Audubon South Carolina Brings Awareness through Cartoons

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Shorebird populations in North America have declined by 70% in the last 40 years. Their largest threat in South Carolina is human disturbance. Often when humans negatively impact nesting and resting shorebirds by getting too close to nesting areas or chasing through flocks of birds on the beach, we do so because we don’t understand how our actions affect them. Audubon South Carolina started producing these monthly cartoons with Cartoonist Roger Schillerstrom in order to educate beach goers before they make those mistakes.

Provided by:

Nolan Schillerstrom
Coastal Program Coordinator
Audubon South Carolina

Audubon South Carolina Official Website

Photo and cartoon credit:? Audubon South Carolina and Chicago Award-Winning Cartoonist Roger Schillerstrom