GALLERY: Gone but not forgotten – Stono Baptist Church and Cemetery – Ravenel, SC (175 Years Old)

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By Mark A. Leon

Life happens in a heartbeat.? Generations come and go and often times, we preserve the legacy of those that shaped the world we live in.? Some foundations lose their value and become relics seen only by passing cars on the highway.? Yet history has a way of maintaining the ruins and reminding us of the families, communities and pioneers that struggled to give us the joys we have today.? Through their faith, they found meaning and salvation.

The Stono Baptist Church in Ravenel, South Carolina was founded in 1842.? Today, the church sits in ruins, but the names of those that graced the halls of this small church remain forever resting.? Surrounded by mating bugs, dragonflies, bees, broken glass and corroding wood remain something beautiful, a 175 year old church that continues to stand proud.? There may not be services or congregants now, but its memory lives on.

Take a photographic walk with us as we explore the Stono Baptist Church and Cemetery, celebrating 175 years of faith and bond.