Sister Hazel Returns to the Lowountry: Our Interview with Founding Member Andrew Copeland

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Photo Courtesy: Kaylor Girl Promotions

By Mark A. Leon

There is a very human side of music built on the relationship between musician and fan. When the symmetry of musical appreciation, art, emotion and genuine admiration come together you have the 23-year career of one of the most respected Southern bands of the modern musical genre, Sister Hazel. From the most recognizable song nationally with “All for You” to pioneering annual rock cruises, Sister Hazel continues to reinvent themselves with the sole purpose of giving back to the fans.

This weekend, The Windjammer will be hosting Sister Hazel as they perform three shows and a series of special VIP events for the loyal Hazelnuts and Lowcountry fans performing songs from an over two-decade musical library.

Sister Hazel holds a very close personal relationship with Charleston. Playing gigs at the Music Farm and The Windjammer early in their career and harnessing brotherly relationships with Darius and the Hootie boys, NeedtoBreathe and Edwin McCain, Drew describes the Lowcountry as a second home. “Bobby Ross has always been very kind to us.” (The Windjammer). We have known Hootie from back in the early 90’s. We all came up in the same circles. Those guys are like brothers. We have stayed close for 20 plus years. There was never any competition between us. The memories we have built coming through Charleston and the way the fans in the Carolinas treat us has made this a second home for us. It is very familiar to us. We are treated like family.”

I had a chance to sit down with founding member Andrew “Drew” Copeland about their career, importance of the fans and their upcoming weekend in Charleston.

CD: 23 Years Together: What have you learned from one another about life, music, family and fan loyalty?

AC: I’ll tell ya. The lessons from being in a band with four other guys for this long and the tools you gain are immeasurable. There is no hierarchy. We all respect each other. We all have an equal say. Over time, we have had the ability to prioritize things and determine what is important in life. If someone is passionate about something, we take it seriously. This has affected how we make business and life decisions over the 23 years together. No one can appreciate all you have been through more than the four guys you have spent so many years with. We have had a crazy life. In fact, Ken and I have been performing together for 26 years now. We have been co-dependent on each other. There is no closer definition of brotherhood.

CD: Dr. Hazel K. Williams, the woman behind your namesake passed away last year at age 91. What did she mean to you all you.

Photo Courtesy: Kaylor Girl Promotions

AC: She was a female minister who dedicated her life to the ministries that reached out to the less fortunate. She reached out to all that needed help regardless of race, religion or background. Ken spoke at her funeral and over the years we always donated money to her causes. She was special and selfless.

When the band formed, we were looking for a name. Ken felt Hazel represented acceptance of all and that is what he wanted the music to be. Ken wanted to create songs that all music fans could relate to and appreciate and she was the embodiment of that.

When she returned from missionary work in Belize and Haiti, she saw our name on billboards in Gainesville and reached out to us. After speaking to us, she said, if you accept all and don’t speak ill of anyone, I am happy to let you use my name for the band. To this day, it has stuck.

CD: Tell me more about the Rock Cruises from concept to reality and what do you want the fans to take away from the experience?

AC: Way back, about 18 years ago, we wanted to find a way to thank our fans for being so supportive. We wanted to give them special shows and spent time with them and what better way than a cruise with live music and interaction. In our first year, we reserved only 200 cabins, not even the whole boat. It went so well, we chartered the entire ship the next year. For the first few years, I was even writing checks after we docked to cover some of the costs. Our former manager, Andrew Levine spearheaded these cruises and since then, Sixth Man Productions, led by Andrew has coordinated similar cruises for Zach Brown, Kid Rock and Kiss.

Over the years, we have played with Collective Soul, Gavin Rossdale, Tonic and NeedtoBreathe to name just a few. In a way, we pioneered a genre of music and fan appreciation.

CD: I understand you perform barefoot. Is that a lifestyle choice or just a little bit about your attitude about life?

AC:? I think it is both. I grew up in Florida. I was one of many kids that loved walking around barefoot. When Ken and I started out playing together we played beach clubs and patio bars. We would show up in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. We kicked off our flip flops and played. When the band started to take off with more success, I just kept doing it. It felt good and it was a bit of a superstition.

CD: How was it superstitious?

AC: In 1993 we formed the band, in 1996, we signed with our first major label and then after that, I felt like things couldn’t change.

CD: Hazelnuts: Tell me more about the origins of this following? (For those that do not know, the Hazelnuts are the true, unconditional, devoted fan base of Sister Hazel. Much like the “Parrotheads” and “Deadheads”, these fans are dedicated to the love of the music and the band)

AC: They are self-dubbed fans. Super loyal fans. They have come together for the love of music. They are passionate about the band and all music. For that we are indebted. These fans love music and everything about it.

CD: I have some personal favorites including “Champagne High” and “Right One for Me”. What are Andrew’s top 5 Sister Hazel songs?

AC: Those can vary from night to night depending on the mood, but I will always be thankful for “All for You.” I have nothing but love for the song and all that it has given us over the years. It is still such an important part of who we are and what we have become.

CD: Being born and bred in the area that gave us Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, what has contributed to your longevity and the relationship you have built with your fans?

AC:? I think it is that we are appreciative. We don’t feel entitled. We have been surrounded by good people in our lives that has kept us grounded. We take a lot of pride in the accessibility of our fans being able to connect to us and the music.

CD: Has the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame crossed your minds now that you are 2 years away from eligibility?

AC:? No, we haven’t thought about it, but that would be the most incredible thing to ever happen to us. That is mind numbing to even think about. I have never considered it as an option for us, but it would be remarkable if it did.

What started as two guys playing guitar and singing a few riffs of The Eagles during a 1991 tailgate party before a Florida Tennessee Football game have become a 26-year journey filled with heart, dedication and musical poetry. Exposing the vulnerability of relationships and love and celebrating life has been the cornerstone of a career that is showing no signs of slowing down.

“And for the million hours that we were
Well I’ll smile and remember it all
Then I’ll turn and go
While your story’s completed mine is a long way from done.”Champagne High

We look forward to the next million hours together.

As you watch Ken, Andrew, Ryan, Jett and Mark perform some of their classic hits and new songs, you will see a level of brotherhood you rarely find in life and that bond has extended to fans around the world.

Welcome back to Charleston.

Sister Hazel – The Windjammer Ticket Information

Photo Courtesy: Kaylor Girl Promotions

Charleston, SC Is Officially The Largest City in South Carolina: 4 of top 7 in Lowcountry

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The new census data reveals that Charleston now has 76 more people than Columbia making them the largest city in South Carolina.? Our area has 4 cities in the top 7:? Charleston #1, North Charleston #3, Mount Pleasant #4 and Summerville #7.

South Carolina’s largest cities

1. Charleston – 134,385

2. Columbia – 134,309

3. North Charleston – 109,298

4. Mount Pleasant – 84,170

5. Rock Hill – 72,937

6. Greenville – 67,453

7. Summerville – 49,323

8. Goose Creek – 42,039

9. Sumter – 40,723

10. Hilton Head – 40,500

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2016 population estimates

Also, Greenville is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States between 2015 and 2016.

Helping a Hero has Awarded Over 100 Homes in 22 States – Read the Touching Story of MSgt Rhyner from Raleigh, NC

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Helping A Hero Has Awarded Over 100 Homes In 22 States

RALEIGH, N.C. (May 30, 2017) – Helping A Hero, a 501(c)(3) non-profit non-partisan organization, presented a specially adapted home to wounded hero MSgt Zac Rhyner. A decorated veteran, MSgt Rhyner, USAF has been presented: three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and the Air Force Cross as only the 192nd airman in the history of America to receive this rare and coveted award. This award is the highest honor the Air Force bestows upon an airman, given to those who show exemplary valor and second only to the Medal of Honor. After receiving this honor, MSgt Rhyner deployed for the sixth time to Afghanistan where he was further wounded and forced to retire due to a severe leg injury. He now only has 5% use of his leg and hip. MSgt Rhyner and his caretaker and wife, Jillian, will enjoy this new home with their two sons.

Having awarded over 100 homes in 22 states for veterans wounded in the war on terror, Helping A Hero designed a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in a Holly Springs subdivision with special adaptations to make MSgt Rhyner’s day to day life easier. The Today Show covered the emotional story and aired it celebration of Memorial Day, Monday, May 29. Watch it here: LINK.

Learn more about the Helping A Hero Wounded Hero Home Program at To make a difference in lives of heroes like MSgt Zac Rhyner, visit Follow us on Twitter @HelpingAHero and “Like” us on Facebook, Spread the positive word using the hashtag #EmpowerHeroes.


Founded in 2006, Helping A Hero provides support for military personnel severely injured in the war on terror by providing specially adapted homes for qualifying service members through partnerships made with the builders, developers, communities, and the wounded warriors. Helping A Hero strives to engage the community in providing services and resources for our wounded heroes and their families. Additionally, the nonprofit organization provides additional support programs such as marriage retreats, caregiver retreats, recreational activities, emotional support, and financial support.

Through the generosity of patriots across the nation, Helping A Hero has awarded over 100 homes in 22 states since 2006. These adapted homes promote a successful transition from military to civilian life and allow wounded veterans to regain some of their lost independence. Helping A Hero adapted homes are not free. The homes are typically valued around $250,000 and the veterans have a minimum $50,000 mortgage. In addition, the veteran commits to reside in the home for at least 10 years as his/her primary residence. More information on Helping A Hero can be found at

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@HelpingaHero awards specially adapted home to wounded hero. Watch @TODAYshow

From Nikki Haley, another side of Trump’s ‘America First – Associated Press

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BAB AL-HAWA, Turkey-Syria Border (AP) — Nikki Haley crouched low in the trailer of an 18-wheeler taping up a box of lentils and wheat for besieged Syrians, her hands-on diplomacy a world apart from the gleaming new NATO headquarters where President Donald Trump was debuting his “America First” doctrine overseas.

Haley, Trump’s U.N. ambassador, had started the day in Turkey’s capital, opened a refugee school in the south of the country, then traveled hours in an armored vehicle to the Syrian border. Her afternoon stop had to be short. She had a packed schedule, and at a nearby refugee camp she was soon kicking soccer balls with stranded Syrians and noshing on shawarma.

As she hopped a flight to Istanbul, Trump was arriving in Brussels to scold European allies for relying too much on U.S. defense spending. Haley’s mission represented another side of Trump’s “America First,” assuring nations on the border of the world’s worst crisis that the U.S. wasn’t forgetting them.

“I think ‘America First’ is human rights and ‘America First’ is humanitarian issues,” Haley said. “It’s what we’ve always been known for.”

Haley’s trip last week to Jordan and Turkey showcased the outspoken former South Carolina governor-turned-Trump diplomat’s emergence as Trump’s foreign policy alter ego: still bold, still brash-talking, but with greater attention to America’s traditional global roles and the personable side of diplomacy.

Whereas Trump has emphasized U.S. security and prosperity and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has distinguished between America’s interests and its values, Haley is the national security voice insisting the U.S. still seeks to promote human rights, democracy and the well-being of others. Yet Haley brushes off any suggestion of divergent interests, arguing instead that the members of Trump’s Cabinet simply “see the world through a different scope.”

“We take basically what we work with every day and try to make America first through that lens,” she said at Altinozu Refugee Camp in southern Turkey, in explaining her sharply contrasting style. “For me to make America first, I have to fight for the political solution, have to fight for human rights and I have to fight for humanitarian issues, because I’m surrounded by it every day.”

So far, the White House has cautiously embraced Haley’s higher profile, perhaps as an antidote to Democratic and Republican critiques that Trump doesn’t care about human rights. Her prominent role as a face of Trump’s foreign policy has fueled talk in Washington about her political future, including potentially as a future secretary of state.

And while Haley has sometimes contributed to mixed messages, on everything from Syria to the delicate issue of Jerusalem’s status, the White House has continued sending her out frequently to represent the administration in public and on television.

Haley’s role as boundary-pusher may have roots in her political upbringing in South Carolina, where the daughter of Indian immigrants became the first female governor in a state notorious for its “good-old-boy” Republican network.

When a self-avowed white supremacist gunned down nine black worshippers in a Charleston church, Haley sat front-and-center for weeks at every one of the funerals. She grieved publicly throughout her second term after the “1,000-year flood,” Hurricane Matthew, and other tragedies in the state.

Yet it was her role in the roiling controversy over removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds that largely defined her ascent as a national political figure. For many in the state, it was a cherished symbol of Civil War sacrifices. But the rebel flag had been brandished by the Charleston church gunman in a display of hate, and Haley said South Carolinians needed to move forward and “put themselves in other people’s shoes.”

“She’s definitely someone who seemed to rise to the occasion when faced with these controversies,” said Gibbs Knotts, who teaches political science at the College of Charleston. “She hadn’t necessarily had a legislative success, but her ability to handle crises and connect with people and represent the state was when she was at her strongest as governor.”

After being picked by Trump in January for the U.N. ambassadorship, Haley said that “everything I’ve done leading up to this point has always been about diplomacy.”

“It’s been about trying to lift up everyone, getting them to work together for the greater good, and that’s what I’m going to attempt to do going forward,” she said.

As a member of Trump’s administration, though, it’s been more complicated.

While Haley conducted her reassurance tour for Syria’s neighbors last week, Trump unveiled a budget proposing sweeping cuts to U.S. foreign aid. Many of the same U.N. agencies whose programs Haley visited faced sharply reduced U.S. contributions, creating uncertainty about whether she could deliver on her declarations of support.

It’s contradictions like that, plus her extemporaneous style, that have led to speculation she sometimes deviates from the approved message in an administration in which Trump seeks to be the brightest star, demands loyalty and doesn’t tolerate public dissent. After the U.S. blamed a chemical attack on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, Haley was outspoken in questioning Assad’s future while Tillerson and Trump were more circumspect. It took about a week for trio to get on the same page.

Provided by Associated Press

Associated Press writer Meg Kinnard in Columbia, South Carolina, contributed to this report.


Reach Josh Lederman on Twitter at

The Summer of Bill Art Opening and Movie Series Kicking Off at Charleston Music Hall Tomorrow

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The Charleston Music Hall is thrilled to present The Summer of Bill Film Series, a 7 film series composed of Bill Murray films with a corresponding art exhibit. The Summer of Bill Art Exhibit will have a Free opening party on May 31st from 5:30 – 7:30pm. Local Murray-lover, Tiffany “Mish” Pretlow, is organizing the art exhibit with over 20 local artists contributing Bill Murray inspired works in all different mediums. Pretlow organized the “Where’s Murray?” Art Show at King Dusko a few years back. Rumor has it a life-size jaguar shark may make an appearance. The art exhibit will be on view from May 31 – August 20.

We will be presenting 7 Bill Murray films between May 31 and August 20. We originally had four films for the series, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation, and Life Aquatic. We texted Bill to make sure he was fine with us doing this series. He responded saying he was honored and loved that we were doing the series, but he wanted to see some of his “failures” included in the series. He mentioned that we only included the hits and that everyone wanted to see the hits, but they needed to also see the flops, so we added three more films: The Razor’s Edge, Rushmore, and Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers.? We love all three of these films, but they all failed at the box office.

We love the way Bill Murray has inspired playfulness in our community, and we are excited to pay homage to this amazing artist. Each film will start at 7:30 with the bar opening at 7pm. The films will be $8 each, or you can purchase a 7 Film Pass for $35. The film series will open with Caddyshack on May 31 and will include The Razor’s Edge on June 6, Ghostbusters (1984) on June 14, Rushmore on June 29, Lost in Translation on July 26, Broken Flowers on August 2, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou on August 20.

We also commissioned 5 local artists to create 7 unique film posters. Caddyshack by Jason Groce, The Razor’s Edge by Bennett Jones, Ghostbusters by Seth Deitch, Rushmore by Taylor Faulkner, Lost in Translation by Karen Ann Myers, Broken Flowers by Karen Ann Myers, The Life Aquatic by Anne Peyton, 7 Bills Series Poster by Karen Ann Myers. These specialty poster prints will be for sale all summer at the box office.

Charleston Music Hall Official Website

Summer of Bill Art Opening Details

11 Memorable Places to Propose in Charleston, South Carolina

By Mark A. Leon

The bond of marriage is a wonderful and cherished part of life.? It is the commitment of two individuals to share in the laughter and tears, hope and fears and enjoy a lifelong journey of discovery that makes this silly little thing called life worth living.

Charleston is one of the most adorned backdrops in the United States for declarations of love.? It is the peacefulness of our cobblestone roads, warmth of our parks, courtesy of our citizens, romanticism of horse drawn carriages and the ambiance of a coastal sunset that set the mood for love and companionship.? We are blessed with a canvas of colors woven into a perfect tapestry.

Through the years, we have been the home for thousands of acts of courage as two smiles agreed to share a life together as one.

As an Ode to the magical spell Charleston puts on us, we wanted to share some of the great spots to offer your hand in marriage in this Southern jewel of a city.

11 Memorable Places to Propose Marriage in Charleston, South Carolina

  1. ?Schooner Pride – Sailing on the Charleston Harbor during a cool evening sunset on a traditional clipper ship; that this paints a picture of a romantic movie I would like to see.? The rainbow of colors in the sky blended with the point where the sun meets the water offers a perfect opportunity to pop the big question.
  2. Top of the Arther Ravenel Jr. Bridge – At the peak of that 2 1/2 mile suspension bridge which has become an iconic symbol of Charleston offers one of the most magnificent views of the harbor and the city.? What better time than during a walk or job with a stunning background to offer up the question they have been waiting to hear…and get exercise.
  3. The Vendue Rooftop – This rooftop bar has the most stunning view of the St. Philips Church Steeple.? If you catch that moment when the sun falls from the sky just behind the church steeple, it is one of the most remarkable sites you will see in Charleston.? Believe me, you ask that special someone at that moment, there is no way you will ever get a no.? A few drinks may not hurt either.
  4. Brittlebank Park – Located on Lockwood Boulevard overlooking the Charleston Marina, this spot is one of serenity and truly defines the life of a coastal resident.? With the calm waters, hovering sailboats and a pier used for fishing and lovers, you won’t find a more serene spot to ask that special question.? If you have the privacy, at the end of the pier under the gazebo is perfect.
  5. Private Carriage Tour – There is no better way to see the city of Charleston than being pulled by a majestic horse, taking in the sites slowly and enjoying a memorable history lesson.? Now remove all the cameras, chatter and lack of elbow room and make it an intimate ride for two.? Give that secret wink to your carriage operator and then off to the side of the road surrounded by historic plantation homes, define the moment that will change you both forever.
  6. White Point Garden – Gazebo – What can be more iconic than asking for a hand in marriage at the exact point where the first shots of the United States Civil War were fired.? If you two are history buffs, you won’t ever forget this moment.? In the center of this beautiful park on The Battery and surrounded by haunting layers of trees is a gorgeous gazebo that has been the setting of many weddings, wedding pictures and proposals.? We will treat yours as if it were the first.
  7. Morris Island Lighthouse Beach – Folly Beach – There are many beautiful beach spots where you can solidify that lifetime commitment.? Not many as secluded as the two I am about to discuss.? This spot requires you to park your car on a residential street, walk just over half a mile and then up a mound of beach sand.? Once you arrive, your breath will be taken from you.? In the distance, the mesmerizing Morris Island Lighthouse, to the right, a long pier of rocks smooth from millions of wave crashes, to the left, trees coming out from the sand and incredible privacy.? Lay a blanket or hook a hammock, share a glass of champagne and set the stage for a proposal you will share with your children for the rest of your life.
  8. Fort Moultrie Beach – Sunset – If you have ever visited Charleston, you most likely have spent time inside Fort Moultrie.? Here is a little secret, us locals know.? Just past the fort is a small dirt road that leads to an isolated beach.? This is a beach where you will commonly see dolphins frolic, a view of the Arther Ravenel Jr. Bridge in the distance and a sunset that puts all others to shame.? Whether you are on the beach or on the hill at the coastal base of the fort, this spot showers romance.
  9. Pitt Street Bridge – We cannot leave out our friends in Mount Pleasant.? This long peaceful walkway with marsh and a twisty kayak path on one side and the Charleston Harbor on the other is a haven for fisherman, couples and families alike.? It is a wonderful place to catch shrimp and watch the fireworks, but this long grassy path presents a nice setting for a picnic, evening nap together or a proposal of eternal love.
  10. Cannon Park – Many of your know the white pillars in the park between Rutledge Avenue and Ashley Avenue.? What remains of an old turn of the century building is a stairwell leading to a platform with red bricks remaining and a beautiful set of Greek style pillars.? This spot with clear blue skies, green grass and trees could not be a better stage for a marriage proposal.? It even makes for a great pop up wedding spot.
  11. Angel Oak – With angel in the name, you cannot go wrong.? Angel Oak is a legacy with its age, stature and reminder that things strengthen with age and that beauty is timeless.? Those are nice reminders when you think about sharing a lifetime together.

We hope this help provide some great ideas if you are thinking about asking that burning question.? Share love and it will share right back.

Kayla Gajeton: Lost too young to brain cancer at 21 – Obituary

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Kayla Briana Gajeton, 21, of Knightdale, North Carolina, entered into eternal rest, on May 26, 2017, following a brain cancer diagnosis 5 days after her 21st birthday.

The past eight months were spent surrounded by family and friends that Kayla had touched in some small way throughout her short, yet very memorable life. Kayla’s life would seem too short to many, but those who were touched by her understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. Her amazing smile could melt the hearts of those around her and her determination was contagious. Kayla was a warrior all throughout her life and overcame many obstacles up until it was her time. She had amazing strength and a positive outlook despite her diagnosis and always pushed forward. Kayla always left a piece of herself in those who got to know her.

Although Kayla’s illness made it difficult to do the things she once loved, she possessed strength, perseverance, and an ability to overcome incredible odds and physical challenges. With her courage she led us to believe that each day is a blessing and an opportunity to create lasting memories. She could spend hours in the gym or helping me and her grandparents with yard work or cleaning our house, while always making time to create memories with her siblings. She enjoyed painting, volunteering at the church, color guard, dancing, reading, hiking, looking at street art, going to concerts and always listening to music and spending time with her friends and boyfriend.

With Kayla’s passing we remind others that her life is one to be celebrated. Although we will miss her everyday, especially her winning smile, she will forever remain in our hearts. Through her teachings about life learned through adventure, her family and I were able to create wonderful memories and it has been a privilege to be her mother. I am so thankful for all of Kayla’s siblings and especially her niece Allison, whom she got very close to in the last few months, so that they can hold dear the memory of Kayla’s gentle soul and strong spirit. I learned a lot through the eyes of my first born child. Kayla taught me what it was like to love someone unconditionally and without end. Although it pains all of us in Kayla’s passing, it comforts me to know she was a child of the Lord. Her salvation is my peace.

Kayla leaves behind many wonderful caregivers that provided love and support that enhanced her quality of life. Kayla’s love extends to her wonderful nurse, Ellen, as well as a special place in our hearts for Kayla’s neuro-oncologist, Dr. Cachia, and her radiologist, Dr. Cooper, and the radiology staff at MUSC Mt. Pleasant and Downtown Charleston. Most importantly her Grandma Fe and Grandpa Gil. Because of their continual dedication, love and support, Kayla was able to survive some of her toughest medical challenges and maintain an active quality of life up until her last days with hope and realistic goals.

There were many other friends and family that were there for her during her treatment and those who spent time with her as well as help raise funds for her expenses during her treatment by making t- shirts, selling items, donating, and paying her car payments. All of these special people, provided Kayla with love and dignity in her life and also in her death, near and afar. You are greatly appreciated by her as well as her family.

Kayla is survived by her mother and step-father Fidel and Melissa Gallegos of Knightdale, NC; father W03 Brian R. Gajeton Sr., US Army, Stationed in Vicenza, Italy; sisters Kimberly (20), Lauren (17), Isabella (11), Arianna (8), and Eva (6); brothers Enrique (15) and Jonathan (10); niece Allison (1); paternal grandparents Wilhelm and Fe Gajeton of North Charleston, SC; paternal uncle Willie “John” Gajeton of North Charleston; maternal uncles David Guy and wife Donna of Moncks Corner, SC, Steven Guy and wife Heather of North Charleston, SC; maternal aunt Cynthia “Cindy” Guy of West Columbia, SC; and cousins Kaytlyn and Gillian Gajeton of North Charleston, SC, and Timothy “Timmy” Guy of West Columbia, SC, as well as numerous other aunts, uncles, and cousins abroad in the Philippines and here in the United States. Kayla also shared a special love for her boyfriend Tome’ Gordo, of Raleigh, NC, and best friend, Alex Democovici, of Holly Springs, NC.

In a short time they made a lifetime of memories from adventures, trials and tribulations, graduation, love, and also decide to walk down this road with Kayla when they didn’t have to. To be so young and still stick by her side helped Kayla get through days when she didn’t want to fight sometimes. It was the two of you she shared a special bond with. You guys all learned through each other and Kayla took a piece of each of you with her. She was predeceased by her maternal grandparents Larry and Elizabeth “Libby” Guy.

Visitation hours are to be held Tuesday May 30, 2017, from 5-7 pm at Carolina Memorial Funeral Home, North Charleston, SC. There will be a funeral service May 31, 2017, at 10:00 am at the Goose Creek United Methodist Church in Goose Creek, SC, and procession to Carolina Memorial Park for her burial after the service. A reception will follow after the burial at Goose Creek United Methodist Church in Goose Creek. Visit our guestbook at


Beautiful Musical Tributes to Chris Cornell

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We lost a legend in the music industry. Chris Cornell was one of the pioneers of the early 90’s grunge sound that catapulted out of Seattle and took the music world by storm. His entrancing voice and poetic soul blessed us with Soundgarden, Audioslave and perhaps one of the most perfect partnerships, Temple of the Dog with Eddie Vedder.

His deeply penetrating lyrics and raw sound made him a visionary that will carry on for generations.

Over the last few days, artists around the world have paid tribute with comments, renditions and tears.

We have compiled some of the most amazing versions of Chris’ songs covered with poignancy and respect.

Rest Well Chris Cornell

Your music and poetry live on 2017 Top Party Schools in South Carolina – College of Charleston Ranked Pretty High

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The 2017 Top Party Schools ranking is based on student reviews and nightlife statistics. Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene – they offer fun options both on and off campus and students rate their peers as being fun, friendly, and into partying.

The College of Charleston was ranked as the #2 party school in South Carolina and #39 in the nation in the latest study on Best Party Schools.? Here is the top 15 in the state.

  1. University of South Carolina
  2. College of Charleston
  3. Clemson University
  4. Coastal Carolina University
  5. Wofford University
  6. Benedict College
  7. Presbyterian College
  8. Morris College
  9. Francis Marion University
  10. Lander University
  11. Winthrop University
  12. South Carolina State University
  13. Furman University
  14. Newberry College
  15. University of South Carolina Update

Complete National List

Complete South Carolina State List

Ranking Criteria and Methodology

Factors Considered

Factor Description Source Weight
Student Surveys on Party Scene Niche survey responses scored on a 1-5 scale regarding the quality of the party scene at each school. Self-reported by Niche users 70.0%
Access to Bars A measure of both the proximity (per square mile) and the availability (per capita) of bars and similar establishments. U.S. Census 15.0%
Athletics Grade Niche Athletics grade, which incorporates factors such as number of national championships won, athletic department revenue, as well as student surveys regarding athletics on campus. Niche 7.5%
Greek Life Grade Niche Greek Life grade, which incorporates statistics and student surveys regarding Greek life on campus. Niche 7.5%


Discover the Folly Beach Wishing Tree

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By Mark A. Leon

Just north of Folly Beach County Park, there is a firm, well pronounced tree grown from the soft sands of the Carolina beaches.? As the sun rises and sets, it stands firm with one very important purpose, making your dreams come true.? As you get closer to this tree, you will find a heart, shells guarded closely inside the branches and necklaces of shells marking the spot where so many have come to ask for a wish.

Not only is this one of the most spectacular locations in the Lowcountry to witness the sunset, but it offers remarkable solitude for romance and reflection.

Do you have a wish you are hoping will come true?? A yearning for love, a sick one you wish well, hopes of accomplishing a dream or something very genuine and simple?? Here is your chance.? Find a special shell or make something unique and offer it to the wishing tree.? Say your wish under the warmth of the Southern sky and wait.

Make the Wishing Tree a part of your Lowcountry pilgrimage.