20 Things to Do in Charleston Before the End of 2019

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20 Things To Do Before the End of 2017

By Minta Pavliscsak

1. Call an old friend who you haven’t spoken with in a while.
It may take you a few minutes to dial that number. Take your time, just don’t back down. Someone has to open that line of communication; it might as well be you.

2. Go for a sunrise walk on Folly Beach.
We have some of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever experience, and if you haven’t yet you are missing out! So drag a friend out of bed, or just go spend some time by yourself and enjoy the majesty of the morning. (Roasted is a coffee shop inside of Tides that opens at 6am. I like to stop by there first and take my coffee on the beach. Plus, on these chilly mornings it will help to keep your warm!)

3. Send Christmas cards.
Everybody loves getting mail! …as long as it’s not a bill. Sure you could just send an email or a text, but doesn’t your loved ones deserve a personalized, handwritten card that they can treasure for years to come?

4. Forgive that person who may not deserve it, but needs it most.
This ain’t easy, but believe me when I say you need this too! We all make mistakes, we all forget things, and it honestly might not have even been on purpose. The past is the past and as long as it’s not habitual or destructive to the relationship, forgiveness may be the only thing keeping you from having that amazing relationship.

5. Hug your parents.
Do we really do this enough? I feel like hugs are things we tend to take for granted. Humans need touch, and sometimes this is the only way we know how to communicate our emotions towards each other. A simple hug can go a long way.

6. Visit at least one touristy attraction.
This is the best time of year to do it! Places aren’t as crowded, it’s not blazing hot, and some places will even have discounts on admission.

7. Pour a glass of wine or pop open a beer, crank up the music, and dance around the house in your underwear.
Yes, this is just as fun as it sounds! Don’t worry about how you look, you’ll be alone so who cares. Just move your body in a way that feels good. You might just find yourself carrying this tradition over to the New Year!

8. Make the decision to Let It Go!
We carry so much with us from one day to the next. Most of it we cannot control, or is not our burden to carry in the first place. Stop worrying so much, things have a way of working themselves out without any input from you. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, just let it go.

9. Do one random act of kindness.
This can be something so simple like paying for the next person in line’s coffee, or putting $10 on a pump of gas. There are also many opportunities around the community, such as donating to Toys-for-Tots, volunteering at The Lowcountry Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald House, or at an animal shelter, and many area businesses are collecting canned food for the local food bank.

10. Watch Love Actually.
This film is about an eclectic group of characters who all seem to be connected in London during Christmas time. It is charming, funny, and will pull on your heart strings all at the same time. Trust me on this one when I say it is a must see, and even better when you watch it with a good friend or loved one. Doesn’t sound like you? Then make sure you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special instead!

11. Take a “me” day.
Although they do not happen very often, I absolutely love having my “me” days. You can do anything, or nothing for that matter, that you want to, as long as it is stress free and makes you happy. I prefer to get a nice massage, then take a stroll down King Street or the Market to find something, no matter how small, for myself. My favorite “me” day trinket is a small ceramic dragon with a silly smile on his face. Enjoying a nice light lunch outside somewhere and people watching is also a great idea.

12. Change the batteries in your smoke detector.
This is your friendly service reminder courtesy of Charleston Daily. Come on, when is the last time you checked those batteries?

13. Get outside of your comfort zone.
Do something you wouldn’t typically do. Go somewhere you wouldn’t typically go. Sing karaoke with friends, climb the ropes at Wild Blue Ropes, put on that sexy dress you never wear and have a night on the town!

14. Finish that project.
We all have some project, big or small, that is sitting somewhere waiting for us to complete it. Slow down, make the time, and finish that project.

15. Choose to be happy.
This can be tougher for some than others, and that’s OK! Surround yourself with things, and people, that make you happy. When those negative thoughts come up, replace them with positive ones. Practice self-love, such as telling yourself that you are enough, reminding yourself how beautiful you are, and say daily affirmations. Don’t forget about the simplest thing you can do…smile.

16. Re-evaluate your priorities
Life has a tendency of taking over and we tend to get off our course from time to time. It is important that you bring your priorities to your conscious and see if where you are is where you want to be. This is how we stay connected to ourselves and move forward in life and in love.

17. Eat at a great Charleston area restaurant.
We are so lucky here in Charleston to have so many amazing restaurants. How many have you been to? No more excuses not to go to that one you have always wanted to go, but have never made it.

18. Disengage from the opinion of others.
You are you, and you are wonderful. Who cares what others think about you?! Here’s a little secret…if they make you feel bad when you are around them, then they probably shouldn’t be in your life. Once you learn to separate who you are from who you think everyone else thinks you should be, you will be amazed at how much happier and stress-free you will be.

19. Go play.
We have easy access to tennis courts, basketball courts, Frisbee golf, putt-putt, laser tag, paintball fields, trampoline parks, and open fields where you can play a pick-up game of whatever middle school/high school sports that you can think of.

20. Tell somebody you love them.
We don’t say this anywhere near enough. You never know what tomorrow may hold. Today is the day to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. And keep it up; personally I have never gotten tired of hearing someone say they love me, nor do I tire of expressing it. Both make my heart smile every time!

Catawba Brewing Co. Hires Manager for Palmetto Tasting Room

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Catawba Brewing Co. announces the hiring of Rick Rice as Location Manager at their Palmetto Brewing Tasting Room, 289 Huger Street, Charleston, SC.

A native of Buffalo, NY, Rick attended Gannon University in Erie, PA, where he graduated with a B.A. in Communication Arts, and entered into the world of broadcasting. The last 18 years have seen him living in Asheville, NC, where he managed two properties for iHeart Media and served as on-air personality.

As Program Director for WROO in Greenville, SC, and WQNS in Asheville, Rick worked closely with the craft beer community, partnering with the Asheville Brewers Alliance on multiple projects including Asheville Beer Week. While working with individual breweries, Rick launched the Behind the Tap video series, Beer-of-the-Month promotions, and Taproom Tour on-location broadcast events.

Rick has also been very involved in the local sports community, as the long-time public address announcer for the Asheville Tourists Baseball Club, UNC Asheville Basketball, and the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament.

Rick joins the Palmetto team as major renovations are underway in Charleston, where the company is investing in upgrades to the Palmetto production brewery, tasting room, and a private event space. Catawba’s newest facility was acquired in December to increase brewing capacity and expand product lines for both Palmetto and Catawba brands.

“During my career in radio, I came to appreciate the passion and vision of industry leaders in Western North Carolina’s amazing craft beer scene,” says Rick. “Catawba Brewing and the Pyatt Family have always been such a huge part of that throughout my 18 years in Asheville.”

Now Rick is looking forward to moving to Charleston and embracing its fast-growing beer scene, as Palmetto sets out to expand its local presence and distribution networks. Given his personal history in the Holy City, he expects an easy transition.

“My wife, Stacy, and I honeymooned in Charleston in 2001, and we’ve been returning every year since. The thought of living and working in a place we’ve both grown to love is a dream come true,” Rick says. “Who knew that decades of enjoying craft beer would qualify as job training?”

About Catawba Brewing Company

Founded in 1999 by the Pyatt family, natives of Western North Carolina, Catawba Brewing operates a main production facility in downtown Morganton, NC at 212 S. Green St; a boutique brewery/tasting room in downtown Asheville, NC at 32 Banks Ave; a tasting room in Asheville’s Biltmore Village at 63 Brook St.; and a new Catawba brewery/tasting room in Charlotte’s Plaza Midwood neighborhood at 933 Louise Ave. Catawba beers can be found in NC, SC, TN, AL, GA, and coming soon to VA. Learn more at www.catawbabrewing.com

About Palmetto Brewing Company

Palmetto Brewing of Charleston, founded in 1993, is SC’s first craft brewery. Formerly owned by the Lipov family and deeply rooted into the Charleston community, they have experienced growth from 2000 barrels in 2012 to a forecasted 16,000 barrels in 2017. Palmetto beers are currently distributed in SC, NC, and parts of GA. Their brewery/tasting room is in Charleston, SC.

Top 100 Beers in South Carolina as Ranked by BeerAdvocate

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Beer Advocate has rated the top beers in the United States for 2017.? Here is the breakdown of the best beers in South Carolina, their average rating and how they rank nationally.

If nothing else, you will see some familiar breweries to the Lowcountry and this is an opportunity to start a beer bucket list.

How awesome does that sound, especially at the start of football season.

South + Beer + Football = Priceless!!!!

Congratulations to Westbrook, Coast, Holy City and all those that made this year’s list.

Top Rated Beers: South Carolina (US)
Avg Ratings
Mexican Coffee Cake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.49 282
Mexican Cake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.39 2,782
Mexican Cake (Tequila Barrel Aged)

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.44 280
2016 Bourbon (Willett) BA Mexican Cake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout

4.57 75
Boy King Double IPA

COAST Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial IPA / 9.70% ABV

4.29 525
Key Lime Pie Gose

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Gose / 4.00% ABV

4.26 389
2016 Maple Bourbon BA Mexican Cake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout

4.63 41
Siberian Black Magic Panther

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 12.00% ABV

4.29 185
Two Claw Rye IPA

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American IPA / 7.00% ABV

4.26 189

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Gose / 4.00% ABV

4.21 403
Red Wine (Napa Cabernet) Mexican Cake (2016)

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.46 47
Yeast Wrangler

Holy City Brewing
American Double / Imperial IPA / 10.00% ABV

4.36 61
Margarita Gose

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Gose / 4.50% ABV

4.34 67

COAST Brewing Company
K?lsch / 4.80% ABV

4.16 339

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Gose / 4.00% ABV

4.12 2,598
Shane’s Big DIPA

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial IPA / 9.00% ABV

4.13 389
Carnie Fire

COAST Brewing Company
American Amber / Red Ale / 5.00% ABV

4.25 79
Rye Knot Brown

COAST Brewing Company
American Brown Ale / 6.20% ABV

4.21 91
Westbrook / Evil Twin Mini Growler Imperial Stout

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Russian Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.12 310
Event Horizon Cascadian Dark Ale

COAST Brewing Company
American Black Ale / 7.00% ABV

4.21 83
Bulls Bay Oyster Stout

COAST Brewing Company
Foreign / Export Stout / 5.80% ABV

4.25 62
Dead Arm Pale Ale

COAST Brewing Company
American Pale Ale (APA) / 6.00% ABV

4.14 149
Mr. Chipper

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Flanders Red Ale / 6.80% ABV

4.1 192
ALTerior Motive

COAST Brewing Company
Altbier / 6.30% ABV

4.17 78
One Claw Rye Pale Ale

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Pale Ale (APA) / 6.00% ABV

4.04 1,086
India Pale Ale

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American IPA / 6.80% ABV

4.03 1,496
Single Hop Series: All Cascade Pale Ale

COAST Brewing Company
American Pale Ale (APA) / 5.50% ABV

4.22 44
Peanut Butter & Jelly

Edmund’s Oast
American Brown Ale / 5.50% ABV

4.3 31
Lemon Coconut Weisse Weisse Baby

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Berliner Weissbier / 4.00% ABV

4.08 135

Seminar Brewing
American IPA / 6.00% ABV

4.17 55
Rum Barrel-Aged Siberian Black Magic Panther

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 12.00% ABV

4.24 37
Blackbeerd Imperial Stout

COAST Brewing Company
Russian Imperial Stout / 9.30% ABV

4.02 351
Funkmaster Brett IPA

Revelry Brewing Co
American Double / Imperial IPA / 7.00% ABV

4.2 38
2016 Tequila BA Mexican Cake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout

4.4 19
Viridi Rex

Edmund’s Oast
American Double / Imperial IPA / 9.50% ABV

4.52 14

Conquest Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial Stout / 12.60% ABV

4.23 30
6th Anniversary Hazelnut Chocolate Imperial Stout

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.00% ABV

4.04 136
Milk Stout

COAST Brewing Company
Milk / Sweet Stout / 5.70% ABV

4.19 32
Single Hop Series: All Chinook Pale Ale

COAST Brewing Company
American Pale Ale (APA) / 6.50% ABV

4.26 24
Paper Airplanes

Birds Fly South Ale Project
American Wild Ale / 6.00% ABV

4.45 14

COAST Brewing Company
Belgian Pale Ale / 5.70% ABV

4.16 34

Charles Towne Fermentory
American IPA / 6.80% ABV

4.29 20
Blueberry Weisse Weisse Baby

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Berliner Weissbier / 4.00% ABV

4.34 17
Mexican Cupcake

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Stout / 4.20% ABV

4.23 23
Weisse Weisse Baby

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Berliner Weissbier / 4.00% ABV

4 153
Brand New Eyes

Birds Fly South Ale Project
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 5.50% ABV

4.19 26
Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Mini Growler

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV

4.31 17
The Finisher

Conquest Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial Stout / 17.50% ABV

4.25 20
Galaxy Rinse & Repeat

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American IPA / 7.00% ABV

4.3 17
Kaldi Imperial Coffee Stout

Quest Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 8.00% ABV

4.01 101
HopArt IPA

COAST Brewing Company
American IPA / 7.70% ABV

3.96 677
Red Legs Scotch Ale

COAST Brewing Company
Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy / 7.80% ABV

4.16 27
Single Hop Series: All Simcoe Pale Ale

COAST Brewing Company
American Pale Ale (APA) / 6.00% ABV

4.18 24
Overly Friendly IPA

Holy City Brewing
American IPA / 7.60% ABV

3.98 137
Udderly Milk Stout

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Milk / Sweet Stout / 5.50% ABV

3.96 275

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Wild Ale / 4.30% ABV

4.05 48
September Saison

COAST Brewing Company
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 6.00% ABV

4.13 27
Chocolate Rye Porter

River Dog Brewing Co.
American Porter / 5.50% ABV

4.06 41
Angry Mash Oatmeal Stout

COAST Brewing Company
Oatmeal Stout / 9.00% ABV

4.2 19
Porter, Smoked

COAST Brewing Company
American Porter / 5.80% ABV

4.12 26
Cabernet Barrel Aged 5th Anniversary

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout

4.18 19
Blackbeerd Imperial Stout (2016) – Heaven Hill Barrel Aged

COAST Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial Stout / 9.50% ABV

4.36 11

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Berliner Weissbier / 4.20% ABV

3.97 107
Rustic Sunday Rye Saison

Birds Fly South Ale Project
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 7.00% ABV

4.14 22
Bourbon Barrel Aged 5th Anniversary

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout

4.22 14
Galaxy Quest Pale Ale

River Dog Brewing Co.
American Pale Ale (APA) / 5.00% ABV

4.18 16
Smoked Rye Pale Ale

COAST Brewing Company
Rye Beer / 4.80% ABV

4.09 24
Wadmalaw Sunset

COAST Brewing Company
Belgian Strong Pale Ale / 7.50% ABV

4.2 14
Holy City Pilsner

Holy City Brewing
Czech Pilsener / 5.00% ABV

3.96 79
Sacred Heartier

Conquest Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial IPA / 10.25% ABV

4.16 16

Conquest Brewing Company
American Double / Imperial Stout / 8.50% ABV

4.09 22
Craver Peanut Butter Porter

Seminar Brewing
American Porter / 6.00% ABV

4.01 38
World Court Mocha Blonde Stout

Legal Remedy Brewing
American Stout / 7.00% ABV

4.09 20
Oyster Stout

Holy City Brewing
Irish Dry Stout / 5.80% ABV

4 37
Dark Helmet

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Schwarzbier / 6.00% ABV

3.91 272
Lily The Great

New South Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.00% ABV

4.1 17
Lefty Loosey

Revelry Brewing Co
American IPA / 7.00% ABV

4.18 12
Malice Maple Bacon Russian Imperial Stout

Legal Remedy Brewing
Russian Imperial Stout / 11.00% ABV

4.17 12
O’SOO Oyster Stout

Benford Brewing Co.
Oatmeal Stout / 5.10% ABV

3.98 36
Ashley Farmhouse Ale

Freehouse Brewery
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 6.10% ABV

3.92 89
Lord Proprietor’s Mild

Edmund’s Oast
English Pale Mild Ale / 3.50% ABV

4.19 10
Pink Squirt

Freehouse Brewery
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 6.50% ABV

4.16 11
Smoked M?rzen

Holy City Brewing
M?rzen / Oktoberfest / 6.20% ABV

4.01 24
Green Door IPA

Freehouse Brewery
American IPA / 6.20% ABV

3.92 82
Mojito Gose

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Gose / 4.50% ABV

4.07 16
Collision Stout

Holy City Brewing
American Double / Imperial Stout / 8.80% ABV

3.97 34
Dave Brown

COAST Brewing Company
Chile Beer / 6.90% ABV

3.98 28
Barrel-Aged Collision Stout

Holy City Brewing
American Double / Imperial Stout / 10.00% ABV

4.13 11
Thomas Creek Trifecta IPA

Thomas Creek Brewery
American IPA / 6.90% ABV

3.9 115
Life Of Don

Freehouse Brewery
American Wild Ale / 7.10% ABV

4.03 17
Thomas Creek Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Thomas Creek Brewery
Oatmeal Stout / 8.00% ABV

3.9 105
New Rye Pale Ale

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Pale Ale (APA) / 6.10% ABV

4.02 18
Graveyard Shiftee

Holy City Brewing
American Porter / 8.50% ABV

4.02 18
Aiken Thoroughbred Red

Aiken Brewing Company
Irish Red Ale / 5.20% ABV

4.01 19
PassionFruit Tart

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American IPA / 6.80% ABV

4.03 15
Palmetto Espresso Porter

Palmetto Brewing Company
American Porter / 5.80% ABV

3.88 206
Three Claw

Westbrook Brewing Co.
American Double / Imperial IPA / 8.00% ABV

4.08 11
Belgian IPA

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Belgian IPA / 7.70% ABV

4.06 12
Star Spangled Stout Ale

RJ Rockers Brewing Company
American Stout / 6.00% ABV

3.95 28
Rumblefish Hoppy Saison

Birds Fly South Ale Project
Saison / Farmhouse Ale / 6.00% ABV

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4.01 16

Griffon Pub: Great Food, Great People and a Million Dollars of Memories

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By Mark A. Leon

As you journey through the French Quarter and walk down Venue Range toward Waterfront Park, you are taken in by the elegance of Charleston from the Vendue Inn to the Venue Library and Rooftop Bar. The area is ordained with fine desserts, law offices and unique and pricey gifts. What has been a foundation for over 15 years and continues to excel with great food, amazing beer, fun and casual dining for intimate groups and a true old school dart board is the Griffon Pub located at 18 Vendue Range.

For those that have never stepped foot in this traditional Irish Pub, the title of the article may be a little misleading. From wall to wall, end to end ceiling and nooks all around, locals and tourists have left personalized dollar bills stapled all throughout the restaurant. When you arrive, you just need to go to the bar, ask for a stapler and sharpie and they will have you covered. They have created a tradition of memories from Europe to the United States.

The atmosphere is very casual with warm and friendly service all day and night. Whether you are coming in for a pint and or a meal, the staff treats all its guests as if you are family. No pub would be complete without a traditional cigarette dispenser by the rest rooms.

Some may argue the East Bay / Market Street area of Charleston may be a bit pricey at times. Well, the Griffon doesn’t feel that way. Entrees range from $7.00 to $12.00 for most items and they are mouth watering good.

Start with a cup of homemade chili. Even in the summer, this chili will pack you with a little spicy kick and savor you with rich meat and spices. If spicy is not your style, the fried pickles are a fixture here.


Sandwiches are a hard one. There are a number of amazing and memorable carbohydrate friendly treats to entice you. Take my word on this; though the food comes in a basket, it is plentiful and will leave you very full and fulfilled.

We wanted to make three specific recommendations to you: Reuben, Chicken Philly and the fish and chips / friend fish sandwich. I must take a step back first. There are three types Reuben sandwiches: Southern, Traditional and Turkey. We recommend, if you are in the South, do the Southern. This takes away the sauerkraut and replaces it with cole slaw. So good and a very healthy portion of corned beef. The Chicken Philly takes your traditional Philly cheese steak and replaces it with chicken and combines it nicely with melted provolone, peppers and onions. The fish and chips are lightly breaded and partnered with a very healthy portion of fries. Make sure you add vinegar to your fries to make the experience complete.

Make sure you wash that all down with a pint of one of the rotating local craft beers on tap.

One of the noted parts of our experience at the Griffon is the team work. Your server is your bartender and your busser. It is amazing how seamless they all work together to make sure you have a remarkable dining experience.

The Griffon is your hometown pub right in the heart of downtown Charleston. Whether it is lunch, dinner or a pint, stop in, say hello and share a few laughs while you are there. If it is your first time, make sure you leave a dollar behind for the wall.

Beer Industry Contributes $3 Billion Annually to South Carolina Economy

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A new economic impact study shows America’s beer industry – made up of brewers and importers; distributors; and retailers – contributes more than $3.3 billion annually to South Carolina’s economy and supports 27,914 jobs in the state.

Jointly commissioned by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and the Beer Institute, the study shows that the 27,914 jobs impacted by the beer industry in South Carolina account for more than $1 billion in wages and benefits. The industry also generated $404 million in business and personal taxes and paid $288 million in consumption taxes in 2016.

NBWA President & CEO Craig Purser said, “America’s beer distributors are proud to provide nearly 135,000 jobs with solid wages and great benefits to employees at more than 3,000 facilities, located in every state and congressional district across the country. Independent beer distributors generate significant economic contributions in their communities through local business-to-business commerce, investments in local infrastructure and capital assets and tax revenue. Through a wide range of services, distributors work to build beer brands of all kinds – from large, familiar labels to start-up, craft brands and imports from around the world – and to deliver vast consumer choice in the marketplace.”

Beer Institute President & CEO Jim McGreevy said, “Beer serves America at virtually every level of the economy, from the nearly 2.23 million employees, to the small businesses in middle-class communities, and the important tax revenues at the local, state and national levels. From farmers to factory-workers, from brewery-hands to bartenders, beer puts Americans to work.”

According to the study, the beer industry generates more than $350 billion in economic activity, produces nearly $63 billion in tax revenue and supports 2.23 million jobs. Brewers and beer importers directly employ 64,745 Americans. About 58 percent of brewing jobs are linked to large and mid-sized brewers and beer importers, and independent beer distributors directly employ 134,240 Americans.

The Beer Serves America study was compiled by an independent economics firm John Dunham & Associates. It is the most comprehensive analysis of the industry available, using data collected directly from private companies, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Beer Industry Contributes $3 Billion Annually to South Carolina Economy – CharlestonCEO.com May 24, 2017

What the Charleston Lady Was Doing While Her Other Half Watched the Epic Finale of the 2016 World Series

By, Minta Pavliscsak
  • Enjoying the crisp fall evening on the patio while sipping a glass of wine and sneaking a few pieces of the kid’s Halloween candy.
  • Hanging out with her man because she is after all a true Southern Bell, and supporting his interests is just part of what we do. {…even if there may be texts exchanged with the bestie about how cute that one player’s butt looks in his uniform.}
  • Sleeping – hopefully not interrupting any important plays with the occasional, adorable snore.
  • Finally catching up on her DVR shows on the smaller T.V.
  • Using her man’s credit card to buy those shoes she has been eyeing for quite some time now. -How that matching belt made its way into the shopping bag is a mystery to her!-
  • Constantly refilling the chip bowl and mixed nuts while making countless pigs in blankets, all while keeping the coffee table her honey and his friends are huddled around clear of empty beer cans and bottle caps.
  • Taking advantage of an empty house to sit around in her favorite baggy, ripped sweats and bleached stained hoodie for once…crazy hair and all.
  • Getting hit on at Mac’s Place -unbeknownst to her significant other- by some guy rooting for the opposing team, despite the fact that her and her man have been sharing a plate of nachos since the second inning and he keeps drinking her beer because he refuses to take his eyes off of the screen.
  • Pretending to show interest in the game but instead, plotting her moment when she gets to use the line that starts with, “Honey remember that time when I sat up with you after midnight watching the World Series?”
  • Cheering right along by her love’s side because she has always been a Cubs fan.


World Series 2016 Video

Dining and Drinking on the Water in Charleston, SC – Where to go!

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

It turns out that the Charleston area is virtually surrounded by water.? It is in our culture, our blood and our way of life.? We are water dwellers.? We also love great food and a cold craft beer.? Naturally, the marriage of dining, drinking and a great view of the harbor or the marsh is enough to whet our appetites.

Here are just a few of the wonderful options where you can kick back, have a cold one and let the sun do all the work.

Dining and Drinking on the Water in Charleston:

  • Fleet Landing – 186 Concord Street, Charleston, SC – Right on the Charleston Harbor in downtown Charleston is the place to be if you want mouth-watering seafood, a glass of wine and a calm view of the harbor.? If it is a casual evening of light appetizers, we highly recommend the chilled Blue Crab Dip, Stuffed Hush Puppies, Tuna and Salmon Tartare or the Friend Green Tomato Stack.? These exceptional starters with a Pinot Noir or Riesling will make for a perfect evening on the water.
  • Marina Variety Store and Restaurant – 17 Lockwood Drive, Charleston, SC – For many, this is a hidden gem right on the marina in downtown Charleston.? Known for their open window views of the marina, excellent breakfast/dinner and warm staff (Steak Philly Omelet and Santa Fe Wrap are personal favorites), this is a great spot to watch the sailboats and enjoy some fried fish or a Eggs Benedict.? Make sure you stop by Salty Mike’s on the lower level for a cocktail and some pool afterwards.
  • Red’s Ice House – 98 Church Street, Mount Pleasant, SC – Nothing defines Shem’s Creek like Red’s.? Dock your boat, park your car or bike and enjoy a bucket of cold ones.? Whether you are on the deck or upstairs, you can let you cares run away and enjoy some Zac Brown Band while the day just passes by.
  • The Stono Breeze – 2408 Maybank Highway, John’s Island, SC – As you leave James Island and head over the bridge to John’s Island, you will see The Stono Breeze to your right.? This large white building with a huge outdoor deck is a tranquil escape from the fast paced Charleston city life.? Make a right at the light and come in for a bit of a watery break.? Note:? The bugs are in a league of their own at this location so bring some spray.? It is a local hangout, so you rarely have to worry about crowds.
  • The Windjammer – 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms –? What can you say about The Windjammer.? Kickin’ live music, bikini clad women, cold frosty beer and a good old southern beach environment.? This is your benchmark for beach bars.? Expect it to be loud and fun.? Get to the deck overlooking the ocean and see where the day and night takes you.
  • Morgan Creek Grill
    Morgan Creek Grill

    Vickery’s Bar & Grill – 1313 Shrimp Boat Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC – In February 1999, Vickery’s opened on Shem’s Creek and for the last 17 years, have been offering up great seafood, incredible creek views and a family style kick back relaxed setting.? Some places just give off good vibes.? Vickery’s is one of those places.? From Blackened Grilled Salmon to their Seared Crab Cakes, this restaurant knows seafood and with their second floor Shem Creek view, you are set for a memorable dining experience.

  • Charleston Harbor Fish House – 32 Patriots Point Road, Mount Pleasant, SC – Where can you get solid food, a nautical theme, a view of the Charleston Harbor and a legendary view of the USS Yorktown (Let me tell you, when the sun sets over the Cooper River Bridge, wow).? Come to the Charleston Harbor Fish House.? Come for the Charleston Creole Shrimp and Grits or Cedar Plank Salmon and then go upstairs to the outdoor bar to watch the sunset.
  • Charleston Crab House – 145 Wappoo Creek Drive, Charleston, SC – First things first:? In the last two visits just before the sunset, I saw two dolphin sightings.? If you are looking for dolphins, the creek side restaurant is a good bet.? The steam pots and raw bar offer up some of the freshest area seafood.? With boat docking and ample parking, you can come by water or road.? The Crab House loves families and will cater to any size.
  • Morgan Creek Grill – 80 41st Avenue, Isle of Palms Marina, SC – With a picturesque view of the Intracoastal Waterway, open outdoor settings perfect for Oyster Roasts, bonfires in the winter and live music, second floor bar area, traditional house decor restaurant and a truly isolated setting, Morgan Creek is a year long romantic dining getaway.? Offering a warm traditional Southern feel, professional service and exceptional views, Morgan Creek Grill caters to couples, groups and families.? From final waterfront dining to a casual Oyster Roast, there are options all year long.

Cheers! – Top Breweries in Charleston, SC – Bottoms Up!!!



Charleston is a craft beer heavenly oasis. It is a marriage made to last. The synergies between our careful community spirit and the flavorful zest of a good pint of craft beer is priceless.

The next time you are sitting outside at Bohemian Bull, Bay Street Biergarten or My Father’s Mustache, you know where your local beer is coming from.

What makes Charleston and craft beer such a special combination is that it is much more than the beer. Along with tours, there are even yoga classes, pot luck fundraisers, tastings and so much more. Craft beer in Charleston is its own tourist attraction. Come and see….



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