Apple Maps activates Transit directions in South Carolina

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Apple recently enabled Apple Maps public transit data for major metropolitan areas in South Carolina as part of ongoing efforts to build out its mapping service, granting users access to bus timetables, schedules and routes.

Available in a number of cities, including Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, Transit directions in South Carolina provide iOS and macOS users the ability to plan trips, create routes and view schedules for local public transport operations.

Apple’s iOS Feature Availability website has not yet been updated to reflect the recent addition, but a quick check shows bus data is now active in heavily trafficked areas within the state.

In the capital of Columbia, for example, Apple Maps now furnishes timetable and route data for The COMET, a relatively new transit service that boasts real-time bus locators, free Wi-Fi and more. The port city of Charleston is also represented with information gleaned from the Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA), while users in Greenville now have access to Greenlink bus data.

The new public transportation data complements Amtrak integration first added in 2016.

It appears Apple has yet to incorporate 3D renderings of larger bus and train stations in its maps app, a feature that displays clearly demarcated entrances and exits for fast on-foot travel.

After ditching Google’s mapping technology in favor of its own service, Apple reinstated Transit data into iOS with the release of iOS 9. Building a transit data platform from scratch, the tech giant leaned on IP acquired through purchases like HopStop and Embark, though the feature has been slow to roll out.

Similar to other navigation solutions, Apple Maps Transit provides routes, departure times and other relevant data for buses, trains, ferries and other forms of public transportation. In addition to local schedules, users can access top-down views of select underground subway and train stations.

Apple continues to build out coverage for Transit after launching the service with relatively sparse support in the U.S. and China. Beyond major cities in the U.S., Apple is concentrating Transit efforts across the UK and Japan.

Ode to Fathers – Great Songs and Film Scenes that Remind Us of the Importance of Dad

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“Hey dad, you wanna have a catch?” – Ray Kinsella? “I’d like that” – John Kinsella
Field of Dreams

The father, child relationship is built on respect, admiration, honesty and inspiration.? It is the bond of innocence and influence; the foundation of love.? This emotional connection to father has been driven home so eloquently in some great films and songs. These men are prominent and powerful forces in our lives, yet show a level of vulnerability that make us feel safe.

As an ode to father, we would like to share some of the most emotional ties to our dad’s every created on film and song.

Field of Dreams – Final Scene

The Natural – Final Scene

Leader of the Band – Dan Folgelberg

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle

My Little Girl – Tim McGraw

Dance with My Father – Luther Vandross

The Pursuit of Happyness

Return of the Jedi – Luke sees his father’s face for the first time

A River Runs Through It – Final Scene

The Champ – Final Scene

Boyz in the Hood

Life is Beautiful Final Scene

My Old Man – Zac Brown Band

My Hometown – Bruce Springsteen

“I was eight years old and running with a dime in my hand; Into the bus stop to pick up a paper for my old man; I’d sit on his lap in that big old Buick and steer as we drove through town; He’d tousle my hair and say son take a good look around”

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Just the Two of Us – Will Smith

My Father’s Daughter – Jewel featuring Dolly Parton

Lowcountry Go, South Carolina’s First Commuter Service Program Launches on February 27, 2018

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WHAT: Commuters in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties will have access to a better trip to work with the launch of the Lowcountry Go commuter services program. Lowcountry Go, or Low Go, connects tri-county residents with real commuting solutions such as carpools, vanpools, emergency rides home and more via a website, web app and BCDCOG staff guidance. The program launches this week.

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 27, 10 a.m.

WHO: Event speakers:

  • Ron Mitchum, BCDCOG Executive Director
  • Doug Frate, SCDOT Deputy Secretary of Intermodal & Freight Programs
  • Anton J. Gunn, MUSC Health Chief Diversity Officer & Executive Director of Community Health Innovation
  • Vic Rawl, Charleston County Council Chairman

WHERE: MUSC Greenway at 101 Doughty St, Charleston, SC 29403. To arrange interviews, please email or call (919) 820-2612.

WHY: A regional partnership between BCDCOG, SCDOT, the Federal Highway Administration, large employers and stakeholders, Lowcountry Go’s goal is to reduce congestion on area roads and improve quality of life. Non-fun fact: a recent regional survey found 90 percent of workers commute alone.

NOTE: Parking is available in the President Street and Jonathan Lucas Street garages.


Daniel Brock
Rawle Murdy Associates
(919) 820-2612

12 Must Not Miss Charleston, SC Area Food Deals

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Every day is an adventure in Charleston, South Carolina.? In a foodie wonderland such as we are in this little Southern Slice of Heaven, finding that truly great food deal is a treasure.

Like any great pirate treasure, it must begin with a map.? Your map has arrived.? Here is a list of nine (9) great food days you cannot miss here in Charleston.

Twelve (12) Great Charleston, SC Area Food Deals

Downtown Charleston

  • Fast and French – 98 Broad Street, Charleston, SC – Fondue Thursdays – Choice of 6 types of fondue with choice of soup or salad and assorted breads – $15.50 – $16.00 – Great for sharing
  • Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub – 160 Church Street, Charleston, SC – $12.99 All You Can Eat Fish and Chips every Friday
  • Bay Street Biergarten – 549 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC – Half Price Burger Night on Mondays
  • Rutledge Cab Company – 1300 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, SC – $5.00 Burgers All Day and Night every Monday
  • Edmunds Oast – 1081 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC – Sundays and Mondays – Half Price Bottles of Wine (Even the Big Bottles
  • Brown Dog Deli –?225 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC – Half Price Burgers Every Friday

North Charleston

  • Sake House – 4952 Centre Point Drive #112, North Charleston, SC / 9770 Dorchester Road, Unit 103, Summerville, SC – Selected Sushi Rolls and Appetizers – Half Price after 3:00 PM every Tuesday

Mount Pleasant

West Ashley

  • Early Bird Diner – 1644 Savannah Highway, West Ashley, SC – $5.00 All You Can Eat Pancakes every Friday (Note:? They are open until 3 AM on Friday, but the special ends at midnight)

Folly Beach

  • Snapper Jack’s – 10 Center Street, Folly Beach, SC – Half Price on All Sushi Rolls and Special Appetizers on Thursday

James Island

  • The Lowdown Oven & Bar – 967 Folly Road, James Island, SC – Half Price wine and half price specialty pizza pie every Wednesday all day long


Daily Charleston Deals

Charleston Brunch Guide

Enjoy these great deals, Charleston style

Charleston Spotlight: From History Buff to Carriage Guide – Intimate Interview with John Polk

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By Juliette Cheatham

“You might not expect someone to say the best place they’ve ever been is a town with a population less than 1000 people. But it’s true, Plains, Georgia was one of the best.” John Polk told me assuredly through his thick southern drawl. Mr. Polk was referring to his opportunity to go to church with President and Mrs. Carter and attend a Sunday school class taught by the former president. “Plains is place a lot like the one I grew up in” he explained to me in response to my quizzical look, “and President Carter was in office when I was born.”

Born and raised in the small town of Hampton, South Carolina just west of Charleston, there wasn’t much around besides stories about ancestors long past and ancient war heroes of the south. “I’m honestly not sure where my love for history originated” Polk confessed “but being from a small historic town with not much to do, I grew up appeasing my boredom by going to museums, monuments, old plantations-I often found myself at the library reading books about war.” Mr. Polk’s infatuation led him to focus his academic studies on history at North Greenville College.

“So how did you end up here, on a carriage attached to a horse on Market Street?” It seems an eccentric career path even for someone with John’s unique character. Mr. Polk saw an ad for a job as a carriage driver in the paper and knew that an amalgamation of his extensive knowledge of South Carolina history and love for sharing it with others would make him an ideal carriage guide.

The carriage company offered on the job training with the horses, how to care for them, and how to steer the carriage it’s self. “You would know in the first day or so if you wanted to do it. Driving the carriages can be frustrating at times because you’re not only giving an “engaging” tour”, he told me with a smirk “but also paying attention to traffic, tourists, and the streets.” Mr. Polk has been lucky enough never to have an incident with a horse getting spooked, but he humbly added that it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

John Polk has been a historian/carriage guide combo for the past decade at Carolina Polo and Carriage Company and Classic Carriage Works, LLC. A well-known local, you honestly couldn’t miss him from a mile away sporting a wide brimmed straw hat covered in decorative pins and feathers and moving with the same slow confidence he speaks with. He doesn’t go anywhere without the Lieutenant Governor Miss Miley Dog, his noble companion. It was clear she is equally as mellow and well known around the city as she patiently sat next to me on the carriage the entire time I spoke to Mr. Polk with passing patrons stopping by to pet her.

Turning passions into lucrative careers is a tedious venture that many are not lucky enough to figure out. Mr. Polk’s passion for the history makes him stand out as one of the most requested carriage guides in town. A true southern gentleman, he is a walking encyclopedia of historical facts. If you want to brush up on some South Carolina history, be sure to hop on a carriage with John and his Lieutenant Governor.

Some of the most searched #Charleston hashtags on Instagram

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Instagram has become a foundation for how we live our lives.? It assists us in search, research and ultimately affects the decisions we make.? It is a tool that is evolving, encompassing elements of pop culture, dining, entertainment, photography, travel, family, lifestyle and so much more.

With Charleston being named one of the most Instgrammable cities in the United States, it is quickly becoming an extension of ourselves.? Whether you are in college, new to town, visiting or a lifetime resident, Instagram is an important part of how we view Charleston and the Lowcountry.

We want to do our part to assist by providing a list of some of the most searched hashtags relevant to the Lowcountry.

Charleston and Lowcountry Area Instagram Hashtags

  • #charleston
  • #charlestonsc
  • #charlestonstyle
  • #charlestonhappyhour
  • #charlestonlife
  • #chsforlife
  • #lowcountry
  • #lowcountryliving
  • #southernliving
  • #folly
  • #follybeach
  • #charlestonphotographer
  • #chseats
  • #chswx
  • #charlestonbride
  • #charletonweddings
  • #charlestondaily
  • #charlestonliving
  • #charlestonblogger
  • #cofc
  • #chsevents
  • #lowcountrylife
  • #lowcountrywedding
  • #charlestonharbor
  • #charlestonstylist
  • #charlestonpictures
  • #charlestonevents
  • #charlestonfoodie
  • #iop
  • #sullivansisland
  • #historiccharleston

Happy Instagram searching




Down to the River to Pray – How Bad is Gun Violence in the United States

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O sinners, let’s go down; Down in the river to pray; As I went down in the river to pray; Studying about that good old way; And who shall wear the robe and crown; Good Lord, show me the way! – Down to the River to Pray
Yesterday, a Leon’s Poultry and Oyster’s Shop employee threatened to “do a Virginia’s” during altercation, police report says.? Amidst this and the national school shooting in Florida and church shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX, gun control has once again become a hot topic in the United States.? This evening CNN is holding a televised Town Hall that will include representatives from the NRA and anti-gun activists looking at both sides of the debate and enhancing the public sentiment.? We took some time to gather some telling facts that indicates we have a serious concern in the United States and not one that will soon go away.? Whether it is legislation, awareness, family values, religion or something else, fear is alive and well and we need some solutions.
Important Facts Related to Gun Violence in the United States
  • America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world

  • There have been more than 1,500 mass shootings since Sandy Hook

  • On average, there is more than one mass shooting for each day in America

  • States with more guns have more gun deaths

  • States with tighter gun control laws have fewer gun-related deaths

  • Most gun deaths are suicides

  • Support for gun ownership has sharply increased since the early ’90s

The number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world:
  • England – 0
  • Greece – 1
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • India – 1
  • Argentina – 1
  • Russia – 1
  • China – 3
  • Mexico – 4
  • Australia – 5
  • Canada – 5
  • Germany – 5
  • South Africa – 5
  • United States of America – 212


Homicides by firearm per 1 million people

  • Australia 1.4
  • New Zealand 1.6
  • Germany 1.9
  • Austria 2.2
  • Denmark 2.7
  • Netherlands 3.3
  • Sweden 4.1
  • Finland 4.5
  • Ireland 4.8
  • Canada 5.1
  • Luxembourg 6.2
  • Belgium 6.8
  • Switzerland 7.7
  • USA ???? 29.7

UNODC, Small Arms Survey

Global Prison Breakdown

Half of the world’s prison population of about nine million is held in the US, China or Russia.? Prison rates in the US are the world’s highest, at 737 people per 100,000 and the occupancy rate is 107.6% (Almost 8% over capacity).? Of the top 17 nations, 13 are overcapacity (China could not be determined).

















Southeastern Wildlife Expo sets record in South Carolina

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The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition says it had record sales for a second consecutive year in South Carolina.

The annual three-day event wrapped up Sunday in Charleston.

Organizers estimate about 45,000 people attended. That’s ahead of last year’s estimate of 43,000. Last year’s attendance broke the record of 42,000 set in 1993.

Expo Chief Executive Jimmy Huggins said Monday he hopes the event heralds a good tourism season for Charleston this year.

Organizers said there had been a 15 percent increase in advance ticket sales and a 40 percent increase in weekend art sales.

The Getaway: Light, Bright Bites and Cocktails

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By Cookin’ With Booze – Elise DeVoe

New restaurants are popping up left and right in Charleston, and even though I have barely scratched the surface of visiting the long-established restaurants; one of the new ones usually catches my eye and I have to go check them out (for journalistic purposes). In this case, the Getaway, a Latin American-themed restaurant run by two lady bosses, peaked my interest. They’re answering the call of Charleston locals begging for a break from shrimp and grits and transporting them with bright, authentic cocktails and food from their travels to South America and beyond.? I sat down with the owner Genevieve Mashburn to learn more about the inspiration behind the Getaway and their must-try bites and cocktails.

The Vibes

When you walk into the Getaway, your eyes are drawn to the bar and the shelves bursting with exotic liquors. The setting is intimate with ambient lighting and small tables fit for sharing bites with friends. Although I loved the inside of the Getaway, as the weather warms up I am more drawn toward their patio. They have a movie night out there every Monday, as well as ? off pi?a coladas for fellow F&B folks. Drinking one of their refreshing cocktails while enjoying some sunshine sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

The food

Executive Chef Emily Hahn is the brains behind the operation in the back of the house, and she is given freedom to create dishes inspired by her travels on a daily basis. Genevieve explained that Chef Emily’s style of cooking was the perfect match for this concept, and she proves it with the food she’s producing.

Usually when I take my first bite of a dish, it takes a second to register the flavors. With the Chilean fish soup, I was immediately hit with the bright, acidic, broth that kept me coming back for more. From the tender shrimp to the crispy crust on the fish, each protein was cooked to perfection. It was served with Chapa bread, which was like biting into a fluffy biscuit, but that biscuit was filled with bread. It was bread-ception people. This dish encapsulated Chef Emily’s style of cooking, which is local, light, bright, and comforting.

The second dish I tried was Chef Emily’s signature empanadas. She is known as the Empanada Mama, so I knew they were going to be authentic and tasty to boot. The fillings of the day were sweet potato and goat cheese and Tamarind Barbecue chicken with saffron rice and peas. The crust on the empanadas was like biting into a flaky and buttery pie; filled with savory goodness. The sweet potato and goat cheese was my favorite of the two because the creamy filling mixed with the crispy crust was a great combination.

Authentic cocktails with a twist

The Getaway has classic cocktails that we all recognize, such as a frozen pi?a colada, but they also have options where you won’t even recognize the names of the liquors. For me, this is exciting because I love learning about new liquors almost as much as I love drinking them!

I decided to try the Davy’s Sail, which was a Gin-based drink with Gran Classico bitters, lime, and coconut water. Their drink menu is seasonal, and this drink was suited for winter with its warm spices from the Gran Classico bitters. Although it was crafted for winter, this drink could carry on into spring because the coconut water lightened up the warm spices, making them subtle and refreshing.

add the getaway to your list!

If you haven’t stopped by The Getaway yet, get yourself over there ASAP. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere to get a drink or trying to shake up your usual restaurant routine, they have you covered. They’re bringing their international flavors to Upper King; nestled where you normally wouldn’t find them. Stay tuned because Genevieve and Chef Emily have plans to continue to push the boundaries and represent as lady bosses in the Charleston community.

Cookin’ With Booze Official Website