From their family to yours: Hyman’s Restaurant Brings Southern Cuisine with a Smile

By JaMonie Moore
By JaMonie Moore

It was an average Wednesday afternoon when some friends and I were walking around downtown Charleston, looking for a place to get some authentic Lowcountry seafood at a reasonable price. While on our search, we came across Hyman’s Seafood on Meeting Street. When we arrived, there was a short wait, but the restaurant’s gift shop gives us something to do in the interim. It is full of unique items, all showcasing parts of the Lowcountry. Once inside the restaurant and seated, we begin to fall in love. When we were sat, I noticed that there was a plaque at my place setting that said “Oprah Winfrey sat here”. Unbeknownst to my friends and myself, Hyman’s has attracted a number of celebrities visiting Charleston. All over the restaurant there were pictures of celebrities who have eaten at Hyman’s and still come back when they visit Charleston.

As we waited for our server, I began to look around and noticed all of the history within this restaurant. Hyman’s has been in the same location for over 112 years beginning as a dry goods store and evolving into its current state of Lowcountry dining. Hyman’s is also family-owned and operated. All throughout our time there; the “Ambassadors of Goodwill” were coming around to make sure every customer was enjoying their visit.

Our server was very polite and knowledgeable of the menu and the fish board. I ordered the pick three for $19.95. There are over ten items on the pick three menu for guests to mix and match to their satisfaction. I had fried shrimp, the Carolina Style shrimp & grits with creamy white Parmesan sauce, and Hyman’s famous salmon croquette, which is a Southern specialty.

For an appetizer, while we waited, we ordered the Wadmalaw Delight: fried green tomatoes served on grits with a creamy cheese sauce. I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes, but these fried green tomatoes were one of the best parts of my dining experience. We also had boiled peanuts, which are one of my favorite things to munch on and they did not disappoint.

The food was presented well on the plates and the portions were ideal. My shrimp was fluffy and fried to a golden crisp, along with my salmon croquette, topped with Cajun sauce and lightly fried onion rings.

What impressed me the most about my meal was the Carolina-Style shrimp and grits. It wasn’t what I usually expect when I receive shrimp and grits. The parmesan sauce was definitely what puts this shrimp in grits plate in its own category. The grits were cooked to perfection and mix perfectly with the lightly sautéed shrimp, which were then covered in this creamy Parmesan sauce. I have to say that was the best shrimp and grits I have ever had in a Charleston restaurant.

While we were eating, general manager Chad Walker, came to our table to make sure that our food was cooked to our satisfaction and we were enjoying our visit. He also gave us Hyman’s stickers and a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream in the general store downstairs.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with my visit to Hyman’s Seafood, from the minute we walked into the door. I loved my meal and every piece of food I came in contact with sent my taste buds on a roller-coaster ride full of flavor.

I also love the fact that the restaurant is family oriented and they care about their customers. Hyman’s embodies every piece of southern hospitality and local fresh food here in Charleston. You will not leave unsatisfied, because Hyman’s aims to please and in our experience didn’t miss.

Top Ten Reasons Darius Rucker is Awesome

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Tonight is a big night in Charleston with the free Darius Rucker show at the Windjammer.? It took only fifteen short minutes for the lucky fans latch on their wristband and be part of this live recorded concert event.? We wanted to say thank you for this kind gesture from one of our own sons by giving you our top ten reasons why Darius Rucker is Awesome!!!

Why we love Darius Rucker:

  • He does his own grocery shopping – That is a true down to Earth Southern gentleman and hard working man.
  • The Dolphins finally stopped making him cry after the miserable 1 – 15 season.
  • He successfully took a great pop career with the Blowfish and crossed over to become an incredibly successful country artist.
  • His devotion to charity and causes is a symbol of his incredible generosity (Watch this video and I dare you not to cry).

  • He managed to make it mandatory for every local live performer to include a version of Wagon Wheel in their set list.
  • He is claustrophobic.? Yes, the man that plays in front of thousands nightly has claustrophia.
  • He does some of the most amazing duets in the world

  • In 2009, Darius become the first African American artist to win the CMA Best New Artist Award
  • Darius Rucker has three wonderful children that find most of what his does uncool, but one of their favorite things is when he drops them off at school on his tour bus.? If he is heading out on a road tour, he will plan the departure during the time he drops off his children and they love it.
  • He reads comic books, wants to meet Denzel Washington and Paul McCartney and owns and wears Kiss pajamas.

A BIG #11

  • He does free concerts for his family and friends in Charleston.

There are so many more and for these and other reasons we will keep singing Hold My Hand, Time and Come Back Home

Java for your thoughts? – Great Coffeehouses in Charleston, SC

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

We love our java in Charleston?? How could we not.? Coffees shops / coffee houses / coffee hang outs today are not defined any longer by the deep and enriching aroma of java, but by the ambiance and culture it dictates.? As patrons, we become part of the ecosystem.? Spending time at a coffee shop, whether you are working, talking, listening to music, creating animation, or people watching provides for a real life cinematic dream.? Last year, I did a wonderful interview with Charleston Artist Nathan Durfee at Kudu Coffee (Yes this is on the list).? While I sipped my black coffee (that is truly my beverage of choice), he was working on a personalized piece for his father as a birthday present.? It was a very surreal 90 minutes I spent with Nathan with Kudo serving as the perfect backdrop.

The importance of these establishments runs very deep.? It is important to find one that fits your personality and lets you adapt so that you can unleash your creative and insightful juices.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make this critical decision the next time you have an urge for some caffeinated delights:

  • Black Tap Coffee – 70 1/2 Beaufain Street, Charleston, SC – This downtown haven is hip.? You can tell immediately with the website and decor on the walls have a New York decor with black and white photography and art ordaining the walls.? You will not get a typical cup of coffee, but a well prepared and thought out cup of tasteful bliss.? The layout is spaced very well for open communication or personal thought as you gaze out the windows.
  • Sip Charleston – 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC – Combine great coffee, breakfast all day, lunch, dinner, wine and craft beer and you have the newest concept in Mount Pleasant.? This unique approach to coffee, casual drinking and dining is sure to be a sensation.
  • Kudu Coffee & Craft Bar – 4 Vanderhorst Street, Charleston, SC – Right in the heart of downtown Charleston between the College of Charleston and Marion Square lies a fun indoor/outdoor craft beer and coffee house.? Complimented with pastries and sandwiches, this is a popular hangout for students and artists.? With weekly performances on the outdoor and indoor staging areas, this can be a hustle and bustle kind of hangout.? If you are looking for quiet, this may not be the right place, but if you smile2want to be seen, this is it.
  • Sojourn Coffee – 1664-D Olde Town Road, West Ashley (Charleston), SC – If you find yourself in West Ashley you must make a stop in.? This is a true Mom and Pop environment.? This is because it is a husband and wife team that own and operate this quaint and fun coffee shop.? If you go, you must try one of their breakfast sandwiches on an English muffin.? A must have.
  • Muddy Waters – 1739 Maybank Highway, James Island, SC – This cute little place has bounced a bit making its permanent home on James Island.? From the outside it looks very tiny and intimate.? It is.? It has a strong regular following and that is due to the great coffee and care the baristas put into their drinks and the baristas themselves.? The staff is so warm and welcoming.? It is hard to not want to keep coming back.? If you participate in Belly Rewards, they are a Belly restaurant.
  • Metto Coffee and Tea / Cafe Metto – 354 West Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC – This is a personal favorite and one that is frequented often when in Mount Pleasant.? If Willy Wonka opened a coffee house and wanted the happiest and zestiest staff, he would open Metto.? This staff uses coffee as a canvas making each drink with love.? Their sandwiches and quiches are amazing as well.
  • Collective Coffee – 766 South Shelmore Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC – We are going to stay in Mount Pleasant for another few moments to talk about Collective.? This is well hidden in the Bi-Lo Shoppiong Center, so you will not stumble upon this place.? If you come in for a traditional cup of drip coffee, don’t walk in the door.? This is not your place.? They do make a great omelette with a side of bagel.
  • Wild Flour Bakery – 73 Spring Street, Charleston, SC – First, Closed on Monday.? Second, they are not a traditional coffee house.? They are known and I must say one of the best bakeries I have ever been too in the country.? They take the cake (pun intended),? You can still get a great cup of coffee, mocha, tea, espresso and so much more.
  • Cafe Framboise – 159 Market Street, Charleston, SC – A French Bakery owned by a French couple.? From crepes to fruit tarts and all the cappuccinos and espressos you can drink.? The smell will win you over the second you walk in the door.
  • Cafe Paradiso – 51 South Market Street, Charleston, SC – This made the list not because it is glamorous or flamboyant.? Not because they have smoothies and great Greek food.? No, no, no.? They are one of the few places in all of Charleston that makes Greek coffee.? And they do it so so well.? If you have not had this coffee you have not tasted the nectar of the the java world.? Richer than espresso and more powerful, this is a meal in itself.? Try it if you have not.
  • The Orange Spot – 4824 Chateau Avenue, North Charleston, SC (Park Circle) – Park Circle’s angel is The Orange Spot.? Ordained in orange decor, flowery settings, a cozy backyard that reminds you of home and a warm and inviting staff makes this a darling in the coffee circuit.
  • Classic Coffee – 27 Magnolia Road, Charleston, SC – We cannot leave out Avondale.? It is its own living and breathing community and deserves a coffee shop to support the locals and the passing through.? This is a very open space.? One of the largest square footage shops in the area.? The staff is on the fun and silly side and the quality of their drinks are most on the high side.? They do harvest their own beans that are available for purchase as well.
  • Feathertop Coffee – 23 Ann Street, Charleston, SC – One of the newest additions to the Charleston family of coffeeshops, this delightful shop offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with the coffee house opening at 9:00 AM daily.? Come and enjoy a Palmetto Egg Omelette with your cafe latte.

I am all energized and hyper now.? It could be the coffee I have been drinking while writing.? I am also pepped to return to some of my favorite places.? We hope most of yours made the list and if you have suggestions, please comment below.


A smile from the Orange Spot
A smile from the Orange Spot



Quirkiness of Historic Ravenel – Just a Stone Throw Away

When was the last time you got in your car and drove 30 minutes out of town just to explore.? In case you didn’t know, South Carolina is filled with unique and quirky little towns, marshes, residents, and traditional quaint living.? There is so much to see if you just take yourself off the main stretch and let yourself be free.

We spent a few hours outside the Charleston city limits to see what we could discover in the town of Ravenel, SC.? Here is what we found in this town of 2465 people.

Built in 1842, this Baptist Church is no longer in service, but look what we found inside.

This was the highlight of the morning finding this organ piano.? I true piece of history.


If two words can bring a tear to your eyes, this tombstone did it.


Wonder where Scarlet was hiding all these years?

We have cactus in South Carolina and they are situated right on Scarletts Retreat

Maybe a quirky roadside antique shop is more your speed.


We encountered some turn of the century photos.

flea market

A flea market filled with true old treasures is always a great way to spend some time.


Maybe you want to feel like you are part of the old west.


Make sure you go to the creek and catch an nice summer breeze.

All this less than 30 minutes from your doorstep right in Charleston County.? Next time you are thinking, what should we do?? Go explore and maybe catch a bite at Angel Oak Restaurant on the way back to Charleston.

A Charleston Adventure Awaits: Great Activity Spots in the Lowcountry

Wild Blue Ropes

Is your blood flowing?

Are you ready for an activity filled day?

Is your Goonies side about to burst?

Look no further Charleston.? Charleston Daily wants to recommend a few places where you can let loose, have a blast and create lasting memories and maybe event a few sore muscles.? Sit back and enjoy these recommendations and then get out and do them.

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park – 411 Wando Park Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC – Whether it is a few friends, a big birthday party of a couples bounce around, this indoor playground will have you hopping, bouncing and flipping all day long.

Wild Blue Ropes – Rope Courses / Team Challenge – 1595 Highland Avenue, Charleston, SC (James Island) – Are you looking for a great corporate team building event, overcoming your feel of heights or always wanted to feel like Indiana Jones?? This is the place for you.? With over 20 unique challenges ranging in difficulty level, you can test your own personal limits with an incredibly knowledgeable and warm staff.? Make it a day on the ropes.

Coastal Climbing – 708 King Street, Charleston, SC – Who is in the mood for some rock climbing?? This indoor facility with a staff itching for adventure will help you feel as if you are hiking some of the steepest mountains in the world.? Come and get a day pass and see how high you can go.

Climbing Wall – James Island County Park – 861 Riverland Drive, James Island, SC – Maybe outdoor rock climbing is your thing.? At the James Island County Park, you can climb until you touch the clouds.? Enjoy a day of rock climbing and if you need to unwind after, there is a challenging disc golf course right next door.


Climbing Wall – Joint Base Charleston – Arthur Drive across from softball fields.? If you live in the Goose Creek or North Charleston area and driving to James Island or Charleston peninsula is too far to climb, there is an option for you.

Charleston Rush – Go Karting / Laser Tag – 3550 Ashley Phosphate Road, North Charleston, SC – Where can I kart and play laser tag and maybe slip in a little air hockey.? We got you covered at Charleston Rush.

Carolina Ice Palace – Ice Skating – 7665 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC – Want to stay cool in the heat of the summer?? Escape the heat and humidity and pop on your best ice skates.? Whether it is skating, figure skating or hockey, this is the place to get your ice on.

Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark – 8888 University Blvd, North Charleston, SC – Maybe water sports, rides and a whole lot of slipping and playing is your style.? This is fun for the entire family.

Charleston Hanger Skatepark – 1549 Oceanic Street, Charleston, SC – This is the future of boarding in Charleston.? This state of the art complex will raise the bar for skate boarding talent in the Charleston area.

I think we have your activity calendar covered.? Enjoy the thrills.


From Graceland to Charleston: Pour House Brings The Music of Paul Simon to Life

pour3By Mark A. Leon

Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die.– Paul Simon

One Band; Ten Members; One night; All Paul Simon

“The way the camera follows us in slo-mo” showered through the microphone at 9:50 PM on Wednesday night as ten musicians banded together to pay homage to the legendary Paul Simon.? From the first note of Boy in the Bubble to the final encore and reprise of Call me Al at 12:45 PM, the night was filled with a collaborative tribute to the man who has donned us with iconic, thought provoking and get up and dance lyrics and music for over 50 years.

Paul Simon has evolved and re-defined his music over the years from the harsh brutal streets of New York with a comforting sense of home to the struggles of Africa.? The pure honesty in his lyrics have given generations fuel for thought and change.

The first set was a unique concept bringing the entire Graceland album to life from The Boy in the Bubble to All Around the World (Or The Myth of Fingerprints).? Each musician, including some special guests, lent their vocals to some of their personal favorites.? The crowd was won over immediately and maintained a level of energy well into Thursday morning.

The second set brought us back to our familiar classics including Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Still Crazy After All These Years, 50 Ways to Leave your Lover and Obvious Child.

The final two performances of the act took us down a sentimental path with Mother and Child Reunion and Slip Slidin’ Away.

As the words, “you know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away” came from the stage, we observed fans swaying, eyes closed absorbing the power of a song that defines the notion of lost opportunity and love.? It was a poignant way to end the set.

The band did return for one final reprise of Call Me Al to showcase the individual instrumental talents of these fine musicians that came together for this tribute.? The ensemble included guitar, accordion, symbols, drums, keyboards, base, bongos, trombone and saxophone.? Each member of that band brought a tremendous amount of talent and a truly spectacular tribute to Mr. Paul Simon.

Throughout the concert, the Pour House complimented the music with strobe lighting and images of Paul Simon and pictures related to the mood of the songs.

During a musicians life, to be recognized with rewards and honors is a beautiful symbol of your achievements, but when fellow musicians pay homage to the embodiment of your life’s work, there are no words to define the importance of such an act.

Tonight, was a memorable act of kindness from the musicians of Charleston to the great Paul Simon.


Great Charleston Escape: Edisto Beach – Botany Bay Plantation

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Just 45 minutes outside of Charleston lies a natural preserve that is saturated with beautiful birds up above, millions of shells in all shapes and sizes, trees and huts mounted into the soft white sand, a fresh ocean breeze and the sound of soft waves crashing.? After a half mile walk on the pier, you will find this re-energizing site.

Before we take you on a Charleston Daily photographic visit to Botany Bay Plantation and Edisto Beach, we wanted to share a few facts with you.

  • From entrance to exist, you will drive seven mils through the park which consists of 4687 acres and two plantations.
  • On the land is a house, pasture and barn built in the 1930’s.? Its last resident was Margaret “Peggy” Meyer Pepper.? We just love to say the name.
  • In the 1850’s Admiral Perry brought a Chinese gardener by the name of Oqui who laid out a fine oriental garden consisting of olive, citrus and spice trees as well as poppies, sugar can and many flowers and vegetables.
  • Among the wildlife on the preserve are wild turkeys, deer, doves, fox squirrels and songbirds.
  • Indian Point was a community of Cusabo Indians (Edisto) that inhabited the area in 2500? B.C.
  • On the upper end of Jason’s Lake, there is a brick beehive well that was built in 1825 and once stood 12 feet high
  • There is a 470 dollar fine if you remove any shells or life from the beach preserve

Enjoy this visual journey with us…

Entrance to the park - Spooky
Entrance to the park – Spooky


Known as the Icehouse
Known as the Icehouse


Old tool shed
Old tool shed


Dedication stone near the still algae filled lake
Dedication stone near the still algae filled lake


Still as the night air
Still as the night air


Shells resting on an old tree stomp
Shells resting on an old tree stomp


Conch at rest
Conch at rest



Row of conch
Row of conch


Tree rests in the sand
Tree rests in the sand


Shells forever
Shells forever


Man made hut on the beach
Man made hut on the beach


Birds gliding in the wind
Birds gliding in the wind


Gorgeous conch shell
Gorgeous conch shell


We hope you enjoyed this journey and we urge you to make a day trip soon.

Botany Bay Plantation Information

Persimmon Cafe – Where the Art of Sandwich Making and Laundry Come Together

By Mark A. Leon

I cannot tell you how many times I have driven down Calhoun Street on the corner of Smith Street and thought, “a restaurant in a laundrette.? What a novel idea.? I should try that someday”.? Over and over, that similar sentiment continued with each drive by.? Suddenly, organic word of mouth started trickling my way about the quality of the food.? The resistance finally converted into a lunch stop for us at the Persimmon Cafe.

Without a doubt, the energy level of the staff is overwhelmingly incredible.? The warmth, charm and genuine appreciation for your patronage before you even order a food item is refreshing.? As a first timer myself, I was offered a sample of the homemade basil limeade.? What a mouth tingling treat.? If that unique liquid concoction does not win you over, you can try a glass of the vanilla lemonade or rosemary lemon or fig agave ice tea.

We ordered the adult grilled cheese panini which consisted of smoked gouda, green apple, proscuitto and cheddar.? This was a challenging decision with the curry chicken salad sandwich and roasted chicken with gouda and carmelized onions in a close second.

Though the menu is small, freshness is a key element of every food and beverage order.? They do offer gluten free options as well for those with gluten sensitivities.? There are daily specials made just for you, that day.

We read One Big Pair of Underwear by Laura Gehl while we waited.? Though it was a children’s books, it had some great life lessons to carry into adulthood.

Though we did not save room for dessert, there are a few items we observed that will tempt your sweet tooth including a “Monster” peanut butter, oats and candy cookie, creme brulee and nutella & toasted marshmallow frozen custard.

The panini and limeade was just a perfect combination for a warm summer day in Charleston.? There was an artfulness to the food preparation and it was clear careful time goes into each and every order.

The launderette added to the ambiance of the visit and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh clean clothes.? Persimmon Cafe not only offers delicious made to order sandwiches, drinks and desserts, but they contribute to the unique and ever diversified culture of Charleston Daily.

Make this a part of your lunch dining portfolio.? If you become a regular, they do have a frequent dining card.




Wild Olive – Makes You Crazy about Food in Charleston

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

It is often said an adventure can lead to an unexpected treasure. John’s Island has a rich tradition of natural beauty, untapped natural preserves and a very illustrious collection of fine restaurants to whet the appetite. Names you may be familiar with include Sweeney’s, Fat Hen, Southern General, Sunrise Bistro Xpress, Seanachai and the soon to be opened Tattooed Moose. One name has defined itself for its warm inviting staff, enriching Italian cuisine and fine wine selection. That is Wild Olive.

Among the list of some of the top restaurants in Charleston, it may surprise some to know that one that lies hidden on Maybank Highway on John’s Island is one of the best dining experiences in the area.
We were welcomed with “Ahoy Mateys” as we entered the restaurant and approached the hostess stand on Tuesday evening. The walls were ordained with crayon portraits from young fans. To our left was the bar area and community table and all around were three sectioned off dining areas to meet any group or intimate couple’s needs.

The wine rack just behind the hostess stand gave us a good indication that the selection offered would entice all our palates.

We chose to sit at the bar, engage in banter with our bartender Chris and enjoy a sampling of entrees and appetizers. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that on Mondays and Tuesdays, Wild Olive offers a selection of red and white wines for $19.00 by the bottle. We took heed of a recommendation from our new friend behind the bar and were very satisfied. A rich bold red with just a hint of spice that lingered along with the undertones of cherry and currant. This complimented what would be a perfect medley of sharable cuisine.

rav3We opened with the Agnolotti stuffed with orange braised duck, ricotta, natural braising sugo, parmesan and scallion. The sauce was mild with an explosion of flavor. The rich thick ravioli style pasta had a juicy texture and a healthy portion of braised duck. We had to admit that the sauce was so good that we scooped up the remainder with our bread. Not classy, but so yummy.

Next we moved from entrée to appetizer. A bit non-traditional but our thought process led us to this path. We ordered the Suppli al telefono risotto fritters stuffed with sausage, spinach, parmesan, mozzarella along with a side dish of smashed fried potatoes with truffled aioli, scallion and parmesan. I must start by saying the fried potatoes took us to another place. This is a must. Regardless of what you order, include this side. It is an explosion of amazement in your mouth. The fritters were perfectly round and quite a filling starter. Don’t get misled by the small size. Each ball is about five fork bites. Don’t try and eat it in one bite. There is too much flavor and you will waste the moment.

We did manage to close the bar and the restaurant, but at no moment did we feel rushed to leave. The staff was truly welcoming from entrance to exit.

Wild Olive is a dining attraction for both Johns Island and Charleston. If you are new to the area or a local that has never experienced this cuisine, we strongly recommend a night out.


From the Office to the Water: Burton Swain Makes a Paddle boarding Dream a Reality

Article by Juliette Cheatham - Photo provided by Juliette
Article by Juliette Cheatham – Photo provided by Juliette

It’s a story everyone can relate to: attending school for years, paying thousands of dollars for a Bachelors Degree, then several thousand more for a Masters. Signing away all of your hopes and dreams to work for whichever nondescript corporation offers the highest paycheck. Of course it sounds glamorous at first; a contract with potential bonuses, savings plans, and benefits. It feels like all the hard work and money was worthwhile and everyone is so proud of your accomplishments.

Then reality sets in… Day after monotonous day in an office cubical you crunch numbers under fluorescent lighting and white walls as you sit next to Bob, or is it Rob? It doesn’t even matter; it’s not like a corporate office job allows for any freedom of expression. Is the pinnacle of life really be a 401k and dental insurance? It certainly wasn’t for Burton Swain.

Swain, a graduate of UNC Wilmington moved to Charleston, SC six years ago for a logistics job right out of school. After a few too many years being unhappily employed and left feeling unfulfilled from his work environment, he decided it was time for a change.

“I was working seven to seven, six days a week and I was completely miserable doing it. I kind of had this epiphany. I deiced to quit and spend a few months back packing around Europe rediscovering what was important to me.”

While traveling abroad, he started trying to identify what in life was most important to him and how to create a life with happiness as the center. Going to school in Wilmington, Burton was always drawn to the Charleston for it’s similar laid back feel and close proximity to the ocean.

An idea struck him in Interlaken, Switzerland during a day of whitewater rafting through the Alps. His favorite memories were always on the water, “whether it was wake boarding, surfing, kayaking, or skirfing. I spent most of my time with my friends outside on a boat.”

That was essentially how Swain’s idea for a mobile standup paddle board company, Chuck SUP, was born!
“My business partner and friend from college has a very similar company in Wilmington. His idea combined with my own passions inspired me to create a like minded business in Charleston.”

Photo provided by Juliette Cheatham
Photo provided by Juliette Cheatham

There are many SUP companies already in the area, but Burton’s offers a level of accommodation to tourists that has yet to be utilized. Instead of having the paddle board company be the destination, Chuck SUP brings the paddle boards to the customers. Travelers on vacation can call the company and have the boards delivered to their house, the ocean, or an area on the marshes they want to explore. Customers may keep the boards for a few hours or for the entire week if they are vacationing for an extended period of time. Burton offers lessons to those who are new to the SUP game as well as guided tours.
The company is driven by Burton, seven paddle boards, and a dream with ambitions to grow and thrive further in this community. Swain with his calm, cool, laid back, persona makes him the ideal paddle-boarding guide. Whether you’re up for some exciting dolphin watching or just want to take in the calming sights around the ocean, Burton’s got you covered.

Swain says that he’s happier now that he’s working closer to nature and more often on the water doing what he is passionate about. “Although it’s a seasonal job, I think this is a step in the right direction for me.”

We live in a society of pressures to follow a fiscally stable path and often lose sight of our true passions. Burton Swain has taken a tremendous risk to pursue a level of happiness that carries on to his customers and into the Charleston community.

If you want to learn more or talk to Burton about creating an adventure go to his website and his contact number is 843.352.3365.

Photo provided by Juliette Cheatham