10 ways YOU can change the world

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I am sure many have become disillusioned by humanity, emotionally void of connection and in a way losing the battle in the pursuit of a better world.? It isn’t hard to lose faith when we are hit from all directions with endless negative media dropping on us like anvils from the sky.

Maybe there is a way, that each one of us, if we make some small adjustments, can truly change the world for the better.

I believe we have the capability to defy the odds and re-create a world fueled by love, not hate, sharing not greed, hope not despair, peace not war and faith over darkness.

Here are 10 ways, each of us can change the world.

  • Spread positive – We are surrounded by terror, murder, prejudice and hate.? We are demoralized by the death of innocent people throughout the world and close to home.? It is time, we channeled our pain and start spreading some good positive energy.? Bring sunshine on a day of rain, give a hug to someone in need, share a story of success to drown the failure and helped change the mood of society by showing that a positive attitude can change a behavior and a life.
  • Plant a garden or participate in a community garden – One of my favorite things to do in Charleston is to go to the MUSC Urban Farm.? I love that great escape right in the heart of the city.? When I arrive, the first thing I do, is brush my hands against the rosemary.? I love the smell of that herb on my skin.? It is like a beautiful natural cologne.? Flowers, plant and herbs bring a calming balance to our lives.? They provide us with healthy food, fresh scents and a reminder of the natural wonder of Earth.? Don’t let Earth Day be but just one day.? Make it a part of your everyday life.
  • Meditation – We often get lost in the translation of meditation.? Many see it as yoga or something similar, but meditation can take on many forms.? In essence it a recharge or the mental release of stress or pressure.? However you define it or choose to exercise it, meditation takes you to a place of peace and tranquility.? In a day and age where everything is moving faster than the speed of light, we all need to step back, shut down the mechanism and just let life happen in a way that calms us from life’s pressures.
  • Clean up and recycle – Our planet is a precious gift that is becoming a giant garbage can.? We can’t just get up, get in a rocket and leave our planet (at least not yet), and therefore have a duty and obligation to treat our home with the same respect we must treat each other.? There is no way to change the behavior of everyone.? There are those that will throw garbage or cigarettes out of their moving car on the highway, folks that will leave garbage on our beaches and those that don’t recycle reusable items, but if each of us does our part, perhaps a domino effect will happen and others will follow.? A cultural or behavioral change can only happen if ambassadors lead the way.
  • Take action / Get Involved – History has proven that peaceful organized protest and standing in solidarity can affect change.? Great men and women have taken center stage to motivate, organize and demonstrate the awesome power of protest.? Change can happen, but we must get involved and be part of the movement that ignites the flame of change.
  • Practice wellness in your diet and exercise habits – The greatest gift we can give to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren is to be there for them.? To watch them grow and blossom cannot be measured in dollars.? Lasting memories are made and cherished when shared with others.? Treat your body right and live a long and healthy life.? That will certainly make around you happy.
  • Volunteer – Give back to something you are passionate about; something you believe in and something you hold close to your heart.? So many organizations and causes need the support of the kindness and generosity of others.? Give of your time.
  • Be Kind – Sometimes we are hurt, physically or emotionally.? Whether it is digital bullying, caustic words on the street, physical violence or losing a loved one, we all feel pain.? Step up with kindness and be there.? It is easier to walk away than step to the plate, but the lasting effect is so much greater than you can ever imagine.
  • Learn about where you clothes and products are made – Bargain shopping embedded into our thinking.? We naturally progress to the ways we can save money and cut corners, but do we see the big picture.? Where are our products made and by what means.? Is it from forced labor, overworked labor, child labor?? Do research and learn if ethical practices are involved in where you materials items are made and fight back by not purchasing them.
  • Make a real friend – We are all connected today, but never before have we been so disconnected.? The socially advanced digital world of social media has made every human being on Earth (and some animals) connected in some way, but how many true friends do we really have?? It seems that number is dwindling.? Make a determined effort to add one more close reliable friend to your circle.? If each of us adds one, think about how large that number will be and how much trust will grow.

There it is, the 10 way you can change the world.

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