S.C. Public Health Officials Call on Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics—among other qualified people—to Apply for Jobs that Support COVID-19 Vaccination in South Carolina DHEC: “If you are able and willing, your state urgently needs you.”

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January 13, 2021

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) today announced immediate openings of critical positions to support the state’s robust COVID-19 vaccination, testing, and other core public health and environmental services. Available positions include nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, administrative support and other key personnel across the state. 

“This is a crucial time for our state and, like many public health agencies across the nation, we’re seeking qualified individuals to serve alongside our state’s public health officials in South Carolina’s hour of need,” said Nick Davidson, DHEC Senior Deputy for Public Health. “We’re calling on all those who are qualified, willing and able to apply. Your state urgently needs you. Seriously consider becoming a DHEC employee who makes a real difference in the lives of South Carolinians each day.”

DHEC anticipates hiring at least 150 staffwho will assist with COVID-19 vaccination clinics. As the vaccine rollout quickly progresses in South Carolina, DHEC will need additional staff and that is why the agency is asking for assistance now. 

“Under normal circumstances it can take several months to hire someone in South Carolina state government,” said Marcus Robinson, DHEC Chief Human Resources Officer. “However, these are extraordinary times and we have worked with state and DHEC Human Resources to streamline our hiring process. We expect to hire people within days or weeks rather than months.”

Of the 150 positions available:

  • some are full-time, part-time, and hourly
  • pay varies by the job; currently seeking to fill positions ranging from $13 to $45/hr.
  • many are statewide and some are county- or region-specific
  • some offer greater flexibility than others (e.g., hours, location, etc.).

In addition to hiring staff to support our pandemic response, there are a number of other positions available that provide essential health and environmental services across the state.

To support the state’s fight against COVID-19, DHEC staff have worked vigorously to protect the health and safety of all South Carolinians. To date, 2,621 DHEC staff have worked 1,201,590 hours as part of the statewide response.  

Apply today: 
If you are interested in applying to be part of a team with decades-long legacy of public service, click here

If you have questions about available positions, please contact:

The Kindness Wave – Local Charleston Meetup focuses on the single goal of “Acts of Kindness and Humanity”

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Be a part of something special and join the nearly 600 Charlestonians dedicting themselves to helping others throughout the Lowcountry

The Kindness Wave – Click Here to Join


The Kindness Wave is a group of volunteers bound together with a single and simple goal of spreading smiles by practicing random acts of kindness and being of service to our community by volunteering.

For those of you who are new to the group we post two different types of activities.

#1 our group/volunteer events are posted as WAVE event meetings and for these we ask that you RSVP. Recently, we’ve stepped ‘outside the box’ on these events by adding a Facebook Challenge on-going event, VA hospital visits and drop-off events. These ‘outside the box’ events allow you the flexibility to participate without being stick to a one date – one time event.

Group/volunteer events – this are events involving meeting at a specified location for a purpose (a WAVE). We aim to have a minimum of 5 RIPPLEs for these WAVE events. Our goal is to spread WAVE events around the lowcountry area. If you have volunteer events you want posted or ideas for WAVEs please email Valerie.

Facebook Challenge – if you’re a Facebooker, you have your friends put you to work based on the number of ‘likes’. You complete your volunteering or RIPPLEs throughout the month and provide a summary on the date of the event.

VA hospital visits – these are new events which will be posted on one day of the month. Like the Facebook Challenge, you complete your visit(s) throughout the month during any of the hours posted then provide a comment.

Drop-off Events – some of our events need supplies and drop-off events are utilized to gather the supplies. You obtain the supplies either purchase or do a drive for the items at work. Next contact a drop-off coordinator to arrange for delivery.

#2 Individual RIPPLEs are posted on the message board. We invite all of you to post individual RIPPLEs. In the past one of our RIPPLEs, Gwen, posted one about cleaning out your extra pens. Then during that week if you went out to a restaurant you were to leave a pen behind. Waitresses/waiters always need pens. Her timing was perfect, this just happened to be a week where I had three luncheons with large groups. Naturally the waitress had only a few pens to go around. Gwen’s WAVE to the rescue! I just happened to have at least 20 pens in my purse. Thanks Gwen! The waitress got pens and I got room in my desk drawer.

Another of our RIPPLEs shared this memory. “I will never forget one morning very early I left the house for work only to find that half way to work my car was sputtering, I totally forgot to get gas the previous day and if I did not turn in to the nearest gas station I would be stranded. I searched my purse for my debit card; it was nowhere to be found. Remembering exactly where it was at home and knowing I would not make it back to the house without completely running out of gas and stranding myself I went in to talk to the clerk. I asked him if I left my ID if I could get a few gallons to get me home to get my debit card. The clerk told me that was not possible and after thinking about how I was going to be late for work and stranded at the gas station I wanted to cry. A few moments later I felt a hand on my shoulder, a young man told me to go ahead and fill up that he had overheard my conversation with the clerk and he had paid for the fuel for my car. This young man wanted nothing in return he was simply being kind.”

A kind act is “random” when it is unexpected-done simply out of the will to extend goodness, person to person, without expecting anything in return. Never underestimate the impact of a single act of kindness. It is truly a win/win/win situation. The person you are being kind to benefits through your help. You feel good for having helped someone. And the world is a better place through your kindness.

Join in the “kindness revolution” today and make a positive difference on this planet that we all call “home”. Start a ripple – create a wave – it begins with YOU the RIPPLE.

On earth as it is in Heaven…neighbors helping neighbors.

Save the Date: That Big Book Sale – May27-30, 2021

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Book lovers and bargain hunters are in for a real treat when the Charleston Friends of the Library host its 39th annual That BIG Book Sale, May 27-30, 2021, at the Omar Shrine Auditorium. Over 60,000 books, DVDs, CDs, books on CDs, sheet music and maps will be on sale to the public with prices starting at just $1. For the price of one movie ticket or one new paperback book, shoppers can walk out with a basket full of books, DVDs and CDs that they can enjoy over and over again, or pass on to a friend.

Omar Shrine Auditorium, 176 Patriots Point Rd., 29464

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM – Admission is FREE

Admission to That BIG Book Sale is free. Items will be half price on Sunday, with the exception of tote bags. A special preview sale for Friends of the Library members will be held. Checks, cash, and major credit cards accepted.

Questions: 805-6882 or info@charlestonlibraryfriends.org