College of Charleston probing ‘racially insensitive’ Halloween costumes

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina college is investigating social media posts that appear to show students in “racially insensitive” Halloween costumes, the school’s president said.

College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell says in a statement that the school’s Division of Student Affairs and Department of Public Safety are probing whether students violated the code of conduct or other college policies.

The school’s Black Student Union says one post showed a racial slur written on someone’s bare skin, while others include a student wearing an orange jumpsuit with the name “Freddie Gray,” whose death in Baltimore police custody sparked a riot amid complaints about police brutality against black suspects.

Press Release – Associated Press

Premiere of All the Little Pieces Video “When the Shadows Come” Filmed Live at Old City Jail in Charleston

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We hear this often from folks that visit Charleston that we inspire.? For Rhyan Sinclair and her band All the Little Pieces, Charleston was one of the key factors that influenced their new album.? So much so, that they filmed a live video of “When the Shadows Come” at the Old City Jail.? We are proud to help promote the premiere of this video to all of you.

Latest Album

Rhyan Sinclair and her band All the Little Pieces have released their third album entitled “The Legend of Lavinia Fisher”.
It is a 12 song concept album inspired by a trip the band took earlier in the year to Charleston, South Carolina.??The album was been nominated for Album of the Year at this year’s Lexington Music Awards.? Her band has one a group award in the past as well.

Rhyan is proud to release the first video that was shot at the Old City Jail in Charleston this past spring.? I hope you enjoy it.

Watch this 18 year old Charleston Filmmaker Show You What Summer in Charleston is Really Like

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James Turner – 18 Year Old Charleston Filmmaker with a Vision

What’s up, my name is James Turner and I’m an 18 year-old filmmaker from Charleston SC.

Every summer my friends and I make it our goal to do as many crazy things we can think of, rather it be jumping off bridges, sending it off rope swings, going surfing, fishing offshore, or any other crazy ideas, we’ll do it all.? By far this has been the wildest summer yet and I’m super stoked on how the video turned out. Hope y’all enjoy!

Endless Summer in Charleston
Summer in Charleston – The Video by James Turner

Sunset at IOP

Photo and video credit:? James Turner

Charleston Photographer Spotlight: Summerville Based Ted and Rachel Linczak, Owners of Linczak Photography and Nuvo Images

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Ted & Rachel Linczak, M. Photog.Cr., are the owners and photographers of Linczak Photography and Nuvo Images. After starting their business in 2006, they quickly became one of the most sought after photography studios in Northeast Ohio, and in 2012 expanded their market reach with the Nuvo Images brand in Charleston, SC.

Ted & Rachel’s style is glamorous and combines high fashion photography with photojournalism to display relationships and connections between? their subjects. Their instincts lead them off the beaten path as they continuously challenge themselves to not only stay current in the field of wedding? photography but also create new trends and set new precedents. Their goal in education is to teach photographers the fundamentals of beautiful posing, lighting, and capturing the decisive moment.

Ted won the overall Grand Imaging Award from PPA in 2016 for his album

1863, which also was awarded the Gold Medallion Award by the American Society of Photographers. Ted was named Photographer of the Year for 2015 in both Ohio and South Carolina, and has won the award for highest scoring wedding album in Ohio 4 out of the last 5 years. The PPSC has awarded Ted the top wedding album award in both 2015 and 2016. Ted has won the 1st place award in the Wedding Album category in the

SEPPA Print Competition in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. In February of 2016, Ted was also awarded the Canon Par Excellence Award at the SEPPA Print Competition. Ted and Rachel have had their wedding albums finish in the top 3 at PPA’s Grand Imaging Awards in 2014 and 2015 (3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2014), and were in the top ten for 2016. They placed in the top 3 in the non-event album category at the WPPI Print Competition for both 2014 and 2015 (3rd and 2nd respectively).

Ted and Rachel have been active participants in PPA’s International Print Competition the past 3 years, having earned Platinum Medals in 2014’s? competition, in addition to Gold and Silver Medals in 2013 and Platinum and Silver Medals in 2012. Ted and Rachel both earned their Master of Photography and Craftsman degrees from PPA in 2015.

Ted and Rachel currently live in Charleston, SC. They photograph 30-40 weddings a year, as well a steady amount of family and senior portraits.

Official Studio Website –






The Morgan Creek Grill Experience: A Coastal Delight

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By Mark A. Leon

Charleston is known for great dining, warm weather, cool coastal breezes, waterways and a down home sense of hospitality.? Rarely, does a restaurant embody all these qualities in a truly memorable dining experience like the experience you will have at Morgan Creek Grill on Isle of Palms.? Situated right on the Intracoastal Waterway offering cinematic views of the boats and sunset, Morgan Creek is a haven for locals and tourists alike.? We had an opportunity to spend some time with the staff and enjoy a truly remarkable local meal last week.

Whether you are cozied up on the porch with a Lowcountry Lemonade enjoying a spectacular Western sunset over the Intracoastal Waterway, shucking oysters on the sand while listening to relaxing live music and eating S’mores by the fire pit or enjoying an intimate meal for two, Morgan Creek Grill will make every minute of your stay feel like home.

Get to Know Scot

While you are here, you will surely meet General Manager Scot Goldfarb, who goes out of his way to stop by each table and get to know you.? Once you become a regular, you might even have your favorite table waiting for you upon arrival.? Scot has a comforting demeanor that makes you feel like you have known each other for years and you can just “trust” him.? In fact, Scot was so convincing, he managed to talk me into the Chicken Piccatta served over sour cream mashed potatoes, quoting, “It is one of the top five piccatta dishes I have ever had.”? Given that I was overlooking the water in a seafood themed restaurant and I went the route of Italian Food is a sign of true honesty and trust.? Saying this in true Southern fashion, “by golly, he was right”.

One Can Survive on Starters Alone

I am at liberty to say, that one could stop at the starter dishes and leave content.? With exquisite flavor and presentation, you will fall in love with every bite of the savory options on the

menu.? I cannot speak for all, but give high praise to the Oysters Rockefeller, Charcuterie Board and Seared New Bedford Sea Scallops.? There is a burst of flavor and well-designed combination of compliments to the scallops and oysters that form a rainbow on your palate.? Some restaurants add an artistry to menu preparation and design and Morgan Creek is no exception.? They take pride in taking customer feedback and preparing dishes that are desired by its patrons. We can thank Karnan Devlin, for playing a role in this latest menu creation.? She was recently promoted to executive chef and is proud of the carefully selected items on this current menu.? We want to thank Ian, who was head chef on the evening we dined.? Ian has hailed from a number of great establishments, including Fat Hen.? He understands the importance of partnering with local fisherman and farmers to instill the highest quality of freshness and takes extreme pride in hearing from the customers and took time at the end of the night to talk to us about his role at Morgan Creek Grill.

Seared New Bedford Sea Scallops

Salad or Swordfish

If your stomach is seeking a lighter and healthier fare, Morgan Creek currently offers a Butternut squash, Brussels and Farro salad with a Cranberry Vinaigrette and Roasted Beet Salad with Red and Gold Beets, Whipped Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans and a Champagne Vinaigrette.? The combination of ingredients are sure to be fresh and zesty with flavor.? That salads are tailored to the season and built using local producers.

The entrees are cultivated to offer patrons a fine selection of variety including Ramen Bowl, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Grilled & Blackened Ribeye, Grilled Porkchop, Sunflower Crusted North Carolina Swordfish, Grilled South Carolina Wreckfish, BBQ Glazed Seared Sea Scallops and a number of local favorites.

If you are torn, we would like to recommend the Shellfish Stew.? This steamy dish includes shrimp, fish, mussels, clams and calamari in a tomato saffron broth.? Of course, for picky coastal patron, you can choose from five fresh catch offerings and prepare your meal just the way you like it.

Something for Everyone

One of the things that truly makes Morgan Creek stand out is its restaurant structure allowing for all types to partake and feel right at home.? The main dining area has the feel of fine dining with dark wooden coastal décor and an intimate setting.? Upstairs you can enjoy a few craft beers or cocktails while watching Saturday football.? The patio is home to the sunset chasers who can lose themselves in the waterway and endless horizon and the sand patio with fire pit and stage speaks for itself hosting an Oyster Roast every Saturday during the season.

Morgan Creek is not just about great food, live entertainment, a gathering place for family and friends, majestic sunsets or a sports bar hang out.? It is about a family feel, right on the water, the way the Lowcountry intended it to be.

*Oysters Rockefeller Photo Credit – Morgan Creek Grill

Ramen Bowl with Petite Filet

Young actors find a home at the Charleston Performing Arts Center on James Island

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By Mark A. Leon

Yesterday, the James Island Junior Theater opened the stage to a sell-out crowd for their inaugural performance of “The Little Mermaid Jr.”? With a cast of youth actors up to age 18, parents, friends, siblings and loved ones smiled, laughed, and felt complete admiration as these talented and often brave young actors performed 20 scenes of the beloved classic “The Little Mermaid Jr.”.? With a constant flow of set changes during this single act performance, I was amazed at the level of talent and discipline of these young aspiring talents.

Scott Pfeiffer, Director and Operating Manager of the Charleston Performing Arts Center grew up surrounded by the arts and found his home early in his career performing youth theater in California.? His connection with the live stage and passion for helping to develop the talent of actors at all ages, lends itself to the remarkable achievement this Junior Theater has found.

With a generous team, including Savannah Schoenborn on choreography, Andrea Roule, music director, Kirk Pfeiffer on costumes and wigs, Shawn McIntosh leading scenic construction and painting, Jordan Benton on lighting and Derek Alverson on sound, we were taken to an underwater paradise where 25 humans, mermaids, crustaceans, fish and ocean life led us through a musical journey of love and fantasy.? All around the audience of eager fans were blue lights shot to the ceiling creating the illusion of the ocean while on stage painted canvases of teal and green made the transformation complete.

The show was highlighted by a spirited performance from Madelynne Burt as Sebastian with her humorous accent and nervous demeanor.? She was charming, energetic and nailed her vocals and dialogue with poise.? Lucy Dixon brought an innocence to the stage as Ariel.? She had a natural curiosity and awkwardness in her journey to find true love and you can’t help but want to see end up with her prince.

The two primary male leads, Joshua Tolbert as Prince Eric and Leo West as King Triton, were both strong and pronounced.? Both characters resided in extremely different places, but find parallels in their place in society with one holding a royal role under and one above the water.? Each must tackle a major challenge that tests their souls to find what they truly seek in life.? These were two excellent and heartwarming performances.

The remainder of the cast elevated the show with large ensemble musical numbers, keen supporting roles and a natural ability to remove their human skin and become one with their fantasy bigger than life characters.

Live theater is achieved when the collaborative efforts of a group of people both in front and behind the scenes come together in a passionate and cohesive exercise of love.? It takes hard work, rehearsal and a vulnerability to take on a character and become the embodiment of them.? Only a rare individual with inner strength and confidence to step out in front of hundreds of people and entertain can take on such a position.? I witnessed a great deal of talent on that stage and expect to see many of these performers for years to come.

The Charleston Performing Arts Center on James Island is making a selfless commitment to the Charleston area community to harness and shape the future of live performing arts in the Lowcountry.? We were honored to be part of the inaugural performance and season.

Including remaining shows for “The Little Mermaid Jr.”, the company will be performing “The Wizard of Oz”, “Peter Pan” and “Hairspray” to usher through this 2017-18 season.

Learn more today – Ticket and Audition Information


Charleston Photographer Spotlight Series – Now accepting submissions

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Charleston Daily is proud to introduce its latest spotlight series:? Charleston Photographers.

Charleston, SC is a mecca for photographic memories.? Capturing a moment forever is an art form and we are fortunate to have many that have a special gift for capturing an image, an emotion, a moment so perfect and we want to share their art with you.

Today, we are introducing a weekly Charleston Photographer Spotlight Series.? Each week, we will publish a spotlight piece on an area photographer that inspires and brings happiness to others.

Whether your focus is on weddings, nature, family, pregnancy, couples, architecture, sunrises or something even more unique and spectacular, we want to hear from you.

If you are interested in being spotlighted, please follow these instructions.

  1. Provide a one to two paragraph bio
  2. Submit 5 high definition photographers you would like to feature
  3. Provide your official company website or Facebook page if you do not have a website
  4. Email all of this information to

Our team will evaluate and notify you if you will be a featured photographer.? We are so happy to bring additional exposure to you all.

Woolfe Street Playhouse’s “Sweeney Todd” is an Absolute Triumph

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By Mark A. Leon

From the opening number to the last bloody scene, Woolfe Street Playhouse’s newest production, “Sweeney Todd” is a masterpiece.? With exquisite set and costume design, a cast with tremendously penetrating musical range and just the right combination of humor and horror, this play will leave you wanting more.

If you have read the book, seen another live production or got swept into Tim Burton’s theatrical release, throw it all out the window.? This cast has set the bar high.? This play, set in London, 1840’s is an all-encompassing transport through time.? As an audience member, you become part of the story, sitting at old wooden tables, wooed by street peddlers and offered the chance to get a shave with the infamous Sweeney Todd.? Remember, don’t say yes.

Bradley Keith leads this wonderful ensemble cast as Sweeney.? Speaking several weeks ago to Bradley, I learned that this has been a beloved story favorite of his for many years and outside of rehearsal, he ran lines with his young daughter.? This passion and dedication helped transform Bradley into this complex character.? With his subtle humor, pitted anger and emptiness in his soul, you witness the transformation and decline of a man who once was blessed with beauty, a family and a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Though his intentions are noble, his actions and uncontrollable obsession to the destroy those that took his family and life away become a dark path that one can never return.? Bradley’s powerful presence on stage gives the audience a character that you fear and fell empathy for all at the same time.

A remarkable performance.

Katherine Kuckelman, a College of Charleston senior studying Voice Performance, has the voice of an angel as Johanna.? If you close your eyes and listen to her voice, you are transported to a French opera house circa 1820.? The sensuality and emotion she carries is a vocal celebration.? Every chord makes you feel the thoughts, fears and love running through her mind.? Katherine is a true talent that has a bright future in the arts.

It was a pleasure to see Nat Jones and Jimmy Flannery reunite as Judge Turpin and The Beadle.? I had the pleasure of seeing both men perform in Threshold Repertory’s Production “Bent” and they both took a very deeply tragic story and let themselves become vulnerable and stricken.? There is a comfort both men share in each other’s presence which makes for excellent casting as two sinister towns officials.

What can we say about Mrs. Lovett played with explosiveness by Kathy Summer.? She is a carnival ride, stadium concert, fireworks show and a space launch all wrapped into one.? With precision comedic timing, a controlled insanity fueled by dreams of love and a superb singing voice, Kathy Summer owned her role as Mrs. Lovett.

The character of Tobias Ragg is perhaps one of the most complex in the play.? Often slow and lacking in intellect, loyal as a puppy, insightful and incredibly playful, Tobias becomes center stage in scenes where his isn’t even the prominent player.? His jovial musical numbers, playful dancing and knack for physical comedy was a blessing.? Played by Charleston Southern University senior theatre student Justin Borak, Tobias brings a natural balance to the insanity all around.? Justin’s acting technique is nearly flawless.? You are focused on his smile, laugh and unspoken banter with the audience during each of his scenes.

The remainder of the cast and ensemble all portrayed their characters pitted in the seedy underbelly of mid nineteenth century London with expert precision.? The vocals complimented by a beautiful band comprised of Leah Megli on piano, Brandi Manis on clarinet and Vanessa Chamers on cello added to the intensity and flow of the play so well.

“Sweeney Todd” is a theatrical play that will amaze, shock and satisfy you this Halloween season.? A must see.

Ticket Information – Sweeney Todd

Follypalooza Cancer Benefit Raises Over $29,000 For Local Cancer Patient

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?Folly Beach, SC – On Saturday, October 21, nearly 7,000 people headed to Folly Beach for the 10th Annual Follypalooza Cancer Benefit to help raise money for local cancer patients. The festival featured over 80 arts, crafts and food vendors, live music from six local bands, a kid’s zone, beer garden, date auction and more.
From the beautiful weather to the crowd, it was the perfect Saturday on Folly Beach,” explains Kelly Russ, Director of Follypalooza. “It’s so rewarding to see our community come together to help Folly locals in need and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s support.”
This year’s event raised $29,148 to support Folly Beach locals, who due to medical ailments, are in dire need of financial support. Over the past ten years, Follypalooza has raised over $96,000 and has directly helped over 35 Folly locals through their fight with cancer or other medical ailments. In addition, the financial support has helped at least 5 of the beneficiaries on their journey to become cancer free.
To learn more about Follypalooza Cancer Benefit, please visit

Joint Base Charleston Becomes Supply Center for Hurricane Maria Recovery

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JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C., Oct. 26, 2017 — Joint Base Charleston has been established as the central hub and reception area for disaster relief supplies as part of sustained efforts in rebuilding Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Army Sgt. Roberto Espino, 640th Transportation Detachment Tampa, Fla., inspects equipment as it arrives at an initial staging area at Joint Base Charleston, S.C., Oct. 20, 2017. Joint Base Charleston was chosen as the installation support base and the central hub for sustained efforts aiding the rebuilding of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. William O’Brien

Joint Base Charleston was chosen because it’s one of the few Defense Department installations with sea and aerial port facilities.

Different modes of transportation offer different benefits. A sealift vessel is capable of moving more cargo, but at a slower speed than airlift. And, while airlift is faster, no aircraft can hold as much cargo as a ship. By combining the two modes of transportation, representatives are able to airlift urgent items while sealifting large quantities of materials not immediately needed.

“Joint Base Charleston was asked by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the [U.S.] Transportation Command to be an installation support base,” said Air Force Col. Rockie Wilson, 628th Mission Support Group commander. “An ISB is a reception area for disaster relief supplies. The interesting thing about Joint Base Charleston is it’s one of the few places in the DoD where we can receive supplies by rail and road while having access to aerial and sea port assets. Such access provides maximum flexibility to FEMA to be able to send and receive needed supplies.”

Processing Cargo

FEMA and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency established an initial staging area where items are received, inspected and measured. That information is put into the 841st Transportation Battalion’s logging system, enabling them to create a stowage plan.

“We’re receiving cargo from federal and state agencies from all over the country,” said Shawny Dallam FEMA transportation specialist. “When it arrives, it is inventoried and sent to the staging area to be transported to the vessel when it docks or to the air base to be flown out.”

The Navy’s roll-on, roll-off vehicle cargo ship, the USNS Brittin, which has a cargo capacity of 215,000 square feet, is scheduled to make six trips from here to Puerto Rico over the next two months. Since items are coming in from a wide range of agencies, some require repackaging before loading onto the ship.

“Once the items have been received and consolidated, if needed, the items are prioritized and a stowage plan is created,” said Navy Lt. Brenton Breed, the 841st Transportation Battalion’s operations officer. “This stow plan is then shared with the receiving agencies in Puerto Rico. The plan allows them to know exactly what they’re getting, and what order it will come off the ship, facilitating a smooth off load when the ship arrives.”

Eleanor Van Cleve and Joseph Alem, Federal Emergency Management Agency transportation managers, review paperwork of inbound cargo at Joint Base Charleston, S.C., Oct. 21, 2017. FEMA and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency established an initial staging area where items are received, inspected and measured. Once the cargo has been processed, it will be sent to Puerto Rico by air or sea. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. William O’Brien

The primary mode of transportation for this mission is by sea, but if perishable or urgent items arrive at the staging area, they can be sent to Joint Base Charleston’s aerial port to be flown to their destination within hours. Transporting cargo by air has the added benefit of being able to land hundreds of miles from the shore.

“We can be ready as soon as we receive the assets,” said Air Force 1st Lt. Rebecca Ryti, 437th Aerial Port Squadron air freight flight commander. “Once a truck pulls up to our dock, we can unload it, inspect it and get it out to the aircraft in under two hours. Aerial movement is quite amazing because you can move things from one point to another much more quickly than by any other means of transportation.”

Logistics Support

Members from units across the 628th Civil Engineer Squadron provided the logistics support enabling the base to accommodate these interagency partners in accomplishing their mission. This effort was led by Air Force 1st Lt. Ana Smith, 628 CE emergency response flight commander. She met with FEMA and PEMA representatives prior to establishing the staging area to understand their requirements and identify the base assets to fulfill them.

“It has been a little bit of a chess game trying to anticipate their requirements and making sure they have everything they need,” Smith said. “We knew, in general, they’d need base access, a space to store items waiting to be shipped and escort vehicles when shipments arrive at the gate. Additionally, I also had to think beyond the surface and look at finer details. For example, rest room facilities are needed because they are going to be out here for extended periods of time each day.”

This partnership brings together professionals from a variety of different agencies with different skill sets?and backgrounds. The team to works as a unit to solve any problems and continues to support the people who are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Maria.

“FEMA and PEMA are great partners,” Breed said. “We work together well. I can provide the logistics expertise they need to ship things because that’s not their normal mission. We’re looking forward to working together with them to help the American citizens of Puerto Rico.”