‘Dogfight’ is a poignant musical about love, war and hope – Woolfe Street Theatre

By Mark A. Leon

On the eve of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, when Vietnam was nothing more than a small piece of land thousands of miles away, a group of Marines with nothing on their minds but beer, sex and Semper Fi set out for one last great night in San Francisco before being shipped off to the horrors of war.

On the cusp of a decade of madness filled with war, death, peace, protests, rallies and division, a boy and girl meet in the most unlikely of circumstances and learn that each of them needed each other in remarkably different ways.

This is the story of ‘Dogfight’, now playing through April 15 at the Woolfe Street Playhouse.? Presented under the beautiful direction of Keely Enright and musical vision of Leah Megli, the newest musical from The Village Rep on Woolfe entertains with full filled musical numbers and tearful moments of unspoken warmth and hope.

Dogfight paints a story of love and fear in the time of Camelot

On this night, the three “bees” Boland, Bernstein and Birdlace set out to keep the long-standing tradition of the Marines Dogfight alive.? The rules were simple:? the man who brought the ugliest date to the dance won the pot of money.? No emotions, no connections, just an age old Marine act that dates back generations.? In a way, it was three Marines letting off some steam and having a little fun at the expense of unassuming locals.

With hopes of finding a pansy growing dim, Eddie Birdlace stubbled into an empty diner and found his target, whom he thought could help him win the big prize.? Somewhere in between the fated meeting and the voting dance at the party, that rough foul mouthed shell of a Marine found salvation in this stranger.

In the span of one night, two young and innocent adults would learn life lessons of yearning, hope, fear and love.

Alexandria Shanko and Kevin Deese provide strong performances in this emotionally driven musical.? The arrogance of youth positioned against the shy uncertainty of girlhood send sparks as the two main characters begin to peel their layers and expose feelings neither had ever encountered.

It is more than a coming of age story; it is a love story filled with all the clumsiness and awkwardness we have all faced.? Yet, breathing down their necks is a decade of change and a conflict that would divide a country and potentially these two characters.

In its purest moments, it wasn’t the grand gesture, but the simple moments the brought the audience closer to the couple.? From the first and only dinner date to the final moments of before Eddie is shipped overseas, we are drawn into this couple who seemed doomed from the start.? We find sadness in their goodbye and fear of what the horrors of war will bring to Eddie and his buddies.

Alexandria and Kevin develop and perform their characters with poise and raw unadulterated emotion, leaving themselves completely exposed to their audience.

James Ketelaar and Bess Lawson re-unite after their collaboration in the outlandishly fun What If? Production of ‘Evil Dead’ to take on the roles of Boland and Peggy, a cocky soldier and a down on her luck girl who knows her place in society.? Their banter as two strangers from very different sides of the track shows tremendous chemistry between the two actors.

Patrick Arnheim, who stunned audiences with his gut wrenching performance in ‘Bent’ last season at Threshold, takes on several roles in this production from an Elvis like lounge singer to an emotionless tattoo artist.

True artistry is about finding the extreme emotions of the spectrum and having an audience relate and internalize what is happening with the characters on stage.? Deese finds that moment of Zen as Eddie.? As he sings “I don’t know how to come back” toward the end of Act II, the transformation is complete.? What began as a youthful horse ready to ride off into the sunset, ended in a mental body bag.

War changes people, turning lions into cats, reckless youth into peace dwelling flowers.? It takes a band of invincible men and makes them the prey to an unknown enemy.? Somewhere, in the blood-soaked mayhem of the 60’s, two very confused and innocent people in San Francisco found something beautiful to believe in.

This musical is filled with wildly entertainment numbers that also finds a way to bring you to tears.

Dogfight will remind you of your own youth, when you didn’t know what to do on a first date or how a war in a country you never heard of could change your life forever.

It is a personal story with incredible music, lyrics and acting and a gift to be shared.

Ticket Information – Dogfight



Annual Parking Pass Being Offered on Folly Beach…What is next, parking garages?

This message was posted on the I Love Folly Beach Facebook Group this week by the group organizer:? “FYI Time to get your Funky Folly Beach Parking Pass Decals…if you want them… if you are a Folly Beach resident you get two FREE with proof of residency and Drivers License and tag numbers of 2 vehicles .. If you are non resident and come to Folly a lot you can buy one for $125 for the year… (Cash or check only) these allow you to park on all gravel beach access lots as well as up and down by the washout where there is a paid parking Kiosk. They are not for Pier or County Park.. those are Charleston County Park passes that you can get also yearly….. Residents deadline to get free ones is May 1st…. on Wednesdays only at Folly Beach City Hall”

With the recent overwhelming success of Annual Events Folly Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Holiday Parade, Surfer’s Healing and the impending Sand and Art Festival, Folly Beach is becoming an event destination hot spot.? Along with the many wonderful festivals, Folly Beach offers:

  • Dining
  • Coffee and Ice Cream
  • Weddings
  • Surfing
  • Beach Days
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Live Music
  • Craft Fairs
  • Movie Nights on the Beach

This offering for both residents and non-residents is a wonderful way to reward locals and offer consistent beach goers the option to park easily while bringing in revenue for the city.? It also forces the city to look at the current parking options and how they will need to evolve as the community and its population continues to grow.

How much longer will Folly Beach allow free street parking in front of residential homes?

How long before a parking garage is built similar to Shem Creek?

These are valid long term questions that may be addressed sooner than we think.

There also continues to be chatter focused on charging a fee on Folly Road to enter the beach.? There is no formal proposal in play, but chatter can lead to discussion and action.

Details on Parking Decals

Official Folly Parking Rules

Free in Charleston – Yes, Free in Charleston – 11 Free Things to Do!!!

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Strapped for cash but still want to explore some Charleston magic.? Sick of walking the streets aimlessly and want to find something new and unique.? Here are eleven ideas to help you schedule your time here in Charleston.


Free Charleston Walking Tour – Tours By Foot – Tours by Foot offers daily free tours focused on Civil War, historic and architectural.? They are the only pure free walking tour in Charleston.? You have to book your tour online.

Free hush puppies from Hyman’s – Most days, on the corner of Market and Meeting, a friendly smile will offer free hush puppies from Hyman’s.? This is a meal in itself and worth a linger in that area.? Some days you may even catch a free music act.

Mace Brown Museum of Natural History – Open weekdays / weekends from 11 AM – 4 PM except for Wednesday.? Located on the College of Charleston campus, this free look at millions of years of history through archeological remains is a treat for children and adults and totally free.

City Gallery at Waterfront Park – This gallery located right on Waterfront Park in front of the Pinapple fountain is open Monday – Friday – 10 AM – 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday – 10 AM – 5 PM.? This is free and offers some amazing exhibits from local and national artists from all walks of life.

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art – Open Monday – Saturday – 11 AM – 4 PM.? Located on Calhoun Street on the College of Charleston campus, this art gallery offers a true unique art experience with exhibits ranging from students to professionals.? This is a free gallery for all.

College of Charleston Koi Pond – Come to this quiet pond and park on the College of Charleston campus.? Bring a lunch or snack and sit by the pond enjoying the turtles and koi fish.? Also, have a picnic or enjoy a refreshing drink under the warm Southern sky.

Karpeles Transcript Museum – Located on Spring Street.? This old Methodist Church is now home of some of the most rare documents in the world.? It is free, but only open Tuesday – Friday – 11 AM – 4 PM.

Citadel Student Parade – If you have not witnessed this amazing free 45 minute event, you have missed out on a true Charleston tradition.? During the school year on Friday’s only at 3:45 PM, students get in full uniform and do formations in the courtyard of the campus.? Make sure you check the schedule on this link.

Charleston Postal Museum – Right inside the historic post office on Broad Street, is a quaint little museum that dates back to the 1800’s.? For any history buff or postal fan, this is a must see.? Read through the guest book and see all the visitors from around the world.

The Best Friend of Charleston – If you love trains and love to learn more about how the locomotion train changed Charleston forever, come by and see the little train that could.? It is free and you will learn a great deal.? Right next to the Visitors Center.

Magnolia Cemetery – Just north of the peninsula is one of the most historic cemeteries in the South.? From Confederate soldiers to founding fathers, this cemetery is haunting and comforting at the same time.




CARTA Driver Recognized as SCDOT Operator of the Year

Gloria Fulton

Drivers also take home state “Roadeo” honors, advance to Nationals

CHARLESTON, S.C. (March 27, 2017) –? The SC Department of Transportation has recognized Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) driver Gloria Fulton as its fixed route Operator of the Year, noting that the 37-year veteran has “gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide safe and efficient transportation services to the general public.”

Fulton received the top honor during the Transportation Association of South Carolina’s annual conference March 23-26 in Myrtle Beach. At the same event, CARTA driver Jamel Thomas finished first in the Paratransit division of the state “Roadeo” driving skills challenge. Thomas, who has driven for CARTA’s Tel-A-Ride service the past eight years and Charleston native, will compete in the national “Roadeo” later this year.

“Gloria and Jamel are incredible drivers and, more importantly, great people,” CARTA Chairman Mike Seekings said. “Their commitment to our riders and their incredible driving skills, particularly on our congested roadways, are truly inspiring. We could not be more pleased by this recognition from the SCDOT.”

Elsewhere at the conference, CARTA bus driver Bernard Sumter won second place in both the 35- and 40-foot bus “Roadeo” divisions.

The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) is a public transportation system dedicated to providing affordable transit to the Charleston community through fixed routes, Tel-A-Ride/demand service and express routes. For the latest on CARTA, visit www.ridecarta.com, like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter at @RideCARTA. All customers are encouraged to map rides and track buses with Google’s Transit program and the CARTA Bus Tracker.

Daniel Brock
Rawle Murdy

Jamel Thomas

Charleston, SC Lacks A Soul and Backbone

By Mark A. Leon

The headlines read, “the end of an era” and “progress is upon us”.? We have heard those words time and time again over the last two years as more and more legacy businesses have fallen.

This week we learned that on the day a major developer signed the paper work to take over the property of the James Island Carmike Cinema, the theater was closed and all staff were immediately out of jobs.? Several companies invested $100M into two apartment developments on Upper King and Spring continuing the expansion North.? Nearly $50M has been invested into seven new area storage facilities.? The cost of living in Charleston, SC is 31% ahead of the national average and 51% above of the remainder of South Carolina.? Is this growth and pace healthy?

Yet with the hundreds of millions of dollars put into the “progress” of the city, the average Charleston driver is spending $1850 annually on car repairs due to bad roads.

At the end of the day, the definition of progress in Charleston is simple:? Bring in tourists and revenue and put your own citizens in the corner to suffer.? That is where the lack of passion and soul comes to the forefront.? We have elected officials that we have chosen to represent us and council meetings that hear requests for zoning modifications and approvals monthly.? How many step up and force the hand of our elected officials and say “Stop, we have had enough”?? Power in numbers is what drives change and we just aren’t there.? We have a responsibility to let our voice be heard and in numbers.? Off the cuff comments and unsubstantiated gripes on social while we hide behind our smartphones and desktops will not ignite change.

I recently spent time in Southern California and Lower Manhattan and experienced two vibrant cultures showered in individual expressiveness, warmth and an edgy, yet relaxed sense of comfort.? Two places basking in the arts and culture, fired by the loins to take-action and fulfilled with a sense of community support.? Both these areas have tourism boards and self-proclaimed proponents of the amenities they offer, yet the one element they lack is the in your face bragging that has saturated the Charleston culture.

In a recent Travel & Leisure piece naming the top 100 restaurants in the world, not one Charleston restaurant made the list, yet we prominently brag of our dominance in the foodie world.? It is evident based on the percentage of visual posts on social dedicated exclusively to food.? Chefs are celebrities and the prominent wealthy will drop hundreds to say they experienced what is claimed to be the best.

While at the same time, an entire tent city of homeless is wiped out.

Also, when we make it on some digital or print publication’s top list, regardless of whether we are 15, 33, 45 or 80, it is a moment of celebration.? I’ve often questioned, at what level on a list is a city worthy of celebration.? Then again, do we need to celebrate or can we take comfort in knowing we earned something special?

We claim to have the best Southern chefs in the country; the most promising BBQ scene around and the most creative menus this side of the Mason Dixon.? Yet we lack diversity in food in every sense of the word on the peninsula.? How many Vietnamese, Malaysian, Korean, Dutch, Brazilian or Peruvian themed restaurants are on the peninsula?

Let us move away from the food topic for just a moment, away from the numerous pop up companies promoting tee-shirts, hats, towels, blankets, Instagram accounts and anything that regards Charleston as “Heaven” and focus on the soul of this city.

Without the benefit of chatter trends, it is clear many have openly vocalized their distaste for increased traffic issues (with the supporters sticking to “It’s far worse in New York, San Francisco and Chicago), population growth and cost of living tsunami that has hit Charleston in the last five years.? Yet, how many attend the zoning ordinance meetings that vote on approval of all this new construction?

We want Charleston to remain quiet, historic and full of its “Southern Charm”, yet we don’t use the voice we are given when we elect our city and county officials.

For those of you that have ever been involved in a protest, it has value.? It is a collective public voice promoting change.? Its core values date back thousands of years and it has served to ignite some of the most important movements in history.? It fuels the engine of process.? How many protests have you witnessed in your lifetime in Charleston?? For those that are going to say the Unity Walk for Mother Emanuel or the Woman’s March, those were events of solidarity and unity, not protests for change.? The Charleston Five was a protest and that set a fire that carried all the way to Columbia.

I would like to shift gears once more and look at priorities in Charleston.? These are the top priorities as I see them from monitoring trends online:

  • Restaurants
  • Beaches
  • Windows and architecture
  • Festivals
  • Drinking (We do have the #1 seller of PBR in the US and as many breweries as shopping centers)
  • Dogs
  • Shopping

I welcome the debate, but I don’t see the following as high priorities

  • Education
  • Cost of Living
  • Roads and infrastructure concerns
  • Career opportunities and growth
  • Public safety
  • Flooding

In fact, we turn our heads to negative as if it doesn’t exist.

At the blink of an eye, we are missing a community that is ready to explode with a creative renaissance and a thirst to promote change in conservationism, the arts, homeless support, coastal restoration and technology.? From the thriving theatre district that struggles to fill shows outside the spotlight of Spoleto to the incredible work being done for sea turtle rehabilitation and dog rescue to a poetry scene that has elements of Greenwich Village in the 1960’s when singers, poets and activists united.

Charleston wants to show the world that we care about our planet and all its creatures, have a creative force that could compete worldwide and want to show a community committed to sharing, equal rights and support.

We are desperately missing the boat and we aren’t even interested in trying.

The numbers do not lie.? Charleston is one of the fastest growing cities in the South and becoming one of the fastest growing in the United States.? The cost of housing is 31 basis points above the United States average index and 51 basis points above the South Carolina average.? Classrooms are overcrowded, tourism has taken over as the top priority, yet we mask marketing media around “buy local”.? The historic societies fought behind the scenes for over 200 years to keep the peninsula’s rich history and esthetics intact and after one year, we have a mayor that has destroyed this blueprint.

It is fine, because we are Charleston nice.? We will continue to say good day to you, nod our heads and smile because that is who we are.? Southern charm is alive and well in the South.? I just wish we would look in the mirror and try to find the heart and soul to fight for a city we used to love.

Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, SC Named by TimeOut as one of the Top 20 Steakhouses in the United States

One of our own distinguished dining establishments has been given an amazing honor, named by TimeOut as one of the Top 20 Steak Houses in the United States.? For their 2017 survey results, Oak Steakhouse was named #15 standing proud with names like Peter Luger in New York, Cut in Los Angeles, and Dickie Brennan’s in New Orleans.

The article speaks very highly of Oak Steakhouse saying “Chef Jeremiah Bacon’s name might reference the humble pig, but his oeuvre at this Charleston steakhouse located inside an 1848 bank building is all beef, focusing on classics such as filets, rib-eyes and strips. Chef Bacon’s stints at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Le Bernardin and Per Se are on display in elevated starters and sides, including seared foie gras with Meyer lemon jam and decadent mac and cheese studded with pristine lobster.”

The Entire Top 20 Includes:

  • Cut – Los Angeles, CA
  • CarneVino – Las Vegas, NV
  • Peter Luger – New York, NY
  • Keens Steakhouse – New York, NY
  • Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse – Los Angeles, CA
  • Dickie Brennen’s Steakhouse – New Orleans, LA
  • Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse – Chicago, IL
  • Harris’ – San Francisco, CA
  • Red, The Steakhouse – Miami, FL
  • Moo – Boston, MA
  • Alfred’s Steakhouse – San Francisco, CA
  • Edge Steakhouse & Bar – Miami, FL
  • Charlie Palmer Steakhouse – Washington, D.C.
  • Butcher and Singer – Philadelphia, PA
  • Oak Steakhouse – Charleston, SC
  • Lonesome Dove – Fort Worth, TX
  • The Prime Rib – Baltimore, MD
  • Precinct – Cincinnati, OH
  • St Elmo Steakhouse – Indianapolis, IN
  • Kevin Rathbun Steak – Atlanta, GA

Complete List of Top 20 Steakhouses in the United States – TimeOut

Congratulations to Oak Steakhouse!

Jack and Annette Ross, Owners of House Doctors of Charleston, Recognized for Customer Service, Networking Efforts & Business Growth

Local House Doctors franchisees earn three awards at the company’s national conference.

CHARLESTON, SC (PRWEB) March 23, 2017 – House Doctors, the professional handyman services franchise, is pleased to announce that Jack and Annette Ross, the local owners and operators of House Doctors of Charleston, have been presented with three House Doctors company awards – the Customer Service Award, the Networker Award and a Sales Increase Award.

House Doctors offers professional handyman services focused on professionalism, service excellence and quality workmanship. Their goal is to make home improvements easier for their customers by being on time, doing the job right and offering a one year workmanship guarantee. House Doctors of Charleston offers professional handyman services in Charleston, James Island, Folly Island, Johns Island, Sullivan’s Island, Hanahan, Morris Island, Isle of Palms, Mt. Pleasant and Summerville.

“We knew they gave out awards at the convention, but we were pleasantly surprised and touched to be recognized with all three of these awards. We’re excited to grow our business and have an even better 2017,” Annette said.

In order to receive the Customer Satisfaction Award, House Doctors of Charleston had to have the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of any franchise in the system. Those scores are calculated based on the satisfaction surveys Listen360.com sends on behalf of the franchisee after a job is complete. The Ross’ won the Networker Award because they received the most revenue as a direct result of networking and a Sales Increase Award because they increased their business by 30 percent overall in 2016. The awards were presented at the House Doctors National Convention in Orlando in mid-March.

“Jack and Annette are worthy winners of the House Doctors Handyman Customer Service and Networker Awards this year. They are building a great business in Charleston and surrounding communities and they understand the importance of (1) building a team that gives great customer service and (2) getting the word out there about it, through networking, in their local community,” House Doctors President and CEO Jim Hunter said.

“The Customer Service Award is an especially important recognition for Jack and Annette. They have worked hard to achieve the highest customer service rating of any House Doctors franchise in the system and they’ve done that by providing excellent service, building relationships with customers and fixing problems if they arise. It says a lot about them when their business growth is mainly being built through repeat customers and referrals. Their approach to customer service and to networking is especially exciting and is a model for other franchisees to follow. Jack and Annette are all-round great people who never meet anyone who doesn’t soon become a friend. That plays a huge part in their success,” Hunter added.

Annette said the three awards, which all directly represent the Ross’ focus on strategic business growth, started by getting involved in a local BNI, chamber and variety charities and organizations. Jack also does short presentations for realtors and other groups who work with real estate.

“When you network to find clients and then provide those customers with excellent customer service, they write great reviews, they tell their friends and family and they help grow your business. That’s how it all started for us,” Annette said. “We’re heavily involved in the community and it has really made a difference.”

House Doctors’ background checked and uniformed handymen technicians will arrive at your residence in a decaled van. They will specialize in projects that take two hours to two days to complete, such as light remodeling and repairs of decks, doors, bathrooms and kitchens; repairing drywall; painting; exterior repairs; making home modifications and much more. House Doctors of Charleston is also a go-to resource for realtors who are looking to get properties ready to sell and those who have a home inspection repair list that needs done quickly and professionally.

“We’re excited that much of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals – that means we’re doing a good job of building relationships with happy customers,” Annette said. “If someone has never worked with us and they need a handyman, I want them to know that we are trustworthy. Our technicians are top notch and we always follow up with our customers to make sure they are happy with the work and that we met their needs.”

“No job is too small and, if a job is too big, we’ll be honest with you about it,” she added.

To learn more about House Doctors of Charleston, call (843)212-5444, email HD534@housedoctors.com or visit http://www.housedoctors.com/handyman-charleston.


Angie Shafer
House Doctors
+1 5138310100 Ext: 104

SOURCE House Doctors

Kentucky’s “All the Little Pieces” is coming to Charleston to promote new album and provide great live performances

Southern Grunge. Kentucky Proud
All the Little Pieces has a new album called The Legend of Lavinia Fisher.? This is a?concept album that was inspired by a ghost tour the band took while they were performing in Charleston?in 2016.? You probably know that the story is that of Lavinia Fisher who was hung in the early 1800’s and is thought to be one of the nation’s first serial killers.? The album was nominated for Album of the Year at the Lexington Music Awards.


Links to the Band’s EPK, Website and Official Video for Lavinia’s Song.?


The band is coming back to Charleston in late March , early April.? They will be doing the Barn Jam at Awendaw Green on March 29, will be playing the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday April 1 as well as at the Runners’ Lounge on Thursday March 30.
The big news is that they will be doing a set in The Old City Jail in Charleston on Friday March 31 in the cell where Lavinia was held and is rumored to haunt to this day.? The band will also be playing a gig in Charleston the evening of Saturday April 1 but the location has not been determined yet.


Could the next MTV Real World be on Folly Beach, SC?


*Disclaimer:? The house represented in the original publication is not the house under consideration, nor has one been confirmed.? Please note, that any re-posts has images of the house embedded on social.? Unless the posting is removed, the image of the house will remain.?

How often have you walked the sands of Folly Beach said to yourself, this would make the perfect MTV Real World Beach House?? It seems these thoughts may become a reality.? An unnamed source has indicated that MTV is considering a new season of MTV’s Real World and has been in discussions with five possible locations, including Folly Beach, SC.

Cities also under discussion are Laguna Beach, CA, Charlotte, NC, Memphis, TN and Portland, OR.? Sources say, these cities have each showed prominent growth in the mid-market size over the last few years and could bring in a promising audience base.? The need to branch out from the major urban markets such as San Francisco and New York is showing the shift in living patterns among Americans today.

This thought process is consistent with the growth we have seen in the Lowcountry since 2010.

Production teams have been scouting these five locations, speaking with locals and city officials and determine the best option for this reality show.? The early indication is that the production studio will make a decision by April 1, 2017.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach made the top five because it combines beach life, city life and a thriving economy that could bring a very positive spike in viewers.? It can also present concerns around traffic and sentiment from residents and visitors.? One issue that is also in discussion is the drinking ban on the beach and how the show could work around that restrictions.? One solution is the use of a fence to temporarily privatize a portion of the beachfront right behind the house.

With the new dining additions on the pier, a more diverse visitor base, the beach restoration and a thriving Center Street, Folly Beach could soon be in the national spotlight.? Move over Gronkowski, there may be some new muscle moving into town.

If selected, the primary city will have priority on casting, but sources say, they will interview in other locations to ensure a diverse mix in the house.

Keep you eyes open for further news as we may see MTV in the house rocking it Folly Beach style.


College of Charleston Koi Pond Offers an Escape from Studying Blues

By Mark A. Leon

One must not look far to find the historic quaint landscape of the College of Charleston. From its brick to its flowers, the college offers a sculpted architectural and floral experience.

Most know of the Cistern Yard, gated entrance guarded by the famous cougar, Mace Brown Natural History Museum, Addlestone Library, Halsey Art Institute and historically significant preserved buildings, but hidden just behind the student center is an exotic place.

This is a place of wonder, peace and comfort. The College of Charleston koi fish pond is a true escape from the trials of studying and exams. Whether you are a student, parent or visitor, take time to sit by the pond, on the lawn or rest on a table. Smell the flowers, gaze at the turtles and fish or just daydream the afternoon away.

The koi pond is one of many reasons the College of Charleston is the seamless blend of academia, history and natural beauty.

Come with us and enjoy this pictorial album