Historic Charleston, SC Advertisements

Ashley Plaza Mall Opening


By Mark A. Leon

What better way to show the way it used to be in Charleston than to showcase some old advertisements from magazine and newspapers.? This will take you back to when a home was $12,000 and a drive-in was under a $1.00.? Times have changed, but the feeling of nostalgia never goes away.

Let us flip the papers of the newspapers and see where it takes us.

Mills House 1886


Washington Race Track Map


Boone Hall Slavery Ad


Slave Family Ad


Brewery Ad – 1887


Wrestling Ad – 1980



Cotton and Rice Slaves


Planters’ Hotel


Real Estate Ad


Showing of ‘Birth of a Nation’ – Circa 1916


Room for Rent – 1861


Magnolia Drive-In Theater


Broadside 1860 The Union is dissolved


That was a fun ride.