2nd Annual Atmospheric Science + Meteorology Day – Saturday, January 30, 2021

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When: Saturday, January 30, 2021, at 2 PM EST – 5 PM EST

Where: Fatty’s Beer Works – 1436 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC



Join us for our 2nd Annual Atmospheric Science and + Meteorology Day that will inspire your kids to further their curiosity and knowledge in the field of science. Chief Meteorologist, Dave Williams of ABC News 4, will be here performing live weather experiments and demonstrating how the most accurate weather forecast in the Lowcountry is brought to you on a daily basis.

College of Charleston Atmospheric Science Students will conduct live interactive experiments that will bring this fascinating science to life right in front of your children’s eyes. An experience not to be missed by anyone looking to educate the next generation on the power of modern-day atmospheric science.

Fatty’s will also be releasing exciting new beers brewed with a high degree of science for the event.

Wild Dunes Resort Hosting a Six-Day Hiring Event for New Sweetgrass Inn

Wild Dunes Resort, located on Isle of Palms, is hosting a hiring event on January 14-19, 2021 for the opening team of the new Sweetgrass Inn. This hiring event will take place from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the Sweetgrass Pavilion.

The resort is seeking enthusiastic, dedicated, and skilled colleagues for several positions at the Sweetgrass Inn and attendees are asked to pre-register for the event on careers.hyatt.com.

Healing Hands – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Words can heal

They have the power to rise up and overcome the darkness of times

Conquering moments, treading storms, lifting us up to the clouds and giving wings to fly

A beacon of light

Will these words stop the rain and bring sunlight to these worn faces?

The storms; the shadowy clouds; the vicious lightning striking us to our knees?

Not alone

Not without the power of the minds

The profound truth found in the earliest scriptures

It is written to love thy neighbor and do good to others

We are but an unfinished mold formed in the shape of the artist, but self-directed with intellect to continue to smooth out the edges

An artist’s model far from a masterpiece

This is where we must look within and break out

Destroy the outer layer and continue from within

The clay is worn from centuries of decay?

Dark and distorted?

It is but a glimmering memory of the vision of perfection

We have the power to reshape in the eye of our maker and bring pride?

Mold with these hands

Hands that hug

Direct with these words

Words of invitation and acceptance

Dry with the heat of a billion hearts

We can

We will

We must heal this sculpture


Photo Credit: Mark A. Leon