Charleston, SC Time Machine – Photographs From the Past

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Hampton Park Zoo - 1950's

Once again, we have dug into the archives of Charleston, South Carolina’s history and uncovered a photographic time capsule.? Some of these memories are subtle family moments, some of the historic significance and some will just have you smiling remembering a different time in Charleston.? Kick back and take in each photograph.? See what memory it brings back to you.

Welcome to the Charleston, SC Time Machine.? Get comfortable.

Charleston Archive Photos

Morris Island Lighthouse before the erosion

Charleston, SC Firefighters taken between 1855 – 1865

Sullivan’s Island, S.C. Lieutenant Comdr. Edward Barrett and Lieutenant Cornelius N. Schoonmaker

Folly Beach – 1946

Confederate Currency

Morris Island Beach 1863

Gullah Geechee Civil Rights Leader Septima P. Clark Founder Citizenship Schools on historic Johns Island

Group of African Americans in Charleston, SC – 1860


The Battery – Post Civil War

Charleston RiverDogs Playing Card


1960’s Charleston families waving goodbye

Ashley Plaza Advertisement

Bus in Charleston, SC – 1960’s

North Charleston Burger King – 1960’s

Children Fishing at Colonial Lake

The Citadel – 1950’s

You have to admit, that was a fun ride.

Back to the time machine to the present day.? We hope you continue to remember the past fondly in our Charleston, SC home.