Moneypenny Expands First U.S. Office in Charleston, South Carolina

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MEDIA RELEASE:? Award-winning UK Company Anticipates Significant Growth in Market

CHARLESTON, SC (August 8, 2018) Moneypenny, the world’s lead provider of call answering and customer contact services, has expanded its first US office in Charleston on Faber Place Drive. The award-winning employer will have brought 50 jobs to the area by the end of this year, and anticipates adding another 20 positions in 2019.

“Charleston was a natural fit for our first US office because the city’s unique charm aligns so nicely with our own business philosophy,” said Charlotte Glover, Director of Operations for Moneypenny. “We take a unique approach to call answering by offering dedicated professional receptionists that act as an extension of our clients’ businesses. Where better to find the talent for those positions than the cradle of southern hospitality?”

Moneypenny’s office in North Charleston accommodates up to 150 employees, and the company expects to outgrow the space within the next four years. Started as a family business in 2000, Moneypenny now employs more than 650 employees globally, and has twice been named in the top 5 of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by The Sunday Times in London.

“Today’s ‘always on’ customer has fueled our growth, which we expect to accelerate as more businesses recognize the value in having us cover the phones,” added Glover. “The need

Charlotte Glover

to provide constant customer coverage is taxing small business owners across industries. Nearly every prospective customer hangs up at a voicemail message, but our research shows that a third of businesses still fail to answer their incoming calls.”

Studying the various customer journeys of the 13,000 businesses it works with, Moneypenny has found customers no longer use phones as a research tool. Instead, they now use social media, review sites and media for their initial business inquiries. A phone call today serves as the final reassurance a customer seeks prior to purchase, which means there are fewer calls, but that they are of a higher value.

For further information please contact:

Ariel Herr for Moneypenny

Leila Bibby for Moneypenny

Mary Jane Greenhalgh for Moneypenny

About Moneypenny

Moneypenny helps businesses earn new and retain existing customers?by offering a customized suite of inbound call and customer contact services. From a state-of-the-art facility in Charleston, South Carolina, and the United Kingdom, Moneypenny manages more than 13 million calls, chats, text messages, and emails for more than 13,000 clients annually.

Started as a family business in 2000, Moneypenny has grown to over 600 employees globally. Their industry-leading technology and scalable solutions make Moneypenny the right fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Moneypenny was awarded the prestigious?Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation?in 2008 and was recognized by The Sunday Times as one of the?100 Best Companies to Work For?an astonishing five times including top 5 listings in 2015 and 2017. Moneypenny’s charitable arm helps unemployed and underserved young women in the local community find new opportunities in life and work through its?‘We Mind The Gap’?initiative.

Find more information about how Moneypenny is reshaping the ways businesses interact with their customers at?


Charleston Based Integrated Marketing Firm, Rawle Murdy Wins National ADDY with Innovative 3-D Mailer

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Charleston, S.C. – Rawle Murdy, an integrated marketing firm, has won a National ADDY Award in the Sales & Marketing Direct Mail, 3-D category.

Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the American Advertising Awards, also known as the ADDYs, honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry. It is the largest creative awards competition in the advertising industry, attracting over 40,000 entries each year in local AAF club competitions. As the only three-tiered competition, an ADDY Award is widely considered as the most esteemed advertising award with less than one percent of entries garnering national recognition.

Designed for Balsam Mountain Preserve, an upscale mountain community 40 minutes west of Asheville, the tube-shaped mailer was created from real wood and targeted affluent individuals looking to purchase a mountain home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Inside the tube was an invitation to visit the community, paired with a live Balsam fir tree sapling highlighting the Balsam Mountain Trust, which inspires residents to be responsible stewards to the natural and cultural resources of the land they live on.

“We’re honored to receive national recognition for a campaign that harnessed our ability to think outside-the-box,” said Bruce Murdy, president and CEO of Rawle Murdy. “Balsam Mountain Preserve was an outstanding client partner for this effort, and we’ve been delighted to see a resounding, emotional reaction to the 3-D mailer.”

About Rawle Murdy
Rawle Murdy is a full-service communications firm where strategic thinking, digital branding and social connections converge to help businesses thrive. With more than 40 years of experience the industry, Rawle Murdy consists of 28 professionals and is located in downtown Charleston, S.C. For more information, call 843-577-7327 or visit

Invention, Innovation, Disruption – Where have we gone, where are we going – Business Commentary

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By Mark A. Leon

History has a way of developing trends, fads and generally accepted behavior. It coins terms, inks out phrases and plants ideas that create a world of ants marching to a single tune. Over the last two years, the business industry hot term is “Disruption” or “Disrupt”. Those terms are not revolutionary, but evolutionary in the scheme of business operations.

Over time, we have created, enhanced and repurposed. We have continued to look at ways to stay fresh, make money and make our lives easier with changes and adjustments to simplify existing products and services.

For example, growing up you were taught to never talk to strangers or get in a car with strangers. Now Uber and Lyft have made that an everyday part of our lives around the world.

Before going, on, let us define, the three terms that have evolved business thinking: Invention, Innovation and Disruption

Invention is the creation of something that assists in the completion of a task or action.
Innovation is the evolutionary improvement of an existing product, service or task.
Disruption is a pioneer effort that shakes up the existing principles of behavior in a situation, setting, industry, task, or location.

Yes, this is a simplistic look at the three terms, but, there is a clear understanding outlined.

Is it safe to say everything has been invented and all that is left is innovation or disruption? Perhaps, but we shouldn’t short ourselves of the future. It seems evident, our time on Earth is limited and we must go beyond the boundaries of possibility to continue existence.

Case Studies

We live in a world of disruption now and who is leading this revolution? The media will crown Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, but, they are the financiers and pioneers of change, not the disrupters. The disrupters are the quiet voices of change.

A.A. Milne developed an unlikely relationship with his son, Billy Milne and get swept up into his imaginary world of a bear, donkey, pig, honey and Christopher Robin. That disruption changed the world of childhood literature forever. Most importantly, it gave the world a reason to smile in the shadow of war and death.

In September 2001, the United States and the world changed forever with the 9/11 hijackings and bombings. That event also delayed the premiere of a show that would forever change television and a character that TV Guide deemed the greatest hero in television history, Jack Bauer. “24” introduced us to the realities of international terrorism, gave us the first black president, first female president, drone technology and fore-shadowed the world we live in today. This show disrupted traditional broadcast thinking and showcased a massive disruptor in political drama, action and some argue was the birth of binge watching.
Netflix is a massive disrupter in the media space. As of Friday, Netflix passed Disney as the largest media company surpassing a net valuation of 152.8 billion dollars. It has affected programming, advertising, behaviors in viewing and has brought nostalgia back spurring reboots of “Will and Grace” and “Rosanne” due to the huge success of “Fuller House”

Now What?

Now that we have defined it and introduced case studies, what do we do with it?

Instantaneous media provides a huge advantage and disadvantage in moving forward.

Instant communication and viral capabilities allow information and content to send immediate shivers and drive change faster than the road runner can upset the coyote. It also provides a platform for over-saturation.

Let us take an example: Take 5 million companies (only a fraction of existing companies globally). All have a presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or all of them. Each puts out 3 pieces of content a day (image, article, blog, feature, spotlight).

How does that add up?

  • 15,000,000 pieces of content on social daily
  • 105,000,000 pieces of content weekly on social
  • 5,460,000,000 pieces of content annually

5.5 billion pieces of unique content daily from just about 2 – 4% of the global companies. If each of the 3 was placed on two unique social platforms, that takes us to 10.9 billion pieces annually from this small percentage of organizations.

Now, add in individuals that are creating their own brand. In a way, they are their own corporation. You can see, the number is astronomical. It makes it extremely difficult to make a difference when people need to sift through that much.

So how do you break through the wall of mass communication?

Research, simplify, target and penetrate

Greatness takes time. Even in a world of instant gratification, greatness takes time. I cannot emphasize that enough. Companies cannot live on great products and services alone. They must build relationships, demonstrate success and built on their concepts and ideas. Even then, others are fighting to make their ideas better.

Once you have that great concept, seed money, and great thinkers to surround and compliment, the next step is the hardest.

  • Research – Who is your target and why? It isn’t 6.5 billion people globally. It will be the industry experts, influencers of change, dreamers that think like you and passionate game changers.
  • Simplify – Don’t offer the world, just a piece of it. Make that piece memorable and amazing.
  • Target – Target your marketing and communication approach wisely. It isn’t the amount that will help you succeed, but the quality.
  • Penetrate – Go at that wall with all the force you have and never accept failure.

Now we have it. We live in a world of disruption and here are your keys to succeeding in this new way of thinking.

Are you a great Charleston leader? – Keys to Great Leadership

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By Mark A. Leon

Great leaders are not born, nor invented, but are harnessed through experiences, learning, environmental exposure and ideals of excellence.? These men and women that invoke respect and admiration from their colleagues and peers have earned this through success, respect, loyalty and the ability to inspire.

What sets these individuals apart from the rest?? What truly defines a great leader in an age where ethics and values too often get compromised?

These qualities will paint a very visual picture and as the colors blend together, a creation will form laying the masterpiece of the core values of great leadership.

If you can achieve these five core qualities/traits of a great leader, your future will be paved with achievement.

Great Leadership Traits

Be Yourself: Your True Self – Too often, we feel we need to wear two hats, personal and professional.? The perception that the life outside of work must remain isolated from the life inside the office is one that clouds the ability to create loyalty, partnership and trust in an organization.? A truly inspiring leader is a person that lets his people know all he/she is.? From the great to the bad, transparency builds trust.? It is that ability to open yourself up as a human being with emotion, harnessed and raw, that provides others with the feeling of community.? No team will ever succeed without collaboration, innovation and trust.? Being yourself is the first step to an open environment of sharing and teamwork.

Challenge your people – Human behavior is teased with routine and addiction.? We are surrounded by binge TV, apps, games, addictive behavior and the comfort of doing what we know repeatedly.? It is often our downfall.? When a new processes or technology is introduced, getting the masses to take on a new way of thinking can be the most difficult act of a leader, but a necessary one.? A great leader will continuously challenge and promote change.? Change is constant and necessary.? It is the foundation of growth.? Without it, others take over the reign and you soon become a forgotten commodity.

Be open to failure – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said, “our company is the greatest company in the world at failure”.? A CEO of one of the largest brands on the planet was bragging about failure.? Brilliant leadership.? The ability to fail means you are willing to take risk.? If you focus on the great design and brand heavy companies; Apple, Google, McDonald’s, Samsung, IBM and more, you will see a common trend:? failure.? At Google, they may test 1000 products before hitting a home run and they are okay with that.? The ability to accept and “promote” failure is a sign of great leadership, because you are putting the future in the hands of those you trust and are willing to take accountability for their risks.

Solicit Feedback – in one way or another, we all go through performance assessments.? Some formal, some informal.? Some annual, some quarterly.? They are a necessary evil, but do serve value.? A strong leader takes the next step.? He/she will constantly look to those in the heart of a project and learn from them.? Leaders cannot be in every place at every time, so they must rely on honest evaluation from their teams to help understand what changes and adjustments need to be made.

Trust your team – Trust is earned.? Trust is an element of a much greater good.? The greatest leaders will do the follow:

  • Build a team of diverse thoughts and ideas
  • Welcome open and constant feedback
  • Let teams take risks and be open to failure
  • Trust in their skills and abilities
  • Be there for advice and counsel
  • Take pride in their team’s successes
  • Reward and recognize excellence

All these things build trust.? Trust leads to loyalty.? Loyalty leads to strength of team.? A strong team drives results.

There you have it, the traits of a great leader.? Where do you stand?

The Humanity of Networking

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By Mark A. Leon

A few years ago, I was asked to represent my company as a speaker in San Francisco for Hirepalooza. ?It was an honor to be asked to represent my company’s brand and image, but who would say no to speaking at a conference call Hirepalooza?

The few days I spent there speaking, listening and most importantly engaging, reminded me of the essence of recruitment. ?From the resumes stored in file cabinets to Chrome Extensions allowing you to track down any human being, one element has remained over the years, the human relationship.

I went out there thinking everyone wanted to work for a start-up, work 100 hours a week for three to five years and then drive off into the sunset with their Tesla and big bag of money. ?It turns out my stereotype was shattered. ?What I did find were many intelligent young students and professionals that are struggling with the same concerns we all have about careers and the future.

During the conclusion of day one, I was sitting with two academic students during the post seminar networking event and I asked them both, “What Makes You Great”. ?They both laughed and shrugged their heads. ?Neither had an answer. ?I continued saying that we are all filled with greatness. ?It is a pool of passion, courage, risk and determination. ?It is the combination of those energy sources that takes your from mediocrity to greatness. ?Once you find your own personal inner greatness, you can’t ever not succeed in life.

I continued for several more conversations with these students even after I returned to the East Coast providing some level of counseling and advice.

This past Friday, I spoke with David, a UC Berkeley junior I also engaged with during this event. ??This most recent conversation was a result of an email he sent me earlier expressing how discouraged he was with networking and the lack of connection. ?Before I even said hello, I told David he was far too young to be this cynical and that life will get more and more challenging with the shift toward digital connections and away from human relationships.

This led into an hour and twenty minute candid discussion of which the entire time I was reminded of what an important connection I had made.

David is at least twenty years my junior, but I can learn as much from him about life than anyone else in my inner circle. ?He is wise beyond his years and sees the world from a new digital perspective. ?He was raised on the mobile phone, apps, computers and gaming. ?I think Wiffle Ball, tag and running bases are foreign terms to him.


He sees the present from an immediacy perspective. ?I see it from a watch the sunset and lay under the stars ideology. ?He sees responsiveness as immediate based on sound bite approaches. ?I see calculated responses based on research and understanding.

Still, we talked and talked and talked. ?At the end of the conversation, he had to go pack for a trip to Oregon where he and some friends were going to be in the great outdoors without wifi for a few days. ?It was a fitting reminder of what a life can be when you connect to all the elements and turn off the technology mechanism.

I live in a world with 9500 LinkedIn connections, 2800 Facebook Friends, 12,000 Twitter Followers, 24,000 Instagram Followers, 2900 Pinterest Followers and 5 close friends.? We are more focused on our personal brand, than who we are as a person.? I’m sure that sounds familiar to many.

I still believe in a common truth that human connection will always be the key to personal happiness. ?I believed that when I chased my brother around the block on my bike when I was 10 years old and I believe that today.

David is that living breathing evidence of a connection I made in 2015 that remains strong today. ??He sought me out for advice on careers and I learned a little about life.

At the end of the day, a tiny piece of electronics will make our lives easier, but human emotion will make it fulfilled.

Charleston, S.C. Ranked #13 for Most Inc. 5000 High Growth Companies In Latest Study

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Each year, Inc. Magazine publishes its list of the fastest-growing businesses in America — the Inc. 5000. To qualify, companies must be independent, privately-owned, domiciled in the United States, and meet certain revenue thresholds. Of qualifying companies, those with the fastest three-year revenue growth rates are selected.

An analysis was led by Brookings analysis of Inc. Magazine and Center for American Entrepreneurship data looking at what metropolitan area have the largest saturation of these companies.

Based on data compiled from 2011 to 2017, Charleston, South Carolina was ranked 13th for Inc. 5000 companies per 1 Million residents.

Eight medium-sized metros made the list (Boulder, Provo, Huntsville, Charleston, Trenton, Cedar Rapids, Durham, and San Luis Obispo), as did three small metros (Columbia, Charlottesville, and Fargo).

The Top 25 Cities based on Inc. 5000 High Growth Companies Per 1 Million Residents:

  1. Boulder, Colorado – 367
  2. Provo, Utah – 341
  3. Washington, D.C. – 329
  4. Huntsville, Alabama – 297
  5. Austin, Texas – 289
  6. Salt Lake City, Utah – 232
  7. San Francisco, California – 199
  8. Atlanta, Georgia – 194
  9. Boston, Massachusetts – 184
  10. Denver, Colorado – 181
  11. San Diego, California – 178
  12. Raleigh, North Carolina – 171
  13. Charleston, South Carolina – 165
  14. Columbia, South Carolina – 164
  15. Trenton, New Jersey – 158
  16. Seattle, Washington – 155
  17. Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 155
  18. Nashville, Tennessee – 153
  19. San Jose, California – 152
  20. Charlottesville, Virginia – 150
  21. Durham, North Carolina – 137
  22. Tampa, Florida – 137
  23. Fargo, North Dakota – 136
  24. San Luis Obispo, California – 133
  25. Dallas, Texas – 130


Detailed Analysis of findings

Alternative Asset Manager Drift Capital Changes Name to Charleston Capital

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CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —?Alternative Asset Manager Drift Capital Partners changed its name to Charleston Capital Management in an effort to pay homage to the firm’s headquarters, the fund manager told investors this week.

The firm provides structured credit solutions to FinTech enabled Non-Bank Financial Services companies through its privately managed funds. These solutions enable underwriters to enhance their loan programs for small & medium sized businesses, promoting both expansion and job creation at the “main street” level. The asset class has been long overlooked by the capital markets as issues of data reporting and a lack of standardization have previously made structured investments unpalatable.

“We are a Charleston based asset manager. We believe in a strong commitment to our community and are proud to be a part of a thriving neighborhood of companies which have recognized that the Lowcountry is the greatest place in the nation to work.” Said Caleb Goding, Co-Founder of Charleston Capital.? “Adopting the Charleston name allows us to contextualize our firm and its home.”

The firm had recently been in the news after announcing that the Drift Credit Opportunities Fund, its private credit strategies fund, had secured a $50 million line of credit from an institutional investment management firm as well as announcing that it has hired Edward Hamilton as Head of Capital Markets. Mr. Hamilton brings a diverse skill set having served as a Managing Director at Kidder Peabody and Paine Webber and more recently as a Senior Managing Director of BroadStreet Group, a New York City based merchant bank. Mr. Hamilton will be responsible for leading the firm’s capital markets strategy and overseeing financing transactions.

“This is an exciting time for Charleston Capital and the greater structured credit markets.” Said Ed Hamilton about the firm. “After a decade of low interest rates, institutional investors have become reliant upon alternative investment managers to uncover hidden opportunities to generate risk adjusted yield and we believe the small & medium sized business loan market offers one of those opportunities.”

About Charleston Capital Management:

Charleston Capital Management f/k/a Drift Capital Partners is an alternative asset manager that seeks to generate attractive, absolute returns by opportunistically and tactically investing in areas where conventional sources of capital are disproportionately unavailable. Charleston Capital was formed to expand the spectrum of opportunities for investors seeking risk adjusted returns that are less correlated to other markets. Specifically, the firm seeks to exploit inefficiencies that are borne from transactions requiring significant amounts of intellectual as well as financial capital. The firm is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and is part of inFactor, a FinTech firm focused on liquidity solutions for businesses. The Drift Credit Opportunities Fund is a credit strategies fund focused on structured loans to FinTech enabled Non-Bank Financial Services companies, which underwrite loans to small and medium sized businesses in the United States of America.

(843) 310-3528


SOURCE Charleston Capital Management

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Todd Markin Joins Brock Capital Group in New Charleston, SC Office

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NEW YORK, Sept. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brock Capital Group LLC is pleased to announce that Todd Markin has joined the firm as a Managing Director.? Todd’s arrival also marks the opening of a new Charleston, South Carolina office for Brock Capital Group.

Todd has expertise in private lending and bridge financing and has been very actively involved in the Charleston commercial real estate market.

Prior to joining Brock Capital Group, Todd spent 16 years in New York as an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley within the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities division.? He traded and managed risk across various products in the Credit group ranging from Investment Grade / High Yield Corporate Bonds and Credit Derivatives to Distressed Bonds and Bank Debt.? In addition to building fundamental proprietary risk positions across corporate capital structures, Todd advised global asset managers, insurance companies and hedge funds on both macro and sector specific market views and opportunities.? After leaving Morgan Stanley, Todd co-founded Coast Capital Partners.? Before joining Morgan Stanley, Todd was Vice President at Miller Tabak Roberts where he traded convertible bonds.

“We are delighted that Todd has joined the firm as a managing director and that he will be leading business out of the new Brock Capital Charleston office”, said Charles Brock, the Firm’s Chairman and CEO.

About Brock Capital Group

Brock Capital Group is a full-service investment bank organized in 2002 to provide clients with strategic advice and implementation assistance through outstanding executives and professionals from diverse corporate and government backgrounds. Brock teams leverage the broad collective experience of the firm’s 45+ partners as investment bankers, senior corporate officers, consultants, government officials, economists, entrepreneurs, accountants, and lawyers to provide comprehensive client solutions that address often-overlooked issues in corporate transactions. Services are provided through Brock Capital Group LLC, Brock Securities LLC, Brock Real Estate LLC, and Brock Fiduciary Services LLC.

Brock Securities LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation and Financial Industry Regulation Authority, conducts the capital raising and associated banking activities of Brock.

Brock Capital Group LLC
Wilhelmina Lydon
Email Contact:

Charleston, SC Based HookLead Appoints New Digital Marketing Project Manager

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Charleston, SC – HookLead announced today that Ellison Jusino has joined the agency to manage their growing client roster and strengthen client success.

He has previous experience with analytics, leadership, communication, content creation, client management, process flows, global account management and has worked with HookLead this past year part-time. He loves all things tech, has a strong fascination for learning and always improving his digital skills. He is also an Eagle Scout, avid lover of everything international and can be found in his natural habitat at the library or a local coffee shop.

Ellison joins HookLead as Digital Marketing Project Manager to continue recent success managing client projects and their digital marketing success. “We’re excited to have Ellison join our team and growing agency in an expanded role in helping our valued client’s succeed,” says Co-Founder, Zack Hanebrink.

About HookLead

HookLead is a growing digital marketing and design agency located in Charleston, South Carolina. HookLead offers a wide range of digital marketing and design services designed to generate traffic, leads and increase revenue for clients. Learn more by visiting

Media Contact
Company Name: HookLead
Contact Person: Zack Hanebrink
Phone: 740-500-4665
Address:225 Seven Farms Dr, Suite 201F
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina
Country: United States

Frampton Construction begins work on new North Charleston T-Mobile Call Center

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Charleston, S.C. –?Frampton Construction Company, LLC, a regional full-service construction firm providing planning and design support, preconstruction, construction services, and sustainability services throughout the Carolinas, has been selected to transform an existing K-Mart facility in N. Charleston, S.C., into a modernized T-Mobile Call Center.

The project includes both an exterior shell conversion and interior tenant upfit for which McMillan Pazdan Smith and JPC Architecture will be the respective architects. T-Mobile’s call center will account for 127,000 square feet of the 170,000 square-foot building, with 41,000?square feet of leasable space remaining.

George Dewey, IV, president and CEO of Aston Properties, remarked, “The opportunity to bring T-Mobile’s largest customer care center in the U.S. to North Charleston and to partner with such a well-qualified, local contractor to assist us in doing the work, is a win-win for the community.”

The T-Mobile Call Center,?which will house 1,200 employees, will feature a fitness center, a theater room, several boardrooms, a kitchen, and an outdoor patio and basketball court. Frampton Construction will also mill and pave the entire parking lot, update the landscape, and add new sidewalks around the building. Other exterior renovations include cutting 50 new windows into the existing concrete wall, constructing two new storefront entrances, and adding a new membrane roof.

“We are excited to hit the ground running on this project and look forward to working together with Aston Properties and the project architects to transform this facility into a state-of-the-art call center for T-Mobile,” said Chad Frampton, CEO of Frampton Construction

Construction on this project began in May of 2017 and is expected to be complete by December this year.

Frampton Construction?is a regional full-service construction firm with financial strength and industry knowledge born of years of experience employing proven procedures. Frampton Construction offers planning and design support, preconstruction, construction services, and sustainability services. The dedicated team of professionals takes pride in building strong relationships with clients while providing the highest quality of service. They deliver executive leadership and personal oversight throughout the building process, while working diligently to exceed the expectations of every client. With offices in Charleston, S.C., and Charlotte, N.C., the company is positioned to manage projects in the Carolinas and beyond. For more information, please visit? call?843-572-2400.