Charleston Business Spotlight: Hurricane Boxing

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Charleston Business Profile:? Hurricane Boxing:? Where passion, fitness, competition and community come together

  • How many times have you seen Rocky, Southpaw, Creed or Raging Bull?
  • How often do you have all this pent up frustration from work that you just need a release?
  • How many of you knew that Charleston has its own Boxing Facility?

We may have a solution to all of this wrapped up in one adrenaline filled opportunity, Hurricane Boxing

Boxing at Hurricane offers an opportunity to stretch your limits, participate in a clean competitive setting, provide a great workout for every muscle and become part of a great community of people.

Hurricane Boxing – 792 Folly Road, Charleston (James Island), South Carolina


Hurricane Boxing is a place for people who want all the fitness benefits of training like a real boxer but aren’t necessarily interested in getting in the ring and fighting another person. We are a fully equipped boxing gym with a ring and all necessary training equipment, offering Group Training and Personal Training for every ability level.

Our 7,000sq ft facility is located at 792 Folly Road, just minutes from downtown Charleston.

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