations to corporate, governmental and non-profit entities throughout the Southeast with extensive experience in health care, legal, financial, education, energy, environmental, real estate and related development, architectural, engineering and design firms and upscale hospitality. The firm currently serves as agency of record for Bessinger’s Barbeque; Frampton Construction; Edisto Chamber of Commerce; and Jarrard, Nowell & Russell, LLC; among others. For more information, visit

Clinical research firm creating 80 jobs and adding $10 Million in new capital investment into Charleston

COLUMBIA, S.C. NCGS, Inc. (link is external), a clinical research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical industry, is expanding its Charleston County operations. The company is constructing a new corporate headquarters, which will bring $10 million of new capital investment and create 80 new jobs.

Founded in 1984, NCGS is a privately-held, international, full-service CRO which specializes in conducting and managing clinical trials. Focusing on complex areas of clinical development, such as oncology, infectious diseases and critical care, NCGS has worked on the approval or expanded approval of 34 drug, biologic and diagnostic products.

Currently located at 288 Meeting Street in Charleston, S.C., the company will be moving into a new corporate headquarters after completing renovations in the spring of 2017. The new headquarters will be located at 16 Charlotte Street in Charleston, S.C. Hiring for the new positions will begin immediately, and interested applicants should visit the company’s careers page online (link is external).

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project.


“NCGS’ core mission is to help develop new drugs that improve our lives. This is an exciting time of unprecedented discovery in our industry, and NCGS is proud that our success will translate into growth for our beloved Lowcountry community. Our continued expansion and success, not only impacts new jobs, but furthers our philanthropic impact on the community.” –NCGS CEO Nancy C.G. Snowden

“The fact that the partnership between NCGS and our great state continues to result in growth and success for both parties is something to be proud of. We have one of the friendliest environments for business in the world, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for NCGS.” –Gov. Henry McMaster

“Today’s announcement reinforces an increasing trend – that South Carolina is ‘Just right’ for corporate headquarters. We’re excited to celebrate, not only this tremendous new investment from NCGS, but also the 80 new jobs to Charleston County.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“NCGS’ expansion is continued proof that Charleston County provides a positive business climate and unparalleled resources to foster growth. The county council thanks NCGS for their endless commitment to our community.” –Charleston County Council Chairman Victor Rawl

“Congratulations to NCGS on the expansion of their downtown operations. Charleston is a great place to live, work and raise a family, and I look forward to welcoming NCGS to their new corporate headquarters this spring.” –Charleston Mayor John J. Tecklenburg

“We were excited to learn of the NCGS expansion, and to have the opportunity to help facilitate the move to their new corporate headquarters. Their growth supports a promising future for Charleston County in the life sciences sector.” –Charleston County Economic Development Director Steve Dykes


  • NCGS, Inc (link is external). is expanding its Charleston County operations.
  • $10 million investment to create 80 new jobs.
  • NCGS is a clinical research organization that specializes in conducting and managing clinical trials.
  • Located at 288 Meeting Street in Charleston, S.C., the company will be moving into its new corporate headquarters in the spring of 2017.
  • Hiring for the new positions will begin immediately, and interested applicants should visit the company’s careers page online (link is external).

Summerville Based Scout Boats plan to add 370 new jobs in South Carolina

Media Release:? Boat Building Company Adding 370 Jobs in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A company that makes fishing boats plans to expand its operations in South Carolina and hire another 370 employees.

The state commerce department said in a news release Thursday that Scout Boats plans to spend nearly $11 million on the expansion of its operations in Summerville.

The company plans to add several new models to its product line.

Scout Boats makes a variety of coastal fishing boats ranging from 17 feet to 53 feet in length.

A new facility is designed to accommodate a new 53-foot luxury yacht model.

About Scout Boats

Scout Boats was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Summerville, South Carolina.