Charleston Summer Beach Bucket List

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Who doesn’t love going to the beach, walking with the sand beneath our toes listening to the Zac Brown Band?? Or maybe laying out and working on an even tan and taking momentary breaks between pages on your Kindle.? Those days of bath temperature ocean water and scorching sun are behind us for a few months.? We are embarking on the quiet beach season with cool breezes, chilly water on our feet and radiant sunrises and sunsets.

We think this is the perfect time to plan your Charleston Daily Beach Bucket List.? Why can’t the beach be filled with adventure.? We want to make it easy and provide you with a list of activities to complete at the beach.

Take a week; a month or six months, but make a game out of it and play with your friends and family.

Beach Bucket List

  • Spend at least one day at each of: Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms and Edisto Beach
  • Watch a sunrise _____
  • Watch a sunset? _____
  • Surf or boogie board _____
  • Rent a jet ski motor across the ocean _____
  • Go Fishing off the pier ______
  • Read a really good book from start to finish ______
  • Spend the day at the beach without your smartphone _____
  • Build a sand castle (no age limit on sand development) _____
  • Hunt and find 5 sharks teeth _____
  • Hunt and find a sand dollar _____
  • Tell ghost stories at night by a fire or flashlight _____
  • Watch a movie at the beach ______
  • Find a full conch shell _____
  • Have a picnic on the beach _____
  • Have a long walk with coffee or a latte (Iced or Hot) ______
  • Play bocce ball, football and volleyball (all in one day) ______
  • Spot a dolphin _____
  • Write a poem about the beach or a message in a bottle _____
  • Take a crazy and fun BFF or family picture ______
  • Write something cute and adorable in the sand ______
  • Get buried in the sand
  • Have a fun beach Olympics with your friends (relays, balloon toss, egg balance, etc.) _____
  • Do beach yoga ______
  • Have a beach scavenger hunt ______
  • Paint a picture of the beach ______
  • Play guitar or have a sing along _____
  • Take a long relaxing nap (Don’t forget the sunscreen) ______
  • Take an unbelievable picture or selfie (Ex:? You holding the sun as it sets in the sky / Jump and look like you are flying) – Or a group picture of everyone jumping in the air ______
  • Take professional wedding, anniversary or special couple dress up pictures ______
  • Send a picture to a friend that is somewhere cold or not near the ocean saying “Wish you were here” ______
  • Build a fort out of sticks and shells _____
  • Write ” I Love Charleston” in the sand _____

There you have it.? It is official.? You have your bucket list.? Print it out, keep it with you and enjoy having fun at the beach.

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College of Charleston Student Bucket List – 50 Things to Do Before Graduation

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It is that time of year: The weather is showing slight signs of cooling, the city streets are filled with students back from the summer break or just starting the next phase of their lives. This is an exciting time to be in Charleston. We wanted to provide our students with a little stimulus to help motivate them during their time at the College of Charleston. Whether you are a freshman or senior, there are things on this list you may not yet have accomplished.

We have attached a PDF to download and print so you always have it with you.

We would love to hear from you if you complete the list or have a great story to share.

Good luck and let the Student Bucket List Games Begin!!!!

□ Attend a play at the Dock Street Theatre
□ Jog to, and around, Colonial Lake
□ Watch the Citadel’s Friday afternoon parade
□ Volunteer at a soup kitchen
□ Pledge a sorority/fraternity
□ Visit the turtle hospital at the aquarium
□ Go to a Charleston Battery game
□ Watch the sunrise on Folly Beach
□ Be a reading partner/big brother or sister
□ Play an intramural sport
□ Go kayaking on Shem Creek
□ Take a sunset Harbor Tour
□ Take sailing lessons
□ Attend church at the Music Farm
□ Participate in the Citadel Bulldog Challenge
□ Spend a day at a plantation
□ Take a picture w/the Clyde the Cougar statue
□ Eat at a 5 star restaurant
□ Paint the Folly boat
□ Picnic in Marion Square
□ See a show at the Windjammer
□ Take a class in something you know absolutely nothing about
□ Play Capture the Flag at White Point Gardens
□ Attend Open House at the Observatory on campus
□ Attend a RiverDogs opener game
□ Meet Bill Murray
□ Watch a meteor shower at Waterfront Park
□ Live on King Street
□ Eat at Gilroy’s at 3am
□ Eat oysters five ways
□ Participate in glow yoga on the beach
□ Join a school club
□ Park at the Battery and walk to class
□ Explore the streets south of Broad
□ Spend a sunny afternoon studying…or napping…in the Cistern
□ Finish an evening with a significant other on the swings at Waterfront Park
□ Be a part of Cistern Radio
□ Go on a haunted jail tour
□ Attend a Quidditch match at CofC
□ Go salsa dancing at The Hall in N. Charleston
□ Go to Record Store Day at Monster Music
□ Learn how to throw a cast net
□ Run the Ravenel Bridge
□ Try your luck at the CAB Casino Night
□ Learn how to surf
□ Work on your tan in Marion Square
□ Participate in at least 1 homecoming activity
□ Learn how to swing dance
□ Participate in the Polar Bear Plunge
□ Skip class to hang out on the beach

CofC Bucket List – Printable Version